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How to Make My Essay Sound Smarter? – 8 Tips to Cook a Masterpiece

Writing an essay can be a daunting task for any college student, but especially one who wants to appear as intelligent as possible when writing. For those who struggle with written expression, this can be quite a chore, and students might find themselves asking themselves or others, “How can I make my essay sound smarter?” Although there is no way to boost your overall IQ within a few hours it takes to write a paper, fortunately, there are some tried and true ways to develop an artful, intelligent masterpiece in just a few tips.

1. Be Specific and Poignant

In other words, have something to say! If you don’t have anything specific to say, you’ll write sentences that are both meaningless and boring.

2. Utilize Simple Language

Now, it is not the time to bust out the thesaurus. Use words you know the definitions well, and don’t try to replace every elementary word with a more sophisticated term. Not only will your paper fail to make any sense, you’ll also look unintelligent when you use a word incorrectly. Try not to use too many adverbs or words that end in -ing as these overcomplicate your writing and can contribute to overuse of the passive voice, both of which make you sound less intelligent.

3. Create Short, Simple Sentences and Paragraphs

Similarly, don’t write sentences that are ten lines long. Short sentences are easier to read and understand. Each sentence should have one simple thought. Make your paragraphs short, too. Short paragraphs are easier to read because our brains can only process information when it’s broken into small, manageable chunks.

4. Eliminate Fluffy or Repeated Words

Don’t use qualifying words, such as verybasicallyratherextremely, etc. These add nothing to your overall content, but make your sentences too wordy.

5. Avoid Rambling

Consider blocking out your essay ahead of time in order to avoid this common pitfall. If you aren’t sure what to say, you might find yourself rambling and making pointless, inconsequential statements. Knowing what you plan to say ahead of time can help mitigate this effect.

6. Edit–and Do So Painstakingly

Your writing will never be perfect. Period. There is no such thing. You must take great pains to shorten, delete, rewrite, or otherwise, revise anything that is incorrect or does not add to your essay any useful information. Don’t add extra words without a good reason. To make the editing process easy, write the entire text without stopping, then return to it after a few days (or hours, if you’re crunched for time). Read your text and edit. Then, print it, reread, and edit it again.

7. Avoid Slang and Clichés

Don’t use slang words, such as “gonna,” or clichés, such as “get to the bottom of.” These phrases are annoying to readers who might not know what you are referring to. And, whatever you do, don’t write like when you are texting!

8. Make Smart Transitions

You can almost always eliminate phrases such as “so,” “therefore,” “clearly,” and others at the beginning of paragraphs. You can also go ahead and cross out phrases such as, “This quotation means…” or “what this means is…

When you’re writing, what’s most important is to remember to stick to proper spelling and grammar. Without it, your writing has no chance of sounding intelligent. Once you’ve mastered the mechanics, you should return to these tips to optimize the quality of your paper. You’ll sound like a true genius!

Essay Writing Mistakes

Making Mistakes Essay: The Value of Experience to Reflect in Your Paper

What is a mistake? Traditionally, it means to make something wrong. Each action or procedure has a set of fixed rules you need to follow. Unfortunately, or luckily, we used to make mistakes. Most educators ask their students to write a making mistakes essay to help them understand the value of mistakes in our life. Many of us hate errors because they make us feel uncomfortable, confused, and misled. Some of them cost a lot, and we have to pay for being wrong and breaking the set of those rules. 

Have you ever made a mistake? Was it serious? Is there anything you would like to change? Why do people make mistakes, and do they play an essential role in our life? Let’s think about it a bit. 


AI-Generated Essays

AI Generated Essay: What Risks Do Writers Face and How to Recognize Such Texts?

Artificial Intelligence tools are everywhere. If you are a student, you have definitely used AI machines in your homework. Perhaps, you have used Grammarly to spot mistakes and correct overused phrases. You may have used ChatGPT to provide answers to questions or create an ai generated essay or other written papers. Nevertheless, professors usually manage to identify such tricky students and “reward” them with low grades for cheating. 

When can you use AI tools? When is it better to refuse the use of robotic helpers? Let’s go into the topic deeper.


