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What Is the Role of Cognitive Skills in Critical Thinking?

How do you define critical thinking? It is a mental process that includes skillful perception, synthesis, analysis as well as evaluation of the collected information. Well-developed critical thinking is a must if a college or university student wants to succeed during his/her academic years. Today, there are many special programs and even exercises that are useful in improving cognitive skills – the ones that are set as the basis of critical thinking:

  • information interpretation;
  • data analysis;
  • evaluation of new ideas;
  • making a correct inference;
  • explanation of own ideas and theories;
  • mindful self-regulation.

These cognitive skills in critical thinking are essential for rather quick and effective learning. When the skills are well-developed and improved regularly, a person is capable of thinking abstractly, making some important decisions without problems as well as using logical reasoning.

What Are the Main Roles of Cognitive Skills?

Each one is said to play a vital role in processing new data. When, at least, one of the skills is weak, grasping, using and retaining the new information is influenced. Learning difficulties and struggles are proved to be provoked by cognitive skills that are weak.

The learning process is usually divided into four main parts:

  • access to brand new data;
  • critical thinking;
  • judging from the personal perspective;
  • using the new data to impact already gained knowledge.

As you see, cognitive learning and critical thinking go hand in hand. But what role do these cognitive skills play? One can name more than we have listed, but these ones are surely the core ones:

  1. enable to stay concentrated on any assignment for a certain time frame;
  2. enable to stay concentrated on any task for a certain time frame despite possible distractions;
  3. enable to keep in mind information when doing few tasks simultaneously;
  4. enable to recall the data that was remembered and stored before;
  5. enable to get back to the stored info when it is needed;
  6. enable to form new ideas, reason them as well as solve any problems;
  7. enable to analyze facts, blend notions, and even segment data;
  8. enable to think in various visual images;
  9. enable to do tasks quickly and rather accurately.

Enhancing Cognitive Skills

Is it possible to make these skills get better? Today, scientists keep looking for the answer to a question whether a human being can become rather intelligent. Some researchers believe that humans can’t make themselves much more intelligent, but they can make their brains function much better. If you work on your cognitive abilities and numerous skills, you will make it much easier to deal even with your everyday issues and not only school or college problems. You will definitely gain more confidence; however, your IQ won’t get raised.

There are critical thinking exercises that improve cognition. They teach how to form opinions, think critically, and sort out all the information deciding which is irrelevant. Scientists say that it is useful to argue with opponents to highlight the flaws of own thinking.

It is never too late to start working on cognitive skills that will surely help improve your critical thinking. But the sooner you begin, the greater success will be waiting for you ahead.

The World of Abbreviations: What Does GPA Stand For?

As with many words and acronyms in the English language, GPA has multiple meanings. You might have heard this acronym used before, but you might not know what it means. Maybe you know one or two of its meanings but not all of them.

No matter what you already know about GPA, it’s a pretty important acronym to know about. This is especially true if you’re a high school or college student. We’re going to dive into the main definition of GPA and then take a look at some of the others.

GPA, in most cases, is used in reference to grade point average. This is a number that can be important to students. Their GPA depends on their grades in each of their classes. As your grades rise, so does your GPA.

Your grade point average is an essential part of being a high school or college student. If you’re in high school, your GPA will be used to determine which colleges you should apply for. Most schools have set minimum GPA requirements because they want to make sure that their students are hardworking and driven by success.

Of course, there are a few other phrases that use the abbreviation of GPA, including the following:


A gigapascal is a unit of pressure and stress, which is used in meteorology.

2.Government Procurement Agreement

The Government Procurement Agreement a piece of the World Trade Organization.

3.Graduation Pledge Alliance

The Graduation Pledge Alliance works to create a community of students and graduates who are concerned about society and the environment.

4.Global Political Agreement

The Global Political Agreement is an important part of power-sharing in Zimbabwe. The agreement was created in 2008.

5.Gallons Per Acre

Gallons per acre is a measurement used for agricultural equipment, such as sprayers and pesticides.

6.Georgia Press Association

The Georgia Press Association is a collaborative organization, which brings Georgia newspaper together.

7.Generic Pharmaceutical Association

The Generic Pharmaceutical Association is a group that provides access to safe medicine.

8.Greater Pittsburgh Area

The Greater Pittsburgh Area is one of the most popular areas in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This area is known for its economic growth.

9.Gross Production Average

Gross Production Average is a baseball statistic that generates a number of component statistics.

As you can see, there are plenty of different ways that the acronym of GPA is used. Some of these are more common than others, but you should be aware of all of them. The most important definition of GPA that students need to know is grade point average. This is essential for all students to know while they’re in high school or college.

GPA, or grade point average, plays a significant role is student success and achievement. It’s one of the ways that their potential is measured by others in the professional world.

Whenever you hear a new word, acronym, or phrase, check to see if you know what it means! It can be beneficial to know about words and their less common meanings too. Having a strong vocabulary is helpful in all areas of life!

It’s pretty interesting to consider all of the different meanings that exist for a single word or acronym. You probably noticed that the meanings of GPA varied significantly. Some are related to government. Others are alliances or groups of people. Even though they all share an acronym, their actual definitions are much different from one another.

For now, it’s going to be most beneficial for you to pay attention to the grade point average definition of GPA. Make sure you use this to monitor your progress and standing in school. This can show you whether or not you can qualify for scholarships or work for certain companies.

Why Study Business in High School: Benefits, Subject, After School Activity

why study business

There’s a well-known quote that gives the best answer to the question of why study business in high school. And it sounds like, It is easier to build up a child than it is to repair an adult. We could have put a full stop here and gone no further in explanation, but it’s evident that every idea or theory should be confirmed in order to settle down in your mind. So here we go.

It’s a fact that over 50% of business owners aren’t college graduates meaning that these present-day entrepreneurs had to learn how to run their business elsewhere. And there are two options for such knowledge acquisition: evening business courses as an adult or business studies in high school. The latter option is way more beneficial, of course, since the sooner a person is involved in the world of business (even if theoretically), the fewer mistakes they will make.

Answering Why Study Business in High School Through The List of Benefits

To begin with, there are a lot more than four benefits to describe why studying business in high school is a must. Nevertheless, we’re cutting the list to four universal advantages that match the majority of future business endeavors.

  • Skill set development

A hard experience is one that skips the theoretical stage and streamlines to real actions. Many actions are, consequently, false. This is why many businesses thrive through the first 6 months and then vanish, leaving their owners dragging behind in depression and low self-esteem. 

We know nothing or very little about business unless we start reading, analyzing, and discussing on a theoretical level. The high school period is a perfect chance to start with theory before proceeding to action. Creativity and collaboration are the two basic skills developed during a basic high-school business education program. When well-developed, the skills of collaboration and creativity first attract the majority of recruiters and, in time, characterize the best leaders.

  • Problem/Opportunity recognition

Why do some people identify the problems before they affect their business while others deal with them after the most processed collapse? It’s because some people have an eye to see the issue, while others can’t analyze things or think ahead properly.

When engaged in school business education, students face real-life examples and, based on them, learn how to recognize the first signs of issues and prepare more than one solution to deal with most outcomes. Having the eye to see what comes next means seeing opportunities instead of burdens, dealing with difficulties instead of losing heart, and incorporating expanded skills instead of finding outside experts.

