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3 Most Important Basics of a Normal Chest X-Ray Report Sample

An X-ray report is the most important and widely used method of communication between the radiologist and the referring physician. The direct communication may be possible sometimes, but if one has to resort to it, it most likely means that the radiologist didn’t do his job properly. As you may see, learning how to write it is a crucial part of a radiologist’s job; and in order for you to better understand how it is done, we’ve prepared a set of basics of how to write a normal chest x ray report sample which you can refer to for guidelines.

1. Two Approaches

The details may be different depending on the type of X-ray you work on, but some underlying principles are universal and unchanging. There are two basic approaches to the structure of a normal chest report: the first and most popular format consists of discussion and impression. In discussion, you present your findings, describe and evaluate them. In impression, you draw conclusions based on the facts and present your diagnosis.

The less widely used format also consists of two parts: diagnosis and discussion. As you may see, the methods are reverses of each other, and both have their pros and cons. The first method allows for logical organization of material and well-backed conclusions, but forces the physician to read it in its entirety to get to the important part. The second one presents the most important information first and supporting facts later.

2. Brevity

In the long run, it doesn’t matter which method you use as long as you follow certain principles the most important of them being brevity. Physicians don’t want to read long and complicated descriptions of your findings. They want as much information as possible in as few words as possible. If a clinician encounters a wordy description, his attention may waver, resulting in missed information. It concerns not only the overall length of the report and covering of insignificant details, but the way you choose words and construct sentences. Avoid unnecessary words and wordy sentence structures. Trim all the fat you can trim, leaving only really important data.

3. Important Findings First

Present the most important findings first, both in the report in general and in every particular sentence. For example, never write something like “Normal except for degenerative changes in the thoracic spine” – the clinician reading the report may notice normal and stop at that, considering that there is nothing more to it. X-ray reports are often read in tense atmosphere, and physicians are often pressed for time. Therefore, the less possibilities there are for mistakes in communication, the better.

Be as precise as possible. If something can be measured on your X-ray sample, do it. If it isn’t possible, at least provide qualifiers: severe, insignificant, noticeable.

In the long run, an X-ray report should be only a few very exact, curt sentences accompanying the X-ray per se. It may seem that they don’t require a lot of expertise to write – however, removing everything that is unnecessary and leaving only the crucial information requires a lot of skill.

3 Baptism Speeches Samples That Will Save You at the Most Crucial Moment!

In your life, you will face situations when you will need to come up with an impromptu speech. While in some cases, you will be able to bail out of public speaking, baptism of a child certainly isn’t one. Being a godfather or a godmother itself can give you some worries. Combine it with public speaking, and it can become really frightening. Still, with our little help, you can overcome the anxiety and find the right words for this wonderful occasion.

What Should Be Included in Your Baptism Speech

When you are delivering a christening speech, a general advice would be to say everything that comes from your heart. Though, you can always follow some universal tips below:

  • thank the people who are present at the ceremony;
  • say some good things about those who are close to your godchild, especially his or her parents;
  • focus on your godchild by wishing him or her well in the future and talking about the positive moments in the present;
  • use humor: it helps a lot, not just to make the speech more interesting for others, but to reduce your anxiety as well;
  • end your speech with a toast to show your good intentions;
  • do not read the speech from the paper, but rather use brief cue cards not to leave out anything significant;
  • and, finally, keep your baptism speech short and concise.

1. A Thank-You Speech

You can build your speech around thanking everyone who has come to the christening, including the parents, grandparents, and friends. Make sure that you don’t forget anyone important. While it might be an impromptu speech, it’s always good to make a list of the people in advance.

Thank you all for coming here on this day. Thanks to the parents who gave birth to such a wonderful child, so that we can all cheer for little Annie today. I want to express special thanks to all who came a long way to share our joy. Thanks to the priest for this wonderful ceremony and warming our hearts with his inspiring words.

2. A Compliment to the Parents

By complimenting parents of your godchild, say how loving and caring they are, and how happy you are to know them. It would be great to support your words with anecdotes and to mention a few situations when you especially admired them. Mention other family members and compliment them too, to show what a big and amazing family your godchild is lucky to have.

We have come here together because of Annie and her wonderful parents who brought her into the world. Although Annie is too little yet, I’m sure she sees what a great family she has. Your love to her is strong, and the support that you are showing now will be appreciated by her always.

3. High Hopes for Your Godchild’s Future

Here, you should tell people how unique the baby is and what good features he/she already demonstrates: quick mind, curiosity, or optimism. Talk about the bright future that awaits him or her, based on your observations and hopes.

Annie, I want to say that we all are here because we love you so much. Although you are new in our family, you have already won our hearts with your beautiful smile and wonderful laugh, and your ingenuous curiosity for this world. We all cheer for you today and wish you nothing but joy in life and a long, exciting, and promising journey!