Reputable Essay Writing Company

Reputable Essay Writing Services: How to Choose the One to Win All the Time

Academic homework is a nightmare for most students. Educators adore assigning essays, dissertations, lab reports, tests, projects, case studies, literature reviews, and other tasks to test a student’s patience, knowledge, and various skills. Students often feel depressed because of being unable to cope with the load independently. Fortunately, custom writing services are always alert to give a hand with academic challenges. 

Today, one can find so many writing services on the Internet that people usually feel dizzy after searches. Most of them promise a lot, but how to identify reputable essay writing services? We will not surprise you by saying there are many scammers. Their job is to earn on traffic flaws and sell fake papers to students who have no clue what trustable services look like. So, we decided to help you learn the features of writing companies to whom you can entrust your homework.


Persuasive Text Techniques: How Professional Speakers Use Different Persuasive Techniques to Convince the Audience

persuasive essay techniques

Persuasion is the ability to convince somebody that your idea, position, or hypothesis is correct. You should select arguments that can help listeners or readers understand you and believe in the same things as you do. Traditionally, speakers are aware of all persuasive text techniques because their job is to write convincing speeches for influential people, including politicians, movie stars, bloggers, and more. 

How do they manage that? What techniques do they use to win the attention of millions? Let’s find it out. 

What Is the Goal of Persuasive Writing?

When do you “feel” the words a speaker tells you? It happens when a person uses the so-called keywords to your emotional intelligence and wakes it up. As a result, you listen to a person with your mouth being opened and with tears in your eyes. The same thing happens when writers describe something touchy. In other words, they all make you feel what they want you to feel and think what they want you to think. That is how persuasive techniques in essay writing work.

Where else can you find persuasive texts? Of course, advertising. TV, billboards, pop-ups, posters, and other visual and audible tools are used to convince a consumer to buy the product they need to sell. The more convincing the ad is, the more people will buy the advertised goods. However, convincing writing is not as simple as that. One needs to juggle words to hit the point. Moreover, it is essential to be clear and precise in every sentence to avoid confusion and not let the audience fall asleep. 

Some Best Techniques from Professional Speakers to Follow

Let’s discuss different persuasive techniques that can make our writing and oral speeches supreme.

You Should Be Interested in Things You Are Describing

 It is really hard to convince someone about something if you do not believe in what you are writing or saying. How can you be passionate about Shakespeare if you have not read his plays and poems? Consequently, you should better be interested in the topic for your persuasive writing gif. When you speak about catchy for you things, writing becomes easier and more manageable because you start defending your interests and feelings connected with the topic.

You Should Learn as Much as Possible About Your Target Audience

Have you ever seen nodding people when they were listening to someone’s speech? It means the speaker managed to touch upon the problems the listeners were interested in and was aware of its solution. For example, politicians usually speak about the urgent problems of the people who listen to them. As a rule, they speak about unemployment, low salaries, ecological problems, health security systems, the quality of education, the cost of healthcare services, etc. So, if you write a persuasive letter or essay, you should think about things your target reader would like to read and mutely discuss with you. 

You Should Start and Finish with a Hook

It is one of the most working persuasive techniques. Plenty of songs, books, and movies got their recognition thanks to unexpected events at the beginning and at the end of the piece of art. People used to forget the plot of the story described in the middle of the book or a person’s speech, but they do remember the beginning and the ending. That is why participants of various competitions long to open or close the ceremony to make the audience remember them.

How can you catch the eye of the target reader? Professionals usually use one of the following hooks:

  1. catchy citation or quote
  2. anecdote 
  3. personal life story
  4. facts and shreds of evidence
  5. provocative questions
  6. improper text structuring
  7. fairy-tale-telling manner
  8. strong statement
  9. unexpected lexical units 
  10. the use of stylistic devices that do not suit the style

The only important thing is to choose a hook that meets the topic of your persuasive writing.

Make Sure You are Convincing Enough

You cannot judge your writing independently if you have no clue about how to analyze a persuasive essay. First, you should read your essay from the start to the last word. Then, try to make a list of questions to argue your position. If there are too many questions left, the persuasive techniques used are not good enough, or you need more facts to enhance its quality. 

