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Prepare for College Abroad in High School: After School Programs Alternatives to Boost Your Chances

College Abroad in High SchoolThe 2017 statistic on international students in the USA says that there are 1.18 million of foreign learners in the American educational institutions. 1.18 million, Carl! If so many people can learn English to the point of being accepted to the foreign university and assimilate in the American environment, don’t tell us you can’t! It’s just that you need a proper approach being still in high school: after school programs are great, but if you can plan your time more efficiently and prepare better for studying abroad, our alternatives will certainly bring you more benefits. Read further and see it for yourself. Continue reading

Best Online Colleges to Consider in 2018

Best Online Colleges 2018A college degree is the best way to boost your career and get the desired income. However, work, geography or family problems can make you feel like the college programs are simply beyond your reach. But the great news is that technology is on your side! Today, you can earn the desired degree while you’re taking care of your family or working full-time.

More and more college students are opting to online colleges than ever before. According to the Pew Research Center survey, 58% of colleges that provide their students with web courses grant degrees for which one can accomplish all work…online! Explore the best online colleges ranking based on student reviews and key statistics provided by the Department of Education of the US. Continue reading

Amazingly Weird Courses for College that SHOULD Be Taught!

Weird Courses for CollegeA lot of liberal arts schools offer a great assortment of topics that college students have a chance to study before the degree day. There, no student is allowed to graduate without taking such courses as “The Global Warming” or “Philosophy and Pre-Civil War.” At the same time, larger educational institutions  can boast of a broad range of courses that everyone is welcome to take, including ESL students. According to the research conducted by the Center for Adult English Language Acquisition, adult ESL learners comprise a great part of the education population in the USA. For that reason, the college courses are the best way possible to boost one’s language level. Continue reading

Basic Requirements for College: Ensure You’re a Good Fit!

Basic Requirements for CollegeLeaving home to attend college is a serious decision to make, but leaving sweet home to travel to the far-and-away land to study can be even scarier! Do you have a dream to study in the United States of America? That’s quite praiseworthy, you know. But before you enter the educational institution for the first time, you need to find out what the admission officials and specialists expect from every potential student, who is ready to go a long way toward moving from the freshman to a graduate of a trusted school. Continue reading

Top 3 Reasons for Boulder Students to Spend Time in the Fresh Air

Boulder StudentsWorking on a college degree, especially in a prestigious location like Boulder’s branch of the University of Colorado, really does not leave time for many extracurricular activities.

Between stressing out over the next assignment due and feeling drained when you finally have a moment to yourself, there simply does not seem to be any energy left to try something different. But you need to step outside the dorms. You should to breathe in the fresh air. And where better to do that than beautiful Boulder, Colorado? Continue reading

The Great Parks and Nature Attractions for Students in Ithaca

Students in IthacaIthaca has beautiful nature and parks, which are a great find for the students of the Cornell University. Moreover, apart from being beautiful, the place is filled with many student attractions like a museum, parks, waterfalls, botanical gardens, and nature center preserves, etc.

It would be a crime not to visit at least some places of interest if you’re a student in Ithaca. Here are top parks and nature attractions that you should consider. Continue reading

Bored? Enjoy Sales for UCLA and USC Students

Sales for UCLA and USC StudentsStudent’s life is full of new experiences, new friends, and exciting events. Sometimes, you have fun every day. But sometimes, boredom eats your brain out, and you can’t  find any interesting places to visit with your friends. Stop worrying! We did a research and found a collection of places that would make your life – and of any UCLA and USC student – brighter.

Royce Hall

Royce Hall presents many possibilities to get a portion of new emotions, relax and find new ideas for the education. We gathered few interesting performances with special discount offers for UCLA students. Price for all of them is $25. Continue reading

Top 2017 Colleges with Creative Writing Majors in the USA

Top Colleges with Creative Writing MajorsSo, you want to opt for a creative writing major in the USA. This is a great choice and it doesn’t matter what you really want to do with it – becoming a writer, doctor or engineer – it will be useful in the everyday life because you learn to express your thoughts and opinions. But returning to the career of a writer, you should know that an average salary for this field ranges from $40 000 to $90 000/year.

There are a lot of possibilities for a degree holder like that, especially in marketing and advertising spheres. So, if you are really interested in these domains, check out the list of top 2017 colleges with creative writing majors for international students. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Buy an Accident Report and Use it as a Sample

Imagine waking up in an unknown surrounding and having barrels of foreign words being thrown at you. You don’t know where the bus stop is, which place serves the best coffee, and what are the things that can probably land you in jail. The pitfall is that you do not even know anyone who can answer all these questions for you. In short, you are simply bamboozled by everything in your life. To make your day even more eventful, the professor has handed you a writing assignment in the class called an accident report. Few months down the road and the same assignment will be just another task in your to-do list but for now, it is the one and only thing you will be stressing over.

In a situation like this, most international students find writing agencies (online, of course) and pay them big, valuable bucks to help with the reports. This idea is splendid, but not always within the pocket. We have a better idea: you can simply buy accident report and use it as a sample for your first assignment as this will do you plenty of good. Here are five of them. Continue reading

10 Train-ups to Improve Your English Presentation Skills

English Presentation SkillsUniversities will most likely make you give a presentation on a weekly basis.

These presentations will be worth a lot of points in your course, so it is very important to be an expert at giving them. If you are not an expert, you need to brush up on your skills. Take a look at some tips to help you improve your English presentation skills!

1. Listen to Other Presentations

Watching other presentations can provide you with great notes to apply to your presentation. You can also watch how the presenter carries him or herself so you can pick up on positive presentation gestures. Continue reading

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