  • Flexibility

Many high school, business education opponents are dwelling that teenagers hardly know their next steps tomorrow, not talking about after-college life. They say that the future is so unstable that there’s no need to press upon students with extra courses until they know they really need this knowledge.

However, business education is not about formulas and graphs. It’s all about being flexible and open to any directions that one is led to. With proper business skills gained at a young age, a person can move from job to job, from industry to industry, and from one successful startup idea to another one. That’s the flexibility that 90% of adults lack.

  • Swimming in corporate waters

Business is about diplomacy and tricks. If you are not into it, you are on the surface of a swimming pool rather than diving in. Business studies at school are focused on preparing students to live real life rather than a livelihood. Alongside simply learning basic things, high school students can undergo personality development, master the art of building and managing business, stay updated about the world around them, and view a team as one of the greatest resources. 

Study Business in High School: What Should In-Class Education Include

To study business in high school in a proper way, it’s essential to concentrate on important subjects, faculties, and courses within the high school program. The approach seems quite complex for a teenager. There’s a quite broad list one can dive into, including management and economics, accounting and finance, law, and even psychology – everything that leads to picking up handy skill sets and a deep understanding of basic marketing tools.

The list of subjects can be identified by the tasks that future business professionals can handle: Will that be financial records management or operations, workforce or international arena? It’s better to focus on subjects that will teach about diverse business aspects instead of focusing on one only. Start with math.

What math should you choose for business education? The greatest benefit of a high-school math course is that it covers many diverse concepts. Among them are:

  • Data
  • Number interpretation
  • Graphs 
  • Pre-calculus
  • Algebra 1 and 2
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Honors Classes
  • Calculus
  • AP Classes
  • Computer Science

Having skills in all of the concepts is necessary for finding and identifying solutions to diverse business issues that one’s future career will offer. But those who want to dive deeper typically join online academies for part-time or alternative enrollment. In such places, students choose courses that can provide some practical and comprehensive foundation for math.

Concentrating on math solely is, however, the wrong way to go. Business education isn’t limited to numbers only. One should concentrate on critical thinking skills and those for:

  • Accounting because it is the main business language with its numerous concepts: financial management, tax compliance, business valuation, business-investor relationships, and risk management.
  • Business leadership to guide the business to achieve positive results, increase profit, and invest in further growth.
  • Time management for stress reduction, time prioritization, better results, and productivity growth. 

To achieve all this, a math course should also go alongside subjects in accounting and marketing, financial planning and creative writing, entrepreneurship, and communications. 

In the new era, special attention should be paid to classes on digital technologies and computer studies. They provide students with a general working knowledge of software programs and applications. This is where a student learns keyboard techniques and masters simple software programs to process documents and spreadsheets, create presentations, and even web pages. Diving deeper, students can learn how to organize data, code simple programs, use online resources, and even troubleshoot common computer issues. 

In addition, much attention should be paid to extracurricular activities hosted by local as well as national clubs that are usually available to high school students. Their list is provided by

Study Business in High School Through Extracurricular Activities 

In this case, extracurricular doesn’t stand for finding opportunities outside the school building. In fact, after 3-4 typical school classes, it’s possible to find extra activities to strengthen the business skills gained in class.

  • Find a business class

If there’s a business-focused educational program in school, there are business clubs. Mind their focus, and feel free to join more than one at different times to cover finance, time management, marketing, etc. Through visiting such classes, one can immerse into the world of business culture, participate in business workshops, and have connections to invited business professionals. 

  • Find a mentor

A mentor is a successful businessman you admire and who can share their knowledge and contacts with you. Most teenagers’ dream indeed is to have someone like Elon Musk or Bill Gates as a mentor. But a more realistic expectation is to try and find someone from your area or community to discuss business interests and approach them with a question if they’d be willing to mentor you alongside your educational journey. Interview them, write down their advice, and learn from their mistakes. Keep in mind that there also exist different mentorship programs suggested by business schools for free.

  • Follow the news

Back up the theoretical knowledge gained during classes with real-life stories from publication sources, podcasts, YouTube videos, and more. To start with, concentrate on what is published by business gurus like The Economist, Bloomberg Business, Forbes, The Financial Times, or Being Boss Podcast.

  • Consider summer sessions at a college

Such sessions are directed at creating simulations where students can experience building a company and managing one. A few-week course typically makes a student face real-life challenges and learn from presentations introduced by real businessmen. The good news is that most universities offer them for free. The bad one is that the list of those wishing to join is sometimes pretty long, so the sooner you apply, the better. 

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to understand that profound business education is a must, even for those who have no plans to start their own business but would rather be a part of hired personnel. Any average employee needs this knowledge to grow professionally and stay in demand. That’s why business education while in high school is not an option but a necessity for future growth.

What Is the Chinese Student Association and What Mission It Fulfills

Before we start, let’s have a closer look at a student organization or society. Typically, it is created by students for students and is described as a non-profit organization that has no connections with any political party of the country or region it’s in.

There’s a quite common misconception that a student society is an association typical to the Western world only. To date, however, these associations are well-spread across the globe. Some of them have even become international, allowing students to find an organization for almost anything. More and more high school graduates start studying the list of student organizations based on their college campus even before they actually arrive: thus, they waste no time upon arrival and can apply for membership from day one.

And even though the offer is vast, most unions fall into seven basic categories:

  • Educational or academic organizations
  • Community service unions
  • Multicultural associations
  • Media societies
  • Sports organizations
  • Religious and spiritual formations
  • Student government societies

Right before we talk about one of the most popular international unions – The Chinese Students and Scholars Association – here’s a significant point to keep in mind: In the past, a choice of a student society impacted their career after students left their college. And it remains so. Within a society established on common interests and goals, students learn to develop their skills and strengths that typically have a broad impact on the workspace and acknowledgment.

What Is the Chinese Student Association: From the Day of Foundation Until Now

The Chinese Students Association started in the late 1970s with the growth of the number of Chinese students who started their education outside China. And though Chinese students chose different geographical directions for academic growth, the United States was recognized as the top direction. For this reason, the representatives of 200+ Chinese Student Associations met at the University of Illinois in August 1989 for their first congress to discuss common goals and growth strategies.

Now, the Chinese Student Association is an official non-profit union for overseas Chinese students and scholars who are officially registered in most academic institutions residing outside the Republic of China. Associations may indeed differ across the institutions, but the name they share is always common.

An officially stated function of the formation is to help Chinese students in their study and work, life, and related challenges by bringing them together within a campus and even for them not to remain isolated, creating bridges between them and other similar communities. Spreading the word about the Chinese cultural society, hosting national events, organizing holiday celebrations, assembling academic forums, and even recruiting talents are among the main focuses as well.

All is done to promote Chinese and Chinese-American (or other) affairs within the college community the Chinese students are in. Eventually, when the goals are correctly set, the association creates a network of individuals, Chinese and local ones, who are interested in common affairs and are open to learning more about China, its history and culture, food, and news.

Not least significant elements of the entire process are events that are typically cultural show productions and even trips. We’ll speak of them a bit later.

More on the Mission of the Chinese Student and Scholar Association

The mission of the Chinese Student Union is to foster the understanding of Chinese lifestyle and culture and develop them through projects focused on education and awareness. Appreciation of Chinese culture always goes alongside awareness and understanding. However, this isn’t the limit.

CSA are fostering an important supportive cultural as well as social environment for industry unity and cohesion of a unities Chinese student body. And while many other similar societies keep their doors closed to students from other ethnic origins, CSA welcomes all students to participate and develop together. 