For example, you can ask someone or even a group of your friends to listen to your story. Then, they can ask questions trying to refute your statements and make you change your position. If they succeed, you will definitely need to do something about your content because it is surely not convincing enough. It must leave little or zero space for counterarguments unless you find an audience that 100% supports your side.

Empathy is the Key to Your Success

What is empathy? It is the ability to feel emotions that another person experiences at the moment. It is a great skill to predict the emotion of those who may read your persuasive paper. It seems to be difficult, but everything is not that complicated. Empathy is a part of the best persuasive essay techniques because you show your audience how much you care about them and that you understand what they feel and expect. 

All great speeches are built on the emotions of the audience. A reader should let each word go through the emotional filter because our feelings speak first, and then the brain joins them. In short, the use of emotional intelligence is as important as the use of intellectual intelligence when we speak about persuasive techniques in essay writing.

Rhetorical Questions are Also Effective

Rhetorical questions puzzle, but they make the target listeners or readers pause to think. It is easy to read simple things, but questions without answers always confuse and, at the same time, attract attention. Readers stay focused all the time, hoping to find the desired answer to such a complicated question.

Use the Concept of Meta Persuasion

Each persuasive text must have three integral components of meta-persuasion techniques:

  • logic (everything must be logically connected and relate to the chosen topic)
  • ethos (the best option is to speak about things that are close to you, your history, traditions, and customs)
  • pathos (to be on the same emotional level as your readers)

Hyporbolization Often Works

Sometimes, when you want to stress some point or idea, you may use exaggeration. It shows the uniqueness of the introduced idea. The main goal is not to make the readers believe in nonsense but to create a perfect image of the most significant element of the story. For example, you can call your mother the worst Christmas turkey cooker on the Earth, but it can be a combination of hyperbole and sarcasm that creates a perfect image of a badly-tasting dish.

Repetition is What You Do to Stress Something in Your Text

Repetition in persuasive writing is a great tip to use. Each text usually ends with a conclusion that restates the core idea of the speech or writing. Instead of boring and monotonous repetition, you can use a metaphor, rephrasing, telling true stories, or other literary devices to sound more advanced. 

Use Facts Because They Are Powerful

When a company releases some medicines, the Food and Drug Administration demands clinical trials proving their efficiency and safety. Nobody believes empty words without facts that can prove the introduced pills provide the desired effect. Persuasive writing cannot be good enough without facts. It can be a personal story, statistics, or any verified information.

Let’s compare two phrases with the use of a personal story:  “I’ll be a good teacher” vs. “I will be a good teacher because I have younger siblings whom I help with their homework, and they get the desired grades at school. Besides, I worked as a teacher assistant last year, so I am aware of different teaching techniques, and my educational background proves I can work with children”.

The first statement is bare-worded. It reflects your wishes and high self-esteem, but one can hardly believe you. The second statement sounds more confident and convincing because you provide facts that highlight your teaching qualities due to the experience and education you have.

If you do not know any stories, you should use only trustable sources. Regarding tips from writing experts, you should analyze the source before citing it. It must belong to a reputable company or organization (university, governmental institution, state healthcare system, etc.) and back up its numbers and evidence with clinical trials, case studies, lists of used sources, or other trustable research methods. 


If you use the above-introduced tips for writing a persuasive essay, you will leave no chance for doubts. Repetition, exaggeration, meta-persuasion, rhetorical questions, hooks, and personal interest in the introduced topic with a detailed analysis of the written text can become your guide in all types of persuasive writing. Just do not forget to check your essay for formatting and grammar mistakes because they will spoil the impression even if you sound confident and convincing. Every detail and word must hit the point and meet the college requirements and expectations of the target public.

How to Start a Student Essay and Enjoy Academic Success?

Every student has to write a great variety of essays. Each type requires something special. The diversity of demands may puzzle you a lot. Yet, you can memorize everything if you practice regularly. There is good news too. Merely every essay has the same structure, and those compulsory parts can be written automatically if you know the right tips. Some folks have problems with starting essays. How to fluff up an essay?

