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10 Facts Related to the China Research Paper That Will Impress Your US Counterparts

China Research PaperYou’ve now arrived in the U.S. to attend a university and learn about the diverse American culture and its rich history. Likewise, when you receive your first major assignment for an expository research paper, you can’t help but think of all the fascinating information you’d like to share with your classmates about China.

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Main Points Chinese Students Must Remember about English Grammar in Writing

grammar in writingWe often see that Chinese students struggle with English. There is a particular stereotype about the way Chinese people speak English which has become popular since there are so many Chinese students in universities all around the world. Nevertheless, they are great learners that gain success after graduating.
The reason so many Chinese people make some common mistakes is that Mandarin and English are very different when it comes to grammar and sentence structure. When English is your second language you think in your own language and then translate the sentence into English. Sometimes you will just write in the way you thought in your original language. These mistakes are very common and can be easily fixed as long as you are aware of them. You will be writing like a local in no time.

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Chinese Students’ Stereotypes about Americans

chinese students stereotypes about americansThere is a tendency of people to think of everyone in a country to be the same. How the people of a particular country behave and think is exactly as you see them on TV, right? What you see in the movies is as close to the truth as possible, right? Wrong! Movies and TV shows are made to entertain you and if all they showed were normal lives, then it would all be pretty boring.

Many Chinese tend to stereotype the people of the USA as gun happy crazies. Considering that there are about 300,000 Chinese students in American universities with you being among them, it’s obvious that not ALL the people in China think that way. Let’s take a look at some of the preconceived ideas students have about the USA.

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6 Culture Shocks Chinese Students Need to Be Ready for

culture differences


For an American tourist travelling to Canada, there are a few differences to overcome, but basically, many things are the same. Food, language, much of the sport is constant between the countries.

But if that US citizen worked or studied in China, then the differences would be enormous. Conversely, a Chinese university student who decides on finishing college studies in the USA will have to adapt to some very unusual ways of life. And don’t think that even going to KFC or McDonald’s will be the same as in China. It’s not!

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How to Cope with Prejudice and Intolerance If You Are a Chinese Student in the USA

chinese students discriminationWith the multicultural environment in the USA, it seems that all the intolerance and prejudice toward foreign nations should have faded away but, you, as Chinese students obtaining higher education here, can experience that it’s not that simple. Some people, either consciously or not, behave in a hostile way when they see foreigners, but this phenomenon is not restrained only within the US territory. Even in China, there is a level of intolerance and non-acceptance to laowai (foreigners) (外国人). However, it is not an excuse that justifies such attitude towards Chinese students.

You have come to America to further your education and you just want to study, learn new information about the country and be accepted as just another ordinary person in a community. But wherever you go you can feel many of the American students looking at you and even overhear derogatory remarks, said just loud enough for you to hear them. It’s not in your nature to be confrontational and to challenge people. You have to pretend you didn’t hear it. You have to ignore aggressive looks and just stick with your other Chinese friends. But you are going to be here for 3 – 4 years! You can’t really pretend that it doesn’t affect you for so long. So, what can you really do?

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The University of San Francisco for Chinese Students

usf international studentsIf you are an international Chinese student who decided to visit the campus or finally get to study in the USF, typically, all you know about the USF is that it has a beautiful backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge. But, in fact, it’s a place that is like no other in the state of California where you will love spending time and learning new things that will have an impact on you for the rest of your life.
But what you do not know are the things that really make the experience what it is. The USF’s students explain and advise on things that they learned during their time and what you are really in for at this prestigious place of learning.

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Life of International Students in Golden Gate University

golden gate university international students


The best thing about the campus is that it is located right in the middle of San Francisco. Being at the heart of the city, one has convenient access to the top amenities. If this is going to be your first experience living away from home, Golden Gate University is a great place to start off, sure to have an impactful impression on your experiences as an independent adult.

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Stay Chinese and Become American in the City College of San Francisco

city college of san francisco international students


Here is a sneak peek of what’s in store for you at the campus, by the students of the City College of San Francisco. All the things that international candidates, especially Chinese students look for in a home away from their country are provided here. Don’t take our word for it, the current students tell all you need to know to choose the City College for your studies abroad.

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