The unity enriches the campus’ sports competition and cultural life as well. This is done through the means of organizing annual events. For example, the society in the Glasgow area is organizing special events that, on the one hand, are creating a positive image of the local Chinese community and on the other hand, are promoting academic communication between local students. For Glasgow, this is the Week of Chinese Culture, One Week CP, New Students Pick-up, Badminton Contest, Lectures on Job Hunting, and more. Glasgow is only one of the hundreds of examples. What’s peculiar, all of them are positively discussed by students, teachers, and locals.

CSA retains the right to speak on behalf of Chinese students and even represent them when communicating with the local authorities, schools, and universities. The Association is very protective when it comes to ensuring the rights and safeguarding the interests of local students and scholars. For students and scholars, Unity becomes a safe haven where they are supported and where their rights are never questioned.  

To date, the mission of CSA is fulfilled through five core steps:

  • Step one: Sponsorship of society gatherings, small and large. Small –  for ensuring close interactions between society members, large – for bringing all society members to participate in massive national and cultural celebrations.
  • Step two: Co-sponsorship for non-Chinese academic or cultural societies in order to allow the members of the society to explore interests beyond the Chinese culture and be easily assimilated into a new society.
  • Step three: Sponsorship for career fairs and guiding effective student-professionals-corporations communication. 
  • Step four: Organizing regular forums where CSA members can be free to channel their opinions as well as demonstrate their talents.
  • Step five: Provide practical services to make sure the needs of the unity members are addressed. In most cases, these can be pretty simple things like passport renewal services or airport pick-ups. 

The peculiarity of the CSA’s mission is the fact it can unite the members, turning them into a family rather than a society only. 

Benefits of Chinese Student Union Membership

As it was mentioned before, belonging to any college association goes alongside benefits that improve college and post-college life. Even though it differs from campus to campus, the pandemic has introduced its changes to the acceptance process allowing many students to join a society and find support in times of uncertainty. For many CSAs spread around the globe, the official membership is free of charge. In addition to a typical welcome box with a T-shirt or a backpack, the official membership allows you to enjoy:

  • Exclusive discounts to select a fitness studio or gym
  • Discounts for social mixers and after-events
  • Internship programs
  • Board positions

While newcomers have access to CSA events only, official members can enjoy all the benefits and even more.

Events as an Indispensable Part of the Chinese Cultural Society 

General or annual meetings are typical for any student society, where members discuss current issues and make plans for another week. In addition, there is a list of other club meetings and events that give students a chance to interact with each other outside formal gatherings.

These bigger events are hosted throughout the year. They are for domestic and international students to discuss interests and create mentorship/family relationships.

In collaboration with diverse Asian organizations, the Chinese Cultural Society hosts the most popular events like Interview Workshops, Life in Big Four, Networking, American Living, Western Dating, etc. The most awaited event is the annual Culture Show as part of the preparation for the Lunar New Year.

Why Non-Chinese Students Join the Chinese Student Association

A clear reason why non-Chinese students tend to enter CSA is their wish to learn about authentic culture and society through direct interaction with Chinese who come from the mainland. While finding a positive opportunity for themselves, local students also tend to help the CSA immensely by creating a bridge between local communities and the Chinese.

However, in addition to this main reason, there are also equally important ones. We’d highlight five of them:

  1. Networking: A social one, while meeting new students, new nationalities, and new backgrounds. In this case, we’re talking about people of Chinese descent trying to assimilate into the Chinese-American or Chinese-Canadian (or any other mix) culture.
  2. Growth, A personal one, while balancing social life and education and, at the same time, trying to focus on personal goals through others’ personal identity.
  3. Friendship: A long-lasting one, according to those who left the Chinese Student Association after graduating. The friendships formed while meeting, organizing activities, and holding events always end up befriending people around.
  4. Management skills: Strong ones that were formed when planning unity events (social and cultural). They are typically a strong foundation for potential career plans.
  5. Resume: A great one that shows a CSA member as proactive, energetic, with lots of connections, and strong social and organizational skills.

 To sum up

The Chinese Student Association is a forum for unity and cultural exchange. It is about integration and an open platform for Chinese and local students. But most importantly, it’s also about trying to change the perspective, learn new things, and grow as a person or future professional. 

Ithaca Falls Natural Area: a Perfect Combination of Beauty and Danger

Students in Ithaca

Ithaca Falls natural area is a gorgeous attraction for most tourists around the globe. It is situated in New York, the USA.

It attracts with its unique beauty. Moreover, this place is open to visitors all year round, so you can plan your rest whenever you want or need it. There are also other falls nearby, so it is a great chance to enjoy the beauty of nature by moving from one place to another. Nevertheless, you should get prepared for your travel to avoid problems and health issues connected with its peculiarities.  

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Movies for Students to Write Supreme Essays, Rest, and Get New Experiences

Students have so much homework to do that they need to relax. Coursework, case studies, dissertations, essays, and other tasks overload a student’s to-do list, so they have to find some activity to get distracted from their daily routine. Movies are great because they entertain people and can also contain valuable information that might help students enjoy their life and reach their desired goals. 

What movies can help students relax and learn good lessons full of positive inspiration? This list contains the top-best movies for students to watch and enjoy.

TOP 10 Movies: Watch to Learn Something New and Get Inspired

The cinematography helps people relax and get distracted from their daily routines. Some movies are more than mere entertainment. They help people survive and manage different life obstacles without nervous breakdowns. Some movies inspire and stimulate people to leave their comfort zones and change the world for the better. Students often watch films after studies and even need to get acquainted with the best movies to write an essay on.

Below, you can find movies about and for students. An average student usually quotes them in his essay. They are a great tool for relaxation and earning life lessons to handle all possible obstacles with dignity and become winners.

#1. “Eurotrip” and “Accepted”

If you want to have fun, “Eurotrip gif” is what you need. The main character falls in love with a pen-friend but accidentally offenses her and decides to travel to her town and apologize. It is a love and funny story about a group of students who travel around Europe and appear in different places accidentally due to unfortunate events that happen to them from time to time. The movie shows the life of students the way it is in real life, full of fun, troubles, and intimacy. 

If you look more for comedies, the “Accepted” movie gif is another funny story about students who create a fake college for everyone whose applications are rejected. The idea itself sounds crazy, and the movie turns out to be funny and hilarious. 

#2. “The Paper Chace” 

This movie is for those who do not expect to achieve everything at once and faces challenges with dignity. The genre of the movie is comedy-drama, so it is a combination of funny moments and drama that is an integral part of our life. This movie is the best choice for students who:

  • study at law faculty as the main character
  • want to watch a story of a persistent student and an inspiring professor
  • like love relationships with hardships
  • want to laugh and think about serious things simultaneously
  • value friendship and wants to learn different means of achieving success

#3. “Freedom Writers”

This movie is for those who think that being a representative of a minority group does not let them enter a university and become successful. It shows that everything is possible if only you want to change something for the better. Racism is still an acute problem in contemporary society, and this movie erases these borders for the sake of peace and racial tolerance.  

The main character is a teacher who devotes herself to a class because her desire is to change their attitude toward each other through the prism of diaries that each of them must write. She sacrifices her marriage but manages to help most of her students pass exams and attend college, even though none of their family members had been college students before.   