There are many methods to start an academic paper to grab the attention of readers at once. This can be done in a serious manner, implementing citations, anecdotes, shocking statements, etc. Another method of essay writing at the beginning is to write something really weird and even stupid, like mentioning a popular meme, using the SpongeBob font, and so on. Such cases are suitable if you write a funny essay. This informative blog post provides the necessary tips that help to start really impressively.

Select a Relevant Topic

The first method of essay writing we’d like to recommend is selecting the right topic. It should be something currently relevant and helpful to your potential audience. Conduct at least a small research in the desired niche. Your main goal is to identify the most relevant topics at the moment. Think about which of them can be interesting for your readers. It can be a history of the invention of the hamburger, awarding people for their great deeds, or even the first method of melting metals. At times, students decide to write about their personal stories, so you may not even research as you write about yourself. Nevertheless, a scientific topic cannot do without research. This is the beginning of how to fluff my essay.

An additional tip: It’s always better to select a topic that is interesting for you as well. Thus, it will not be a torment for you, and there will be more enthusiasm about writing it.

Get Insights via Outlining

How to fluff an essay properly? One of the keys to understanding is writing a good plan. Some students don’t realize the full potential of outlining and regret the day they skipped it. A good plan has many positive outcomes for a writer. It helps to record all your thoughts, organize them, and make it fluff smoothly. The main features of a helpful outline are as follows:

  • The main writing stages
  • Revising stage
  • Deadlines
  • Descriptions
  • Methods
  • Tools, and so on.

You are free to add anything else that may help you to organize the writing process more effectively. Thus, you may write a short remark like – check the format before I submit it, or What essay writing methods should I use? Afterward, you will never miss a single point. If you need the SpongeBob essay font, you will use it because it was mentioned in the plan. So, spend those 10–20 minutes creating it. You will thank yourself for it later.

Create a Thesis Statement

It is vital to create a strong thesis statement before you start to write the introductory part. This is the most significant part of any academic paper. It clarifies the main purpose of research and why it is so important. When you write a good thesis statement, you use it as an anchor. Even if you write about awarding yourself a meme, you need it. Every time you think you are going astray, just take a look at it to be sure you’re doing everything correctly. After that, write every common part of an essay, choose the hamburger essay format, and so on.

Think of a Great Hook

How to start a student essay? You need to create a great hook. This is a special literary mean that helps to get the attention of readers. It is something quite uncommon and captivating. For example, you may write an anecdote or citation right at the beginning of your small essay meme. Of course, it must be related to your topic. Once you get the attention, end up with a strong thesis statement.

Use the Internet

If you have any problem with finding the SpongeBob essay font or any other weird issue, you can solve it with the help of the Internet. You can use a lot of informative sources that can provide you with answers, explanations, and examples. The best ways to get information on the SpongeBob essay and other topics are:

  • Educational sites. You can visit the official sites of famous colleges and universities in the country and outside. They commonly offer heaps of useful educational materials, as well as courses and programs developed by their best professors. As most of them can be accessed for free, it’s a perfect way to learn from the best educators without paying a dollar.
  • Non-profit sites. A similar option is to visit non-profit sites. These offer educational materials for free all the time long. They come in the form of textbooks, tutorials, guides, manuals, and so on.
  • Online courses. You can also pass special online courses that are devoted to writing, editing, and proofreading. You will find the courses which show how to complete any piece of writing, including book reviews.
  • Special meetings. Not all folks know that there are special online events devoted to various educational issues. They provide tips on how to improve skills, avoid common mistakes, find relevant facts, complete any piece of writing, and so on. They come in the form of webinars, workshops, discussions, lectures, etc.

You can also make use of learning tools. There are various kinds that help to avoid mistakes and control the process of writing. For example, a digital organizer helps to schedule your working hours and create outlines for your assignments. Thus, you will never miss something vital.

Another great example is the use of a grammar checker. It scans the whole text in less than 15 seconds to provide full feedback on your mistakes. It spots spelling and punctuation mistakes as well. Most of such tools suggest their corrections. So, you only need to let the tool fix everything instead of you. It’s vital to try various types of learning tools to realize their potential and understand how they can be used to meet your learning aims.

