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Bored? Enjoy Sales for UCLA and USC Students

Sales for UCLA and USC StudentsStudent’s life is full of new experiences, new friends, and exciting events. Sometimes, you have fun every day. But sometimes, boredom eats your brain out, and you can’t  find any interesting places to visit with your friends. Stop worrying! We did a research and found a collection of places that would make your life – and of any UCLA and USC student – brighter.

Royce Hall

Royce Hall presents many possibilities to get a portion of new emotions, relax and find new ideas for the education. We gathered few interesting performances with special discount offers for UCLA students. Price for all of them is $25. Continue reading

Top 2017 Colleges with Creative Writing Majors in the USA

Top Colleges with Creative Writing MajorsSo, you want to opt for a creative writing major in the USA. This is a great choice and it doesn’t matter what you really want to do with it – becoming a writer, doctor or engineer – it will be useful in the everyday life because you learn to express your thoughts and opinions. But returning to the career of a writer, you should know that an average salary for this field ranges from $40 000 to $90 000/year.

There are a lot of possibilities for a degree holder like that, especially in marketing and advertising spheres. So, if you are really interested in these domains, check out the list of top 2017 colleges with creative writing majors for international students. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Buy an Accident Report and Use it as a Sample

Imagine waking up in an unknown surrounding and having barrels of foreign words being thrown at you. You don’t know where the bus stop is, which place serves the best coffee, and what are the things that can probably land you in jail. The pitfall is that you do not even know anyone who can answer all these questions for you. In short, you are simply bamboozled by everything in your life. To make your day even more eventful, the professor has handed you a writing assignment in the class called an accident report. Few months down the road and the same assignment will be just another task in your to-do list but for now, it is the one and only thing you will be stressing over.

In a situation like this, most international students find writing agencies (online, of course) and pay them big, valuable bucks to help with the reports. This idea is splendid, but not always within the pocket. We have a better idea: you can simply buy accident report and use it as a sample for your first assignment as this will do you plenty of good. Here are five of them. Continue reading

10 Train-ups to Improve Your English Presentation Skills

English Presentation SkillsUniversities will most likely make you give a presentation on a weekly basis.

These presentations will be worth a lot of points in your course, so it is very important to be an expert at giving them. If you are not an expert, you need to brush up on your skills. Take a look at some tips to help you improve your English presentation skills!

1. Listen to Other Presentations

Watching other presentations can provide you with great notes to apply to your presentation. You can also watch how the presenter carries him or herself so you can pick up on positive presentation gestures. Continue reading

How Low Income Apts in NYC Can Improve Your Academic Results

Low Income Apts in NYCWhen it comes to college campuses, few international students are fully aware of their range of options relating to housing. This means that some significantly improved options hardly get their fair shake due to aspects like proximity. But there are major benefits to living outside of the typical dorm approach to college living. And there are many international students across New York’s Universities that could benefit from this practice.

Financial Benefits of Living Outside College Campus

While it might seem the most reasonable option for students to seek dorms for their college living option, the reality is that dorms are often more expensive and are even detrimental to academic success in many ways. In comparison, low income apts in NYC could be the remedy for those in the area, offering a separate location to focus on your work and studies while still giving students that community feeling dorms are cherished for. Continue reading

Where to Send a ‘Write My English Essay’ Request When You Are a Newbie

Write My English EssayCollege students often find themselves needing some kind of assistance with their assignments, particularly, with essay writing.

This is particularly true for newbies or international students who are not familiar with English essay writing. If you have a “write my English essay” request, there are some places and people you can ask for help.

Helpful Friends

Asking a friend to help write your English essay might be your first go-to request. Good friends will normally be happy to help you and do the best they can. Often, they can give you some advice on what they have learned from their writing classes. A bonus is that they would be less likely to charge you a fee. However, do not take their kindness for granted and offer them something in exchange for their help. Continue reading

That’s a Bargain: Local Car Dealerships vs Ordering Professional Essay

Ordering Professional EssayBuying or renting a car can be the most stressful time in a person’s life as the buyer is left in the dark on plenty of information while likely facing hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in risk. All on one transaction, one choice, one evening.

While international students often have to learn the harsh realities of differing cultures quickly and first-hand, this might be most noticeable in interactions with local car dealerships. There is a lot of danger behind a kind smile and the selling of a vehicle, and plenty of variables to consider in the process. These tricks that car dealerships use can be compared to tricks in the academic paper market, and the solutions for many are the same for both. Continue reading

How Less Homework for Students Can Come in Handy for Papers

Homework PapersWhen it comes to school and especially so in college, many side effects of excess homework put terrible impacts on students. Not only does it attack the personal health of students, but it also significantly affects their performance in their work. Does that sound like a productive habit for academia?

Less homework for students idea has probably been a movement ever since homework became commonplace, but the actual measurable effects of the current rate of homework being assigned draw a negative portrait of our schools. It goes far beyond students struggling for less work after their school day. Continue reading

10 Pros and Cons of Career Courses for International Students


Being a student is like walking in the fog; you just never know what is going to be with you when it clears. But, that is child’s play compared to being a student in a foreign country, where you are simply trying to herd cats.

And that is not an exaggeration, especially if a student has been trying to pull several tricks at once, like trying to take time out for a job, attending classes, studying for the said classes, being social, and trying to get some sleep. While all the other things are a part and a parcel of being a student, taking responsibility and getting a job at such a tender age might be a bit cruel.

Continue reading

4 Ways to Get a Degree in the USA for a Cost of Buying a Used Car


If You Think Education Is Expensive, try Ignorance – Derek Bok

The reason for quoting Bok is because his words have a double meaning to them with regards to what we are going to talk about, and by all means, delve deeper into that meaning. If Oscars were ever given to people for whining s, they would certainly go to the students. Hear us out as it might sound familiar; “Going abroad for higher studies costs a fortune. My family is too poor – I can’t afford studying in the USA – It was my lifelong dream to study abroad, but life happened to come in the way – life is sooo unfair – Donald Trump is such a racist.”

Continue reading