#4. “Good Will Hunting”

Are you a rebellious person? Do you think you have no chance of becoming successful because of negative characteristics provided by teachers and other people in your small town? Be sure it is not the end of your life, and watch a movie about Will. 

This boy is an example of a genius young man with inner demons he refuses to fight. Instead, he accepts them and loses a chance to make a relationship with a girl who likes him and to study Maths, his favorite subject. Luckily, a Math teacher and a psychologist see his potential and decide to develop it. Can two teachers help a young man with low self-esteem control his inner demons?

#5. “Legally Blonde”

Among top-rated movies for students, you will definitely find “Legally Blonde.” Stereotypes ruin people and their self-respect. Fortunately, today the youth is not afraid of breaking stereotypes. Elle, a blonde, is humiliated by her boyfriend, who regards her as a primitive silly girl with no potential for serious life plans, such as being the wife of a senator, who he wants to become. She decides to prove the opposite and successfully enters Harvard Law School, where she faces many challenges connected with her “white hair and pink clothing”. 

Her fitness instructor is accused of killing her husband, but Elle, being only a law student, becomes her defender in court. Will she win the case? Are there stereotypes in court? 

#6. “The Man Who Knew Infinity”

Have you ever seen Indian or Pakistani students trying to fit into society? Of course, you have. Perhaps, you are one of them because of racial prejudice. Such students need more time and effort to prove to white Americans they deserve their place under the sun. This story is about an Indian guy from a very poor family who has to do menial jobs having excellent Maths skills, but his employers decide to help him go much further. 

It is a good example for those who think that poverty is a verdict. Besides, it teaches us to value every moment of our life and the people who care for us. It is hard to achieve success if there is nobody to support you. So, watch it to see that prejudice is a stumbling block in our world, and perhaps you will be the one to join those who fight with this injustice.

#7. “The Theory of Everything”

This masterpiece is for people who are afraid to develop their skills and utilize their talents because of health problems. Stephen Hawking is an outstanding scientist who is bound to a wheelchair because of ALS. Thanks to his wife, he manages to cope with his daily struggles and writes a thesis paper about black holes and the theory of time. 

Unlike “gif Eurotrip”, this movie is not a comedy with foolish and funny adventures of the main characters. It is a supreme example of faith, trust, love, inner power, and will to live. This movie motivates us never to give up, especially when being talented and young or when nobody believes in our success. Besides, it highlights the role of family and friends in the life of everyone and that we should value them for their “invisible” contribution to our big and little victories. 

#8. “42”

“42” is not a movie about sports like most students might think. It is on the list of the best movies for students as it is a story of a black skin guy who is taken by a coach to a baseball team while other Afro-Amerecians cannot be accepted to white teams. The coach decides to change the rules and erase such notions as “baseball for white” and “baseball for black” players. Baseball is a game, and every skilled person can be good enough to join the league. 

This movie shows the dark side of racism and prejudiced people. It helps us to understand each other and shows that we are the same, but some people look differently and have to prove their “normality”. If you are a representative of a minority or have a friend who needs support, watch this movie together.

#9. “The Social Network”

Have you ever heard of Mark Zuckerberg? We think you have because it is a founder of Facebook, which is popular worldwide. The movie is autobiographical and shows how a student from Harvard manages to create a local Harvard website and goes as far as launching the world-best social network that initially was intended to be only for Ivy League students. 

Even if your idea sounds crazy to be realized, be innovative, tricky, and creative because it is the key to success and recognition. This story teaches us never to give up, and the plot is rather intriguing and dynamic. 

#10. “The Blind Side”

This movie fits those who like touchy stories. It is one of the best movies about students. It is hard to make things ends meet when your family background is unfavorable. “Big Mike” is a boy whose mother is drug-addicted and never cares for what her son eats or wears. The boy looks a bit scary due to his height and athletic body, but he is an innocent boy who wants to have a family and a dream to follow. He visits different sports competitions to wait until everybody leaves and gather the food remnants on and under the seats. This scene is noticed by a well-to-do family and his life starts facing positive changes. 


Do you still believe that nothing is possible if you are not like others because of the existing foolish stereotypes? Watch these movies! Many of them are based on true stories, so they are a real source of inspiration and motivation to go on fighting inner demons and make your path to success. 

Nobody says you must be prominent and famous. The only thing you should care for is your dream. It is enough to feel happy without the need to prove to everyone how good you are. We want to finish our article with one of Eurotrip quotes, “Europe is like the size of the Eastwood Mall. We can walk to Berlin from there!” So, everything is possible. Just believe in yourself and never give up. 

Mindfulness & Contemplative Education: Does It Help to Improve Scores and Well-Being?

Traditional education has expired because its methods do not work anymore. Students access the Internet when they need answers to their questions, so average homework and approaches to learning are useless and boring to them. Mindfulness education changes the world of education daily to help students understand the value of knowledge here and right now. No wonder it has gained significant recognition in recent years. 

Due to the pleasant environment and flexible teaching approaches, it provides a positive impact on personal growth and learning. It excludes judgment and involves consciousness and full awareness of learners at the very moment of teaching. Parallelly, contemplative education adjusts various contemplative practices to the learning experience. Here we will explain the significance of mindfulness in education and its transformative effects on individuals.

Understanding Mindfulness and Contemplative Education

Before speaking about the benefits of contemplative education, you should understand the meaning of the words “mindfulness” and “contemplative” regarding the educational process. 

What is the definition of mindfulness?

Simply put, mindfulness helps students understand their thoughts, feelings, things surrounding them, and sensations of their bodies step by step. Moreover, nobody imposes this knowledge because learners acquire experience through different pleasant and soothing practices, including:

  • meditation
  • body scans
  • breathing exercises 

In other words, students do not hurry and spend enough time relaxing. They dive into their inner wellness and get the most out of it.

What is contemplative education?

Let’s address the contemplative practice definition. Contemplative teaching and learning are about concentrating on the critical elements in the classroom without delaying complex things for individual homework. Students should pay maximum attention to classroom activities and not get distracted by environmental irritators. 

Today, more educators use meditations to help learners achieve better results without excessive control and constant reminding. They use mindfulness practices to let students reach the following goals while studying:

  • discover themselves, including hidden potentials and desires
  • understand the goals and means of their achievement deeper
  • be ready to reflect on themselves
  • develop empathy and compassion
  • research their psychological world (apply principles of introspection)

What is the difference between contemplation and meditation?

People often use these notions as synonyms, though there is a difference between them.

Medication is about methods one uses to slow down and dive into oneself to focus on one problem, theory, or notion at a time. 

Contemplation is how a person thinks to analyze and reflect on personal experiences. In other words, a person should meditate to be able to develop this way of thinking. With its help, a person finds the core of the problem and solves it effectively because the goals and aids meet their interests. Moreover, such thinking is stressless, and thinkers associate the discovered solution with something pleasant and achievable.

Educators add contemplative approaches to curriculum and pedagogy through mindful classroom environments. They also integrate mindful practices into their students’ daily routines. Thanks to that, students develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence, resilience, and overall well-being.

Mindfulness in the Classroom

As it has been said, incorporating contemplative practice in the classroom is beneficial. Mindfulness helps improve the focus, attention, and concentration of students because each is better engaged with the learning material. It also enhances creativity and problem-solving skills by fostering a non-judgmental and open-minded mindset. How does it happen?