Most tools can be used for free. It’s a perfect way to solve your issues and learn something useful without spending a dollar. Although the paid versions offer more benefits, a free version may be sufficient for you too.

Ask for the Professional Writing Aid

At times, it is impossible to complete an essay on your own properly or on time. This may be a high time to use a custom writing aid. There are many reliable writing sites with professional writers. They surely know how to get an A on an essay because they are skilled and experienced. One of their strongest sides is a powerful opener.

In fact, professionals can use any method of writing essay to meet all of your requirements. They get dedicated to your project as soon as you hire one of them. You can get in touch with your writer whenever it’s convenient for you. Just set strict hours when both of you can be online to discuss the course of your project. It’s a nice chance to add adjustments if they are required.

Professionals can write, proofread, cite, rewrite, outline, edit, and so on. Even if you simply need a good topic list, it will be done for you. It’s possible to ask for online consultations. Besides, most writing sites offer free guides, samples, articles, and other useful educational materials that can teach you a lot or share great ideas with you.

The prices are adequate if you deal with a highly reputed writing agency. It surely offers fair prices. You only need to check the average cost and thus select the most profitable agency for your budget. By the way, you can adjust the cost before you confirm the placement of the order. Fill out compulsory fields to see how much must be paid. If it exceeds your budget, alter any of your own demands to make it affordable.

We should also mention the speed of performance. It is very high because pro platforms hire certified and skilled workers. They all are trained properly before they start to write their first orders. They sharpen their skills on a regular basis and know the latest time management methods. As soon as they see your demands, they already know what strategy to choose to meet your timeframe. Just be sure you provide realistic demands and place large, complicated, and urgent orders beforehand.

Drawing the Final Line

You may write a SpongeBob essay paper or anything more serious. No matter what topic is assigned or selected, you will have to write a great opener. If you have serious problems with it, use the tips provided in our guest post. They are universal and suit whatever essay type and topic you must cover.

The Differences between Chinese and English

difference between english and chinese

Language is a part of culture, and language habits are fundamental to people’s understanding of their culture. Chinese and English are the two languages which widely used around the world. However, there are many differences between the two cultural backgrounds, resulting in many differences between the two languages. People often make a lot of misunderstandings when translating between the two languages because they cannot express semantics accurately. In daily life, we often encounter such a situation. Native speakers burst into laughter when hearing a wonderful speech, while non-native speakers do not understand what is funny at all. If you’d like to avoid embarrassing situations, be eager to understand what the other party is saying and let them understand what you are saying, two things are essential. First is to learn more about their culture, and second is to understand the differences between Chinese vs. English.

There are significant differences between Chinese and English in terms of the alphabetic system, vocabulary, grammar, dictionaries, and sentence structure. These differences often cause deviations and major misunderstandings when converting between Chinese and English.

Continue reading

How to Choose a Personal Essay Topic and Write a Great Piece?

personal essay topics

All students need to write great crowds of essays of all types. Each type has a special purpose that is sometimes hard to fulfill. Thus, a personal essay may induce a lot of difficulties because it surely differs from other essay types. It is about writing a very personal story. You can write about yourself, people you know, or some outstanding personalities. Your story is supposed to be inspirational. One of the main stumbling stones of this particular piece is the selection of a topic.

How to choose a personal essay topic? This is one of the most popular questions asked by thousands of learners. They seem to have problems with every type when their creativity level is low. Yet, a personal essay is more complicated because there are not so many good topic ideas for it. Luckily, you have found this informative guide. It explains how to choose a perfect topic for this essay type.

First of all, understand what makes a good topic. It should be something interesting and essential for your readers and you. This topic is supposed to encourage your readers or teach something vital by using real-life stories. For example, a suitable topic can be something like this:

  • The day that changed my life from bad to good.
  • A person who inspired me to be a better version of myself.
  • How one person can influence others really impressively.
  • The design of a perfect life by living through it in reality.
  • How I overcame my greatest fear and enjoyed life to the fullest.