Of course, this is not all you can say at the christening ceremony. While you can take the examples above and use them, we encourage you to add something personal. If you are in doubt, just look at your godchild once again and let the words stream from your heart.


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Business Article Review: What, Why, How?

Business Article Review

The point of writing a review of a business article is to give yourself a chance to analyze, discuss, and share your critiques about a particular business article. Reviews of business articles offer insightful viewpoints, add to the current conversation in business, and help others make well-informed decisions. In this guide, I’ll be using the article “How Apple Is Organized for Innovation” by Joel M. Podolny and Morten T. Hansen as an example to writing a review of a business article. I’ll use their article to create short and to-the-point examples for each point, just to give you a general idea of how reviews of business articles can be written.

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Sample Business Analysis Paper

Business Analysis Report

In today’s ever-changing business world, research and analysis play a pivotal role in comprehending the operational dynamics of major players in the industry. By delving deep into the inner workings of organizations, you can gain invaluable insights that drive informed decision-making and foster business success! Whether you’re an analyst, a stakeholder, or just a curious individual seeking to explore the world of business, this article is written for you!

I will lay out and explain the components of a business analysis paper, both in a general context and with specific examples by using Google. Everyone knows Google has immense influence in all things technology and more, which is why it serves as a perfect subject for analysis. I also think it’d be interesting to get a glimpse of this tech giant’s machinations. Continue reading

Business Analysis Example: Swot Analysis For Google

Dhirubhai Ambani quotes that if you do not structure your vision, someone else will charter you to actualize theirs. This inspiration has single-handedly led to millions of businesses being inaugurated worldwide. The structure of the economic industry that allows the provision of commodities to humans is based on the existence of businesses. Through businesses, people acquire and satisfy their critical needs as well as make a profit. However, an accurate business analysis must be bracketed for any business to succeed. This article outlines the basics of business analysis, the steps for its achievement, and a related example.

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How to Write a Scholarly Essay to Get an A+ Grade?

All students have to write a great variety of academic papers. It goes beyond all doubt that essays are the most popular and frequently assigned types. There are several types and various sub-types of essays. Each has its own goal and demands. One of the most challenging types is surely a scholarly essay.

This one is based on scientific research. You are obliged to use proven informative sources that can support your theory and claims. You simply cannot write out of your head or use blogs of various authors who are not competent in the field you study. It’s a pretty long process, but it cannot be ignored. Otherwise, your essay will be worth nothing, and you will be deprived of all grades. This guest post clarifies how you can cope with this challenge with excellence.

How to Write a Scholarly Essay: The First Steps

The process of scholarly writing consists of many steps, and each is important in its unique way. First of all, you need to give to the preliminary stage. Begin by asking yourself. You should answer three main questions – How? Why? What? More specifically, check here:

  • How should I disclose the topic?
  • Why is it important?
  • What do my readers expect to find in my text?

After you get the answers, you will know what to look for and how to disclose your findings to your readers. You need to understand their potential needs and desires. Check the current niche in the direction you need to cover. It may be technology, marketing, literature, etc. What are the most popular topics? Narrow down your choice to them and study what could be used in your essay.

The topic must suit the needs of your target audience. Make sure you find enough facts about it. If you cannot disclose it entirely, you will have to opt for another topic or at least reshape it a bit to be sure it fits your findings. It’s better to take notes and make online bookmarks when you research. Thus, you will never miss or lose something vital.

After you get enough facts, think about how and where to use them in your text. Many students ask “how to write a scholarly essay” because they come up with no plan. The right outline helps to track what must be done, when, and how. It should contain such essentials like:

  • Vital points in the text.
  • Clear timeframes.
  • Effective tools and methods.
  • Short descriptions of all actions.

Every time you forget what comes next, take a look at your plan. It will give the answer immediately, and you will not lose precious time.

Scholarly Essay: The Writing and Post-Writing Stages

When you go to the writing stage of a scholarly essay, you need to write 3 major parts of it. These are the introduction, main plot, and conclusion. These parts are familiar to all students but some of them aren’t quite sure what exactly should be done and what goals should be reached in them. We offer short and plain descriptions.

The intro to your essay is very short. It takes about 3-5 sentences only. Yet, it is significant because it’s supposed to ignite the desire to read what comes next. It’s recommended to use a special hook that draws the attention of a reader. It may be:

  • Anecdote
  • Shocking statement
  • Citation
  • Rhetoric questions, etc.

You should always finish your introduction with a thesis statement. This is only one sentence, but its significance is decisive. This sentence explains to your readers why you have chosen the topic and why it is important.