Features to developMethods
ConcentrationStudents focus on something they like or need to understand. Teachers usually ask to use one of the five senses (sight, touch, taste, smell, or sound). It can be music or sounds of nature, watching the sunrise, touching or smelling something with closed eyes, etc.
CreativityMeditation helps to switch off unnecessary thoughts and create a positive environment inside one’s head and soul. For example, teachers can ask students to go for a slow walk or listen to soft music to reach calmness and clarity. 
AttentionUsually, teachers use guided meditation to help students experience a flow state. It means both body and mind must be deeply absorbed and interconnected without being distracted by environmental factors. Teachers use soft lights and ask students to switch off mobile phones and other gadgets. Besides, the air and room temperature must be comfortable. 

Moreover, mindfulness practices let educators create a positive and inclusive learning environment. They promote empathy, compassion, and active listening. Due to that, students build stronger connections with their peers and develop a sense of belonging within the classroom community.

Benefits of Contemplative Education

What is the main problem of struggling students? Most of them suffer from neurological disorders caused by stressful situations. According to statistics, 47% of American students have sleeping disturbance, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or bipolar disorders. Consequently, they cannot relax and let their brains and bodies rest. Lack of sleep and stress lead to exhaustion. Consequently, students have zero energy to seek motivation and create.

Another obstacle in a student’s life is noise. Gadgets, cars, and other noises prevent learners from properly concentrating. Most students fail their home assignments because they cannot switch their attention, so they get distracted by the irritating sounds. Things become more challenging when you share the room with peers who have their habits and can do their routine duties while you try to write an essay, understand the content of the book, or memorize information.

Contemplative education offers numerous benefits for students beyond the development of mindfulness skills. Mindfulness education develops resilience, helping students handle challenges. They can easier adapt to changes and preserve a clear mind without panic disorders. Besides, such education stimulates ethical decision-making skills because it encourages students to reflect on their values, intentions, and the consequences of their actions.

Furthermore, contemplative learning has a long-term impact on personal and professional self-development. It stimulates the development of self-awareness, emotional control, and empathy. They are crucial skills for building healthy relationships and contributing positively to society. Instead of fast-achieving goals, students are able to plan things for years and improve the world.

Can you imagine a world where each decision is based on sympathy and ethical principles? Contemplative meditation is a tool for a healthy environment and a strong mind in a strong body. A student must answer the question, “What do I want, indeed?” The decision must be made independently, without the influence of parents and teachers. That’s why it works.

Faculty Training and Support

Recent research proves teaching is the most stressful job. Teachers have to deal with different individuals and find an individual approach to every student. Moreover, they often have to talk to parents of struggling students and solve disputes with colleagues and bosses. Finally, they must manage their private life and constant self-education to satisfy the needs of a fast-changing society. Eventually, meditation might help them stay focused and positive.

However, implementing mindfulness and contemplative education requires adequate training and support for educators. Faculty training programs provide educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary for in-class meditations. They aim to create a collaborative and supportive environment for students and themselves. This technique encourages non-stop professional development and ensures the effective integration of mindfulness into the educational experience.

Consequently, educators need to learn the following things to achieve career success:

  • What is contemplative practice?
  • How should they use it in real life?
  • What methods are effective for concrete age groups?
  • What is their best meditation practice?
  • How can medication help them cope with problems without getting angry with their boss and students?
  • How should they meditate at work to manage their daily load and stay positive at home?

Faculty training and support are significant. Only knowledgeable and well-balanced individuals can be excellent teachers. Students respect those who are always ready to support them and help them develop the required skills to become true professionals without stress. 

Research and Evidence

Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of mindfulness and contemplative education in improving student well-being, academic performance, and social-emotional skills. Research highlights the positive impact of mindfulness on stress reduction, attention development, and emotional regulation. 

Evidence proving the positive effect of contemplation meditation on students

Regarding Researchgate research, contemplation meditation positively influences students’ college achievements. 1797 participants practiced meditation, and 61% experienced significant progress in their studies. According to the analysis, the statistic could be better if educators were more aware of the proper techniques. The curriculum and such program elements as duration, type of instructors, and frequency of practice resulted in adverse outcomes. All in all, students managed to succeed in many disciplines thanks to positive thinking, better cognitive functions, and enhanced emotional regulation. 

Another experiment was conducted by Boston educators who tested six-graders. Participants practiced medications at classes for eight weeks and were less stressed and more successful than their peers who did not meditate. They were able to focus on the target and comprehend the material due to their improved learning abilities and positive emotional state.

Evidence proving the positive effect of contemplation meditation on educators

Harvard researchers stress the importance of meditation courses for teachers. Based on their experiences, teachers who meditate are emotionally stable and help students understand their perspectives. They are more effective in the classroom because they know how to cope with stress and stay creative despite environmental obstacles.

Furthermore, the growing body of evidence in this field underscores the potential of mindfulness and contemplative practices to transform education and enhance the overall learning experience. That is why more schools aim to integrate mindfulness and contemplation into their teaching methodology. 

Student Experiences and Testimonials

We decided to investigate review websites to learn more about mindfulness meditation from the real-life experience of students from around the globe. is filled with positive testimonials, and we introduce some of them here.

  • Timothy James started practicing mindfulness at the age of 12 to manage his anxiety and OCD. First, it was hard because of his psychological disorders. Instead of focusing, he just tried to stop his flow of thoughts which negatively impacted his well-being. When he mastered the proper technique, he became a positive thinker and better learner as he got As in all exams. He became more self-confident and found more friends. Now, he enjoys his life to full.
  • Khurshed Batliwala managed to become wiser, happier, healthier, and more prosperous thanks to meditation. She believes that mindfulness and contemplative education are the paths to being human. 
  • Caroline J. started her meditation story by joking, ‘Did you hear about the guy that joined ‘Mindfulness Anonymous’? He said, ‘My name is Michael, and I’ve been stuck in the present moment for 6 months straight.’ She decided to research and attend meditation classes at her school, which was quite new, and her classmates did not understand her weird choice. First, she fell asleep because she didn’t understand the technique. Eventually, she better understood herself and improved her GPA. Soon, all her class friends ‘stuck in the presence’)))

There are many examples, but you should read them independently to realize the value of meditations in education and personal life.

Mindfulness Beyond the Classroom

Mindfulness and contemplative practices are influential beyond the classroom. They support self-care and well-being for both students and educators. These practices offer tools for stress reduction, self-reflection, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Moreover, mindfulness can contribute to positive societal change and social justice efforts. It fosters empathy, compassion, and awareness of one’s role in the world. 

Mindfulness is not only meditation. It is the best way to understand your wishes, goals, and strengths that make you unique and happy.


Mindfulness in education is not new, but its effect is impressive. Mindfulness is your way to self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and overall well-being. The benefits extend beyond the classroom, supporting personal growth, resilience, and positive societal change. It helps students improve their life and educational progress and nurtures overall holistic development. Explore and incorporate mindfulness and contemplative practices into your educational journey and enjoy the possibilities they provide you with. 



History has often been tainted as a boring subject, especially for students. The long articles to explain the history of nations and ancient times have incited a snore out of some students. However, museum visits highly engross the subject, allowing students to gain first-hand history experience. It also puts proof to ancient histories and invokes a joyful and jittery experience.