Conduct In-Depth Research

Although you may not need to research this essay type, there are cases when students decide to highlight some outstanding personalities. This is when research will be required. You need to find great personal essay topics to find out which ones suit you and your potential audience. Your interests must be taken into account as well. Otherwise, it will be real suffering instead of writing. Select a topic which is really interesting for you. Be sure you have enough evidence to cover it entirely.

Craft an Outline

When you get the right topic, you should write an outline. It can include really vital personal essay ideas and how they should appear in your text. The main points it commonly contains are as follows:

  • The main parts – introduction, main plot, and conclusion.
  • Descriptions – short facts about what and how you intend to do.
  • Timeframes – clear and realistic deadlines for every part.
  • Tools and methods – anything that may help you to complete all the parts.
  • Revising – methods you intend to use to edit and proofread.

You are free to add other similar features as well. Anything that may suit your writing style is welcome.

Create a Compelling Thesis Statement

You may opt for a topic writing design, arts, photo, and so on. Yet, every essay must have a central argument, which is known as a thesis statement. It’s the foundation of the entire project, and all other parts are dependent on it. The thesis statement is supposed to explain to your readers 2 vital things:

  • Why have you chosen this topic?
  • Why is it so important?

A thesis statement is only one sentence. Yet, it’s the most important element of this puzzle. Be sure it is clear and straight to the point.

Show – Don’t Tell!

When you try to disclose all your photo essay design ideas in your essays, you should stick to one vital rule. You need to show rather than tell. What do we mean? You are expected to create the feeling as if your readers were with you during the events you describe. Add the right words and clear descriptions. Make the story as vivid and clear as you can.

As you already have several ideas, select any of them. Even if these are essay design ideas, or about how you started to write your own blog or made a memorable photo, your story should be captivating and detailed.

Make It Readable

You may be good with the task of how to choose a personal essay topic, but the readability of your text may spoil all your efforts. There are definite methods that will help to create an original and comprehensive text. Let’s check them straight away:

  • Make smooth transitions. You should make your story “flow”, which means every point must be ended, and the next one should be related to it. Show a logical transition from one sub-thesis to another.
  • Don’t cram everything at once. Many students write several sub-theses in one paragraph, which is a serious mistake. It overloads the minds of readers because there are too many facts that must be analyzed, and the diversity of these blows up your mind. It is always recommended to cover one sub-thesis per paragraph.
  • Use the right language. Sometimes students use a lexicon that does not suit the topic of the paper. Besides, they like to add slang or jargon because they use them in their everyday conversation. Yet, academic writing surely differs from it, and you should never forget about this crucial fact. You should also avoid clichés, technical terms, unknown abbreviations, and so on.
  • Do not over-explain. At times, students write too many explanations and examples. They take up too much space that could be used for other vital facts. One clear example is enough for one thesis.
  • Keep it concise. Do not write too long sentences and paragraphs. It’s very hard to keep focus when you read too long parts. Break them into smaller chunks whenever it’s possible.
  • Don’t overuse the passive voice. Some students like to use the passive voice too often in their essays, which is a mistake. Firstly, this voice is used for such assignments as term and research papers, dissertations, case studies, etc. Essays use the active voice to make the story flow naturally. Secondly, all passive constructions require more words to complete the sentence. The active voice is more suitable, and it will not make your sentences too long, which leads to the issue mentioned in the previous point.

Avoid Stereotypes

Many students seem to find relevant and original essay topic ideas and thus get great prospects. Nonetheless, they can bring everything to ruin if they disclose those original concepts in a stereotypical way. No one wants to read old and well-known concepts. You are expected to be original and creative. Therefore, avoid clichés and stereotypical thinking at all costs.

Revise It!

Of course, the last stage of writing this and any other essay type is to revise it. You should never ignore it because no one can write without mistakes. Even some minimal drawbacks will be present in every text. That is why you need to reread it at least two times.

If you apply various revision methods, you increase the chance of detecting mistakes. We recommend reading aloud rather than in your head. When you vocalize the text, you use your hearing and thus can realize that something does sound well enough. Perhaps it’s illogical or clumsy. Rewrite such parts and make them flow.