The rest of the text “dances” around your thesis statement. The main plot should develop it by offering various examples and using sub-theses. Each paragraph is dedicated to a specific issue that helps to understand your topic better.

The conclusion summarizes the whole work. It is also only 3-5 sentences long. It must restate the thesis statement, outline the most significant findings, and interpret them in your own vision. If you did not manage to find something, don’t be afraid to confess it. You can research it in the next essay.

Do not think that finishing writing means the job is done. It’s not so because you should revise your own text. No one is perfect, and there are surely at least grammar mistakes. Besides, you may see that something does sound natural, or you want to add a few more ideas. The revision stage perfectly suits such cases.

You need to reread the paper at least 2-3 times if you can. Thus, you increase the chance of spotting if something is wrong. Use various revision methods to ensure better results. One of the best ones is to apply technology. Use various checkers to see if you’ve missed grammar mistakes or if the readability of the text should be enhanced.

What Is a Scholarly Essay and What Mistakes Should Be Avoided?

So, what is a scholarly essay? This is a special essay type that demands a writer to use only officially verified informative sources. If one does not do that, one risks providing irrelevant data that cannot be trusted. Thus, the whole text goes a mess. This is one of the most terrible mistakes a writer can make. Yet, there are many others.

To be sure you will not repeat the common mistakes, you need to memorize them. We have decided to add the list of the most typical kinds of mistakes made by millions of students from all over the globe. Make allowances for them here below:

  • The wrong lexicon. Many students use the wrong language. The one that does not belong to the topic. However, a more frequent mistake is to use slang, jargon, and technical terms. They do not sound scholarly at all and thus spoil everything.
  • Too long sentences and paragraphs. Many folks want to explain what they mean and do not watch how hard it may be to read what they write. Too long sentences make readers forget what was at the beginning when they read to the end, especially if the explanations are complicated. Too long paragraphs lower the attention of a reader, and he/she automatically misses a lot of vital points.
  • Abrupt transitions. A lot of issues begin when students go from one paragraph to another. They do that illogically. They may not finish the idea of the previous part and go explain a new one. In the meanwhile, there is no logical connection between them. At times, students simply lack the so-called linking words to make it look natural.
  • Overuse of the passive voice. Another popular mistake is to use too many passive constructions, and it is related to the issue of length too. The passive voice needs more words to be finished compared to the active voice. Thus, you make everything longer. Besides, the active voice makes every text livelier and more dynamic thanks to the words it commonly uses.
  • Frequent repetitions. Many students cannot notice that they reuse the same words and even phrases a lot of time in their texts. It’s a serious mistake because such an essay is supposed to impress readers with vivid language. If you cannot find synonyms, you spoil the general impression of your text.
  • Watery sentences. Another common mistake is writing the so-called “watery sentences.” These are the ones that have no relation to the topic of your essay. They show that you don’t really know what to tell your readers. You must always be straight to the point!

How Can a Custom Writing Service Help?

Why is scholarly writing important? First of all, it’s one of your common and regular duties that helps to earn grades and thus improve your academic rating. Secondly, it helps to develop a curious researcher in you. Thirdly, it develops various skills when you complete it. Fourthly, you learn something new when you cover every new topic.

This assignment type isn’t always easy to complete. When you feel you cannot handle it on your own, it may be the right time to look for professional aid. There are many reliable custom writing services with outstanding writers, proofreaders, and editors. These are verified and skilled professionals who know how to write any academic paper, including a scholarly essay.

All the orders are individual. It means you can contact your writer directly to discuss the best way of completing your paper. Get instant feedback and recommendations to write a perfect scholarly essay and get an A+ grade.

Final Words and Conclusions

A scholarly essay is one of the compulsory elements of every curriculum in US schools, colleges, and universities. If you cannot handle all its types properly, you will surely lose a lot of important grades. That is why you should use the tips and tricks provided in our article. They are universal and suit any of them. Use them wisely, and your chance for success will sufficiently increase.

What Are the Benefits and Importance of Stress Management Essay?

Our life is full of all kinds of stress. Not all people know that stress can be positive too. For example, your birthday, party, or other pleasant events are actually positive stress. Yet, we surely mean something negative when we use the word “stress”. Students can tell you a lot of their negative experiences. It goes beyond all doubt that the process of learning is already a huge reason for feeling stressed.

Every student has to work hard to meet all the deadlines, satisfy all the requirements, and so on. When a student cannot meet something demanding or is under constant pressure, he or she inevitably feels stress that has negative outcomes for his or her mental stability. It’s necessary to overcome it as fast and effectively as possible. One of the best ways to reach this aim is to write a stress management essay or even several of them. How can it help? Our comprehensive blog post reveals this interesting secret.