Eastern Trails Museum is one of the treasured history gems in America. The museum is a classic example of not judging a book by its cover. This is because the worn external appearance of the museum holds years of fascinating experiences encompassed into a giant thrill ball. This article will give you a feel of the museum’s significant scenery.

About Eastern Trails Museum

The historical museum is located at 215 Illinois Avenue, Vinita, Oklahoma. It is a block away from the Vinita Public Library. The museum is also one block from the town’s main street, Route 66, and a few meters from the Grand Lake. It is in a great locale with other amenities such as eateries like Mc Donalds and Taco Mayo and also has accommodation areas within its surroundings.

 Visitors of the museum have all expressed their satisfaction with the experience, and there is no surprise that the museum has a 4.7/5 star review from Meta and Google. It also has free admission to all members and can be accessed between 11 am and 4 pm.

Scenery and artifacts in the museum

Eastern Trail Museum has done a tremendous job in preserving the history of its small town; through artifacts, vintage photos, and recreated facilities, the museum allows modern citizens of Vinita to experience the life of the town and also experience the modernization process of the town. The following are examples of indigenous artwork, photographs, and other amenities.

  • The first TV set in Vinita

Parents and grandparents have been instrumental in preserving history, especially through stories to their family and friends. Among the most common go-to history stories in every household is the television set available in ancient times. However, not even stories may give justice to the visual and tangible feeling of the available television sets back in the day. Eastern Trails Museum, however, offers the privilege of viewing the television sets and even offers the history of Vinita on the onset of the televisions and available challenges encountered to access radio or television services. 

  • Recreated post office and printing office

The acquaintance of swift and effortless computers that require minimal effort may make most people blind to the progress behind the concept of desktop computers, laptops, and printers. Typewriters are a common phenomenon that is covered in the history syllabus. Many people have seen various photos of them. However, The Eastern Trail Museum makes the experience even more gratifying through its recreated post office and printing room. The offices allow visitors to get a feel of the rising modernity beginning to get a grip in the early nineties. The rooms are fully equipped with various artifacts, artwork, and photographs to lodge an image for the museum’s visitors.

  • Doctor’s office and a general store

Eastern Trails Museum has invested in keeping history alive by recreating various available facilities back in the day. For example, the museum has a general store showing ancient times. An extra mile was even taken to fill the store with various available items at particular times. Human dummies have also been used to portray the dress code and appearance of the town’s people. The museum also has a doctor’s office equipped with medical instruments that the doctors require. It allows the visitors to visually experience the doctor’s office and the outdated treatment of the day as they compare it to modern medical advancements.

  • Ranching relics

Vinita was originally an Indian territory in the late 1800s. Among the characters that were adopted from the Indians was cattle grazing. This also orchestrated the rise of the ranching culture practiced within the city. The trails museum has various artifacts that uphold these memories and an array of tools used in ancient times.

The museum also has a mounted photograph of a renowned Cherokee citizen, Will Rogers, who was an actor, performer, and commentator. The photograph of the actor well showcases the cowboy history within the town and also showcases monumental instruments such as cowboy saddles that were used.

  • Community vintage photos.

Museums create a drawing effect for passersby, heightening their interest in entering and partaking in ancient history. Eastern Trails Museum has an intriguing painting at its entrance that has drawn people like moths to a light source. The painting outlines the ancient community setup of the villages of Vinita, which creates curiosity for visitors invoking them to step into the museum for more history. In the museum, many other photographs highlight the community in the day and the various citizens of the area. Also, photographic shreds of evidence allow visitors to trace the town’s development in various decades. Instrumental persons and merchants of the community, such as Thomas Buffington, a mayor in the early 1900s, are also recorded.

  • Railway history

The railway history in Vinita is an instrumental part of the city’s history. The railway history has also influenced the museum’s name, Eastern Train. Vinita City was established in 1871, mainly due to the railway construction intended to pass through the town and was directed into the Indian territory. The presence of the railway train instigated development within the town that promoted commercial activities due to merchants who visited and resided in the city. The museum, therefore, has artwork and photographs related to the railway and artifacts and materials used for the railway.

  • History of the insane asylum in Vinita

One of the intriguing histories of Vinit is the asylum that was developed in the city. For years, the asylum was a revenue source for the town, and with its increased fame, its expansion and development grew, thus allowing the habitation of more patients and staff employment. The asylum was later renamed the Eastern State Hospital. The museum holds instrumental evidence of the now closed-down hospital and encompasses the history of its growth, capacity, and amenities.

  • Photographs of city activities.

Ancient Vinita was a close-knit town that promoted communism. Many activities during the day, such as ranching rallies and other city-organized events, brought people together. Football is one of the activities recorded through photographs in the museum. For example, a cozy photograph of young men was captured after their victory in the Eastern state, where they emerged champions in 1912. A photograph of a women’s football team also outlines the history development within the country where women also contested and played the sport.

Nearby scenic surroundings

The Eastern Trail Museum has many other surroundings within its vicinity that can be accessed by tourists coming from the museum. The following are examples of such surroundings.

  • Will Rogers Memorial and Archway

Will Rogers was a beloved Oklahoma citizen popularly known as Oklahoma’s favorite son. Will Rogers was influential in shaping the history of Oklahoma and was often renowned for his humorous wit. On his death, the citizens of Oklahoma honored him through a memorial museum and an archway.

The Will Rogers Archway is the proximate memorial to the famous actor near the Eastern Trail Museum. The service station and restaurant is a glass house that allows visitors to experience the car whiz and the buzzlike nature of the city. Despite having an aisle to educate people about Will Rogers, the glass building also has eateries like Mc Donalds.

  • Cherokee National Anna Mitchel Cultural and Welcome Center.

As mentioned, Route 66 is Vinita’s main street, and as expected, it has gained popularity from various sceneries along the route and in its proximity. Cherokee National Anna Mitchel cultural center is an example of a scenic two-story building that overlooks the street. The cultural center was founded to honor Cherokee’s paragon, Anna Mitchel. Anna Mitchel was an Eastern Woodlands-style Native American potter who revitalized art and pottery throughout America. The cultural center pays homage to her work and enlightens people about her history. It offers exhibitions of Anna Mitchel’s work and has a large sculpture made in honor of the potter. The facility also offers indoor and outdoor art exhibitions, art installations and also has a gift shop that allows the guests to shop for souvenirs of the center. Moreover, the center also offers space for events, meetings, and classes.

  • Vinita Antique Mall

Vinita is one of the most historic cities in Oklahoma. This is mainly because of its citizens’ admirable and applaudable efforts in preserving and passing on the town’s history. Aside from the Eastern Trails Museum, Vinita has an antique mall that allows its occupants and tourists to carry monumental evidence and memories of the city. The antique mall on Route 66 of the city has a collection of glassware, pottery, French clockware, and other primitives. The mall also has professional staff who are highly knowledgeable about the town’s history and the various available antiques within the mall.

  • St. Loius Zoo and Park

The environs of the Eastern Trail Museum offer a variety of scenic activities that visitors can enjoy. The rich heritage and preservation nature of the city promote recreational activities that uphold the communism of the area. St Loius Park, within Vinita Park, encompasses a large area that allows the hosting of city festivals and other activities. The water body in the area allows for recreational activities such as paddling, canoe riding, and pedal boats. The park also offers cycling routes to its visitors due to its scenic routes.

St. Loius Zoo, available within the area, is a wildlife sanctuary of more than 12,000 animals. It offers activities such as site seeing the zoo line railroad. The zoo is home to many endangered species and often includes organized events that promote nature and biodiversity.