Another method is to read from the last line to the first one. Although it’s uncommon and takes a bit more time, it’s more effective too. It helps to maintain your attention and thus spot the mistakes you commonly miss when you read in a common way.

It is also reasonable to use special checking apps, like grammar checkers and editors. They are very resourceful and informational. They provide feedback on your text and check it in a few seconds, even if it’s large. You will see all the mistakes. By clicking on them, you will see the sort of mistake and a correction. Click again if you agree with it, and the app will fix the mistakes in your stead. You can learn a lot from these apps and will realize your typical mistakes.

It is possible to use other types, such as topic and citation generators, plagiarism checkers, organizers, etc. They have various benefits for the writing process. Try various types to see how they work for you. Most apps can be used for free. As a result, you get vital academic support and do not have to pay for it at all.

Mind that it will be good to read at least one great personal blog essay example. It is very useful to learn from successful students and bloggers. The Internet is full of personal essay samples and other essay types. Check how other people describe private situations and use something that may help you to disclose your topic clearer.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, a personal essay may be quite challenging, but it’s commonly easy to write. If you face any issues with it, use our tips. They are effective enough to easily cover whatever topic you would like to cover. Don’t forget to use our list of personal essay topic ideas. They will be interesting to disclose.

Linking Expressions for Essays to Make Your Transitions Logical and Natural

Helpful Linking Words for Essays

All students have to write tons of essays of all kinds. These are narrations, expository, evaluation, argumentative, compare and contrast, and other ones. While trying to complete them, they face a lot of issues. One of them may not be noticed by some of them or they don’t even realize there is a problem. Thus, the use of linking words for essays may become a serious obstacle.

If linking or connector expressions are lacking, your text may not be attractive to your readers. How is it possible? If you do not use the linking expression, the beginning of the next paragraph will be unnatural. You will notice that it misses something crucial, and this will be the logical transition to the next part of your story. Thanks to the right word, you may your text readable and logical. Our informative blog post focuses on the use of the right words, as well as on suggesting other ways that help to elevate the readability of the text.

Linking Words for Essays You Can Use

Now, we will go to the right linking words for essays. They are important and can be used in various situations, regardless of the topic or your style of writing. There are not too many of them, and you can quickly memorize them. Check our list here below of words and phrases, as well as when they should be used:

  • Additional ideas: additionally; also; moreover; furthermore; again; further; then; besides; too; similarly; correspondingly; indeed; regarding.
  • Alternatives: whereas; conversely; in comparison; by contrast; another view is…; alternatively; although; otherwise; instead.
  • Analyzing results: therefore; accordingly; as a result of; resulting from; consequently; it can be seen; evidence illustrates that; because of this; hence; for this reason; this suggests that; otherwise; in that case; that implies, etc.
  • Cause or Reason: as a result of; because (only in the middle of a sentence)
  • Compare: compared with; in the same way; likewise
  • Contrast: by contrast; although; compared with; conversely; despite; however, nevertheless; yet, etc.
  • Effect or Result: As a result, therefore, thus
  • Emphasizing earlier statements: however; nonetheless; furthermore; in the final analysis; despite x; notwithstanding x; in spite of x, although; though; after all; at the same time; nonetheless, etc.
  • Introducing examples: for example; for instance; namely; such as; as follows; as exemplified by; such as; including; especially; particularly; in particular; notably; mainly, etc.
  • Sequencing: first (ly); second (ly); third (ly); another; additionally; finally; moreover; also; subsequently; eventually; next; then, etc.
  • Summary or Conclusion: in conclusion; therefore; to conclude; on the whole; thus to summarize; altogether; …following the research of…after analysis, etc.

As you can see, most of these words you surely know. Just figure out in what situations they should be used. If you are a foreign student, you may need to take a dictionary to find out the meaning of unknown words and phrases. Afterward, memorize them to use when they are most suitable.

Connector Words in Essays and Other Tips to Boost Your Readability

You should understand that the use of the right linking words essay is only one element that helps to make your text readable. Yet, there are many other things you should know about. We will highlight them here below to be sure you can write high-quality essays which are pleasant to the eye.

