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The Power of Business Extracurriculars in High School & College

When it comes to the most popular college major in the United States, business is one of the top leaders. In today’s dynamic global economy, the significance of business educational programs can’t be overstated. And high school years are the so-called pivotal time for young boys and girls to explore each of their interests and foster skills that will serve them well in college or even after graduation. Business extracurriculars are among the most valuable pursuits available for high school students. This guide will take you into the world of business programs, the top benefits of taking business courses in high school, as well as how a high school business class can positively impact your academic and professional routine. Here we go!

Who Might Be Interested in Business?

When we consider what high school students may succeed in high school business extracurriculars, we might refer to young people curious about any of the following niches:  

  • Finance & Economics
  • HR
  • (International) Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Statistics
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Leadership & Management
  • Supply Chain Management

High school students may choose to attend business extracurriculars or pursue one of the majors mentioned above at specific college or university programs.

Why Study Business in High School Is Popular

High school students interested in business class in high school might be curious as to why the field of business has been one of the most popular programs among undergraduate students. To cut a long story short, studying business in high schools may help students open up some excellent job options after college and university graduation. Most undergrads have a unique chance to take consulting positions right after graduation, and consequently, they might have better salary straight out of college or university. When you take one or more specific business courses in high school, you have an opportunity to foster a great variety of skills and, thus, avail of the top flexible career paths. After all, the field of business is one of the most practical majors that can be virtuously applied in any niche.

Tips to Start Your Business Extracurriculars Journey

If you’re ready to find some opportunities for business extracurriculars, we have some recommendations for you on what steps you have to take in the process.   

  • Pick a business class. If your alma mater is not as business-centered as, let’s say, Babson College and has no business-focused educational programs, you have to seek business clubs. Check out their focus in order to select what works best for you, be it marketing, time management, or finance.
  • Choose a mentor. When it comes to the mentor, this person should be a skilled and successful businessman that reached the goals that you have set for yourself. If they’re ready to share their skills, do not miss the chance to work with them!
  • Stay updated on the news. You will surely get enough theoretical knowledge in class. Now, it’s time to apply it to the real-life stories. The latter can be found in news at the most various platforms, such as YouTube, podcasts, and publication sources.
  • Benefit from summer sessions. Summer sessions serve as excellent simulators of real-life environments. You have a unique chance to establish a company and manage it using theoretical skills. Most colleges and universities provide those sessions free of charge.

What Are the Benefits of Studying Entrepreneurship to Students

There has never been a time when the need for college and university education in the field of entrepreneurship has been more significant. The global pandemic has increased unemployment greatly and aggravated existing problems in the labor market. Entrepreneurship can be a great tool to battle unemployment and catalyst economic growth. As for high school students, one of their interests is to explore a specific niche and succeed in it. That’s when they can develop essential skills and mindsets that, in turn, might hone their career adaptability. Why do you want to study business? You probably know that by now. So, let us take a look at the key benefits of studying entrepreneurship in high school.

Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills

The list of the most significant benefits of taking business extracurricular classes starts with the analytical thinking skills that students cultivate in the process. What is more, engaging in extracurriculars in business is an excellent opportunity to learn to find creative solutions to real-world problems. Later in college and university routine, you will apply those skills when it’s time to work on an administration essay, research project, or any other assignment.

Financial Literacy

One way for high school students to explore the basics of finance and economics is through attending business extracurriculars. Crucial for personal and professional success, the fundamentals provide you with a chance to learn more about investing, budgeting, as well as financial planning. Altogether, these essential ‘ingredients’ empower high school students interested in business to make more informed decisions on their money and become well-versed in the broader economic landscape.

Leadership & Teamwork

What is business class in high school about? It’s about learning to work in a team, collaborate in the most diverse settings, as well as do the most challenging collaborative projects that require moving towards a common goal. If you succeed in every other high school business class you take, you will learn to communicate and co-work effectively with any sort of partner.

Importance of Entrepreneurship Education in High School

Encouraging high school students to choose entrepreneurship as an extracurricular or college or university major is one thing. However, teaching young people with interests in business how to use their entrepreneurial mindset and make it work is the key step in helping the new generation create a better tomorrow. Here are some of the most crucial aspects that make entrepreneurship education one of the top segments in academia.

Real-world Application of Knowledge

What do you learn in business class in high school? First of all, high school students have a unique opportunity to apply theoretical aspects that they have learned in class to more practical and tangible scenarios. By means of such a hands-on approach, students have an opportunity to bridge the gap between theoretical materials and their application. This, in turn, boosts your chances to better comprehend and keep the material in mind.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

In addition to teaching specific skills in the field of business, entrepreneurship education in the high school segment instills an entrepreneurial mindset. The latter is characterized by creativity, initiative, as well as a willingness to take calculated risks. In all existing professional endeavors, the qualities mentioned before are priceless.

Job Market Preparedness

Taking into account how competitive the job market is today, possessing a solid basis in business can be a winning advantage for a high school student. Whether young people pursue a career in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, or any other area, the skills that they gained in high school business extracurriculars are universally applicable. What is more, they make high school, college, and university students highly attractive to potential employers.

Benefits of Entrepreneurship to Students in College

Why are you interested in business? Chances are that one of the reasons is that the field has much room for development and non-stop self-improvement. Just like in a high school environment, college business classes work well for undergrads. Below, we list the key advantages of business programs in college for students with interests in the business segment.

Enhanced Academic Performance

College and university students who engage in business extracurriculars tend to perform better in class. Both problem-solving and critical thinking skills boosted in these activities usually become a solid foundation for better academic scores and a deeper understanding of their coursework.

College Admissions Advantage

If you have specific interests in business education in institutions like Babson College or Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you’re most likely an ambitious and initiative person ready to encounter and combat challenges. This can be a distinguishing factor in college admissions, especially when it comes to college or university programs related to the fields of entrepreneurship, business, or economics.

Networking Opportunities

When in need of a platform to network, college and university students should go for business extracurriculars. That’s where they can meet loads of mentors, like-minded people, and field experts. All the connections that you make in the process can be a priceless experience in college and after graduation, opening doors to job opportunities with a decent salary, internships, as well as collaborative ventures.

Studying business or/and entrepreneurship in high school and later in college provides young people with dozens of advantages that do not end in a class. Extracurriculars in the chosen field equip undergrads with essential skills, boost their academic progress, as well as cultivate a forward-thinking mindset. To add more, both the experiences and knowledge that you gain in a business-focused academic environment help you get ready for a successful career after graduation. When navigating a complex and challenging world, you will thank yourself for having a priceless asset in the form of business education. Something money can’t buy!

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