  • Walking and bicycle trails.

Walking and cycling have become fairly common as quick alternatives for promoting health. A scenic walking or cycling trail motivates its users as it allows them to promote and uphold the culture. Vinita is a dreamy locale for walking and cycling, mainly due to its quiet, green, and interesting trail routes available within the city. 

Pathfinder Parkway is a walking and cycling route with cemented trails and beautiful vegetation along the track. The trail offers a tranquil environment that may allow visitors to hold games and picnics. It also has a lake around the area that allows visitors to fish. Wildlife like deer and birds can be found in the vegetation due to the tallgrass prairie.

Frisco Greenway is also a walking and bicycle trail along the St Loius railway. The park offers parking services and has a tranquil greenway filled with foliage that users can enjoy as they have their strolls and jogs.

  • Hiking trails.

The tranquil nature of Vinita allows for enjoyable hiking, especially among friends and family. The city has copious hiking alternatives for its occupants and visitors that have been highly vouched for and recommended by many due to their fun nature.

Students within the Rogers Conservation Educational Reserve have highly benefited from the education center being based on a 120-acre facility. The reserve is famous, especially for its hiking trails, and has amenities such as a pond, waterfall, wetland boardwalks, and beautiful flower gardens. Visitors to the reserve may also be lucky to encounter deer herds and basking turtles. The area also allows for bird watching and is conducive for dog owners.

  • Grand Lake State Park Cherokee Area.

The Grand Lake of Oklahoma stretches beyond various towns within the state. The lake has therefore promoted the development of various parks along its shores, among them being in Cherokee Area. Visitors to the area can enjoy amenities such as group shelters, campsites, playgrounds, and comfort stations. It also includes a 9-hole golf course and offers fishing activities to its visitors and boating and hiking activities.

The Eastern Trails Museum is the home to most of Vinita’s heritage. A visit to the area would change the outlook on history as boring and trigger a ripple effect to learn more about the city. It would therefore be wise to do yourself a favor and pop into the work of art whenever you are within Vinita City. 

How to Choose a Personal Essay Topic and Write a Great Piece?

personal essay topics

All students need to write great crowds of essays of all types. Each type has a special purpose that is sometimes hard to fulfill. Thus, a personal essay may induce a lot of difficulties because it surely differs from other essay types. It is about writing a very personal story. You can write about yourself, people you know, or some outstanding personalities. Your story is supposed to be inspirational. One of the main stumbling stones of this particular piece is the selection of a topic.

How to choose a personal essay topic? This is one of the most popular questions asked by thousands of learners. They seem to have problems with every type when their creativity level is low. Yet, a personal essay is more complicated because there are not so many good topic ideas for it. Luckily, you have found this informative guide. It explains how to choose a perfect topic for this essay type.

First of all, understand what makes a good topic. It should be something interesting and essential for your readers and you. This topic is supposed to encourage your readers or teach something vital by using real-life stories. For example, a suitable topic can be something like this:

  • The day that changed my life from bad to good.
  • A person who inspired me to be a better version of myself.
  • How one person can influence others really impressively.
  • The design of a perfect life by living through it in reality.
  • How I overcame my greatest fear and enjoyed life to the fullest.

Conduct In-Depth Research

Although you may not need to research this essay type, there are cases when students decide to highlight some outstanding personalities. This is when research will be required. You need to find great personal essay topics to find out which ones suit you and your potential audience. Your interests must be taken into account as well. Otherwise, it will be real suffering instead of writing. Select a topic which is really interesting for you. Be sure you have enough evidence to cover it entirely.

Craft an Outline

When you get the right topic, you should write an outline. It can include really vital personal essay ideas and how they should appear in your text. The main points it commonly contains are as follows:

  • The main parts – introduction, main plot, and conclusion.
  • Descriptions – short facts about what and how you intend to do.
  • Timeframes – clear and realistic deadlines for every part.
  • Tools and methods – anything that may help you to complete all the parts.
  • Revising – methods you intend to use to edit and proofread.

You are free to add other similar features as well. Anything that may suit your writing style is welcome.

Create a Compelling Thesis Statement

You may opt for a topic writing design, arts, photo, and so on. Yet, every essay must have a central argument, which is known as a thesis statement. It’s the foundation of the entire project, and all other parts are dependent on it. The thesis statement is supposed to explain to your readers 2 vital things:

  • Why have you chosen this topic?
  • Why is it so important?

A thesis statement is only one sentence. Yet, it’s the most important element of this puzzle. Be sure it is clear and straight to the point.

Show – Don’t Tell!

When you try to disclose all your photo essay design ideas in your essays, you should stick to one vital rule. You need to show rather than tell. What do we mean? You are expected to create the feeling as if your readers were with you during the events you describe. Add the right words and clear descriptions. Make the story as vivid and clear as you can.

As you already have several ideas, select any of them. Even if these are essay design ideas, or about how you started to write your own blog or made a memorable photo, your story should be captivating and detailed.

Make It Readable

You may be good with the task of how to choose a personal essay topic, but the readability of your text may spoil all your efforts. There are definite methods that will help to create an original and comprehensive text. Let’s check them straight away:

  • Make smooth transitions. You should make your story “flow”, which means every point must be ended, and the next one should be related to it. Show a logical transition from one sub-thesis to another.
  • Don’t cram everything at once. Many students write several sub-theses in one paragraph, which is a serious mistake. It overloads the minds of readers because there are too many facts that must be analyzed, and the diversity of these blows up your mind. It is always recommended to cover one sub-thesis per paragraph.
  • Use the right language. Sometimes students use a lexicon that does not suit the topic of the paper. Besides, they like to add slang or jargon because they use them in their everyday conversation. Yet, academic writing surely differs from it, and you should never forget about this crucial fact. You should also avoid clichés, technical terms, unknown abbreviations, and so on.
  • Do not over-explain. At times, students write too many explanations and examples. They take up too much space that could be used for other vital facts. One clear example is enough for one thesis.
  • Keep it concise. Do not write too long sentences and paragraphs. It’s very hard to keep focus when you read too long parts. Break them into smaller chunks whenever it’s possible.
  • Don’t overuse the passive voice. Some students like to use the passive voice too often in their essays, which is a mistake. Firstly, this voice is used for such assignments as term and research papers, dissertations, case studies, etc. Essays use the active voice to make the story flow naturally. Secondly, all passive constructions require more words to complete the sentence. The active voice is more suitable, and it will not make your sentences too long, which leads to the issue mentioned in the previous point.

Avoid Stereotypes

Many students seem to find relevant and original essay topic ideas and thus get great prospects. Nonetheless, they can bring everything to ruin if they disclose those original concepts in a stereotypical way. No one wants to read old and well-known concepts. You are expected to be original and creative. Therefore, avoid clichés and stereotypical thinking at all costs.

Revise It!

Of course, the last stage of writing this and any other essay type is to revise it. You should never ignore it because no one can write without mistakes. Even some minimal drawbacks will be present in every text. That is why you need to reread it at least two times.

If you apply various revision methods, you increase the chance of detecting mistakes. We recommend reading aloud rather than in your head. When you vocalize the text, you use your hearing and thus can realize that something does sound well enough. Perhaps it’s illogical or clumsy. Rewrite such parts and make them flow.