  • Keep it short. First of all, do not write too long sentences. 15 words is already a lot. Don’t exceed this number or your readers may forget what you stated at the beginning of a long sentence. If your paragraphs are too long, the attention of your readers drops, and they get quickly tired. It’s better to break all you can into smaller chunks.
  • Be logical. You should make your text flow. It means there should be a logical sequence of events. When you explain one term, be sure it is explained clearly and to the end. Afterward, make a logical transition to the next one.
  • Watch the words you use. Many words students use in essays do not belong to the lexicon of the topics they select. It’s a huge mistake, and you should be aware of this fact. Another common mistake is to add technical terms, unknown abbreviations, slang, and jargon. They kill the creativity and beauty of the language. Besides, many students aren’t able to refuse clichés and stereotypes that also kill creativity.
  • Don’t overuse the passive voice. It is commonly used in such papers as lab reports or case studies. Other assignment types should use the active voice to make the story livelier. They require fewer words to complete the idea. Here again, you can save space and thus avoid writing too long sentences.
  • Don’t cram everything at once. Many youngsters try you explain everything in 1-2 paragraphs only. What is left for the rest? Water or something like that? You should stick to a golden rule – cover one point per paragraph. Otherwise, you will simply overdose your readers with tons of information without pauses and logic. Besides, it’s vital to avoid too many explanations and repetitions. This rule also saves space in your essay.

Use the right connector words in essays and these tips regularly. Thus, you sufficiently increase the chance that your essay will be readable, creative, and comprehensive.

Linking Expressions for Essays: Use Technology to Enjoy Success

If you have serious problems with writing, choosing the right linking expressions for essays, or simply writing essays properly, technology can help you. There are a lot of useful learning apps that offer smart tips and examples to improve the quality of any text. Here are the most effective apps that help with writing any academic paper:

  • Grammar checkers. These are probably the most sought-after kinds of learning tools among learners from all around the globe. They help to detect grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Besides, some of them even suggest the right use of words. They scan texts in split seconds to provide feedback on your drawbacks. These smart tools even offer their own corrections, which are commonly exactly what you need. Just click on the agreed correction, and everything will be fixed instead of you.
  • Editors. Other popular types of learning tools are digital editors. They also provide quick feedback on your mistakes. Their main function is to help with the “flow” of your text. They offer excellent tips and examples on how to elevate the readability of your writing, as well as how to become a more effective writer. They also can detect some grammar mistakes.
  • Organizers. The use of digital organizers helps to be more disciplined and organized. You can schedule weeks and months ahead, as well as create short writing plans for every piece you must do. You will never miss any vital point in it with Evernote or other great digital organizers.
  • Citation generators. Many students mess up various academic writing styles when they need to insert citations. Thus, it makes sense to use at least one good citation generator to be sure you are 100% correct.
  • Plagiarism checkers. Another issue that can be handled with the help of technology is plagiarism. There are special tools that detect the slightest traces of it. You will always know what parts should be substituted with the original elements.
  • Topic generators. At times, students stumble before they start to research and write. They lack the ideas that could be disclosed in their papers. Thus, they can use topic generators. It’s only needed to write 2-3 words that can be related to your topic. The smart machine will offer 10-20 concepts per idea. So, your choice will be rich and vivid.

One of the most important facts related to these types of learning apps is their cost. You can always find free options. Of course, the paid version offers more tips and possibilities. Nevertheless, a free mode may be quite sufficient for your case. You only need to find various brands and kinds of tools to figure out how they work to use them to the maximum benefit.

There is one more option left. You can hire a custom writer or editor to solve your learning issues. These can be solo experts or the ones working at custom writing sites. If the person is educated and has skills, he or she will provide the necessary insights to avoid common mistakes, improve the quality of your text, and become a more effective writer. Their prices are not too expensive.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are definite words and expressions that help to link one part of the text to another logically. Use them to make smooth transitions and thus avoid one of the common writing mistakes. Do not forget about other tips that help to boost the readability of any text. Their combination gives you a better chance to enjoy academic success. Your teachers and professors will be pleasantly impressed with your sophisticated sentences and clever transitions. An A+ grade gets one step closer!

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