Another method is to read from the last line to the first one. Although it’s uncommon and takes a bit more time, it’s more effective too. It helps to maintain your attention and thus spot the mistakes you commonly miss when you read in a common way.

It is also reasonable to use special checking apps, like grammar checkers and editors. They are very resourceful and informational. They provide feedback on your text and check it in a few seconds, even if it’s large. You will see all the mistakes. By clicking on them, you will see the sort of mistake and a correction. Click again if you agree with it, and the app will fix the mistakes in your stead. You can learn a lot from these apps and will realize your typical mistakes.

It is possible to use other types, such as topic and citation generators, plagiarism checkers, organizers, etc. They have various benefits for the writing process. Try various types to see how they work for you. Most apps can be used for free. As a result, you get vital academic support and do not have to pay for it at all.

Mind that it will be good to read at least one great personal blog essay example. It is very useful to learn from successful students and bloggers. The Internet is full of personal essay samples and other essay types. Check how other people describe private situations and use something that may help you to disclose your topic clearer.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, a personal essay may be quite challenging, but it’s commonly easy to write. If you face any issues with it, use our tips. They are effective enough to easily cover whatever topic you would like to cover. Don’t forget to use our list of personal essay topic ideas. They will be interesting to disclose.

Less Homework Persuasive Essay to Write It Perfectly

Homework Papers

The life of every student is pretty complicated, isn’t it? There are so many tasks and duties that must be done at a definite time and according to definite rules. So, the life of some youngsters may be a real nightmare. We guess all students dream of doing less homework. One of the possible topics assigned by some teachers is to write about this option and justify it.

We are convinced that this “less homework essay” will be welcomed by merely all students, even the ones who hate writing any sort of academic paper. This is a perfect time to fantasize a bit about how many other things they could manage if they had more time and fewer duties. If your teacher offers a free topic, opt for this one. Yet, you must be convincing and provide good reasons why students should be less work to do. If you have problems even with this topic, we can provide you with several great ideas, as well as offer useful writing tips. Read on, as this guide will be quite useful.

Why Can It Be Good to Do Less Homework?

Before you start to write a reasonable persuasive essay, you must be sure you know how to justify this uncommon topic. You must be convincing and offer sane facts. We can provide you with solid ideas that are reasonable and logical. These are as follows:

  • Vital health effects. One of the main benefits of having less work to do is the health effects of homework without overworking. 
  • More time for other skills. Another vital reason that will be surely welcomed by your teachers is to show that you will not play hooky when you get more free time. 
  • More time for fun and private life. Notwithstanding, you should be honest as well. Every teacher surely understands that youngsters commonly require more time to have fun and enjoy their lives to the fullest. There is nothing wrong with that. Just show that relaxation will give you more strength and enthusiasm to study harder because you are refreshed, and you enjoy important health effects. It justifies having some fun.

You can also suggest an alternative. Offer a homework group DP. Although your teachers surely assign some tasks that should be done in a small group, we don’t believe they do that too often. Insist on arranging more group homework tasks, and it may bring the desired benefits. It’s much easier and faster to learn with others. While some of the participants work over one part of the essay, you and others work over other parts. Thus, you save up tons of precious time for the positive effects mentioned above.

How to Write an Essay about Less Homework?

Now, let’s focus on less homework DP essay that you should write. Your first step is to select a good angle for your project. You have to select an interesting topic that will attract readers. Thus, you can write about more free time or positive health effects when students get fewer homework tasks.

The next thing to do is to gather evidence. Find proven facts about health effects, thoughts of psychologists who found that fewer tasks have positive effects on learners, and so on. Be sure you can support your theories and that the facts you use are trustworthy. Take notes and make bookmarks.

Then comes an outline. It’s a short plan of how your essay should be created and appear on paper. It should contain short descriptions of every part of your writing, offer solutions and tools to complete them, set realistic deadlines, and something of the kind.

The writing part always consists of three main parts. Let’s review them briefly to remind you of what their goals are:

  • Introduction. This part offers general facts about the topic. It should contain a “hook” to grab the attention of the readers. It also ends with a thesis statement. This sentence clarifies your choice of topic and explains its importance. The introduction is commonly 3–5 sentences long.
  • Main body. This is the largest part of any essay. It develops the main argument by offering sub-theses. Each paragraph supports one point at a time. If you provide more than one, it may confuse your readers. It negatively impacts the general readability of the text.
  • Conclusion. This part summarizes the whole essay. It consists of 3–5 sentences. The main aim is to restate the thesis statement, mention the most important outcomes, and explain their meaning in your own words.

Essential Tips to Follow When Writing an Essay

There are many interesting methods that can be useful in writing a less homework persuasive essay. We’d like to share them with you to make this process easier and faster. Here they are:

  • Make It Readable

It’s vital to write a clear and comprehensive text. You should not write too long sentences and paragraphs. It’s better to avoid jargon, clichés, slang, etc. Do not overuse the passive voice for an essay at any time. Make smooth and logical transitions from one part of your essay to another. Never write watery sentences. Never try to cram several sub-theses in one paragraph.

  • Support Your Ideas with Facts

You should always back up your ideas and suggestions. Every sub-thesis you provide must be supported with a good example that was formed on the basis of the official evidence. Your examples must be reasonable and clear. In the meanwhile, you should not over-explain something you are trying to support. One example per idea will be sufficient.

  • Use Technology

Don’t forget that technology is a mighty all if it’s used correctly. There are tons of helpful learning apps that control a lot of processes and fulfill various functions. For example, grammar checkers help to detect grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Editors help to boost the readability of the text. Plagiarism checkers help to avoid plagiarism, etc. These apps can be commonly used for free.

  • Read Examples

Learn from successful students. Find similar essays written by others. Figure out the way they managed to cover this topic excellently and use the most effective tips and tricks. There are many free samples you can find on the Internet.

The Helpfulness of Custom Writing Agencies

If you feel you cannot write a “less homework essay,” you can leave this matter to professionals. There are many effective custom writing agencies with gifted writers. They are able to cover any essay topic, including this one. It is fun to realize that their assistance can help you to get rid of some portions of your homework tasks.

So, what can a professional and skilled writer do for an ordinary schooler or college student? To cut it – anything. If you need more details, we are happy to provide them as well. First of all, you will be treated individually. It means you can contact your helper directly and count on being heard. Provide demands and adjustments. They all will be fulfilled if possible. You only need to schedule your active chat hours to get the latest news and thus control the way your project is tackled. The experts can:

  • Write and rewrite
  • Cite and make references
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  • Research and outline, etc.

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All the projects are 100% unique and readable. Professionals know how to avoid plagiarism of any kind. If any of its elements are spotted, they are reworked and eliminated from the text instantly. You can also ask for help with formatting in any academic writing style.

The prices are quite low. Of course, it’s better to study the current market and identify the average price. Thus, you will know whether a certain writing agency offers a fair price. It sometimes happens that the price difference is huge. In the meanwhile, the quality is equally high. Therefore, it makes little sense to pay more when you get the same quality and save up your money. It’s also crucial to find the agencies that offer discounts and refunds. These conveniences help to ensure your investments and save more.

Summing Up the Article

Having less homework is a dream merely every, if not all young learners. If you cannot enjoy this opportunity, you can at least fantasize about it in your essay. We have provided good reasons why students should have more free time. Use our suggestions to write a great persuasive essay, and perhaps your teacher will not assign a new essay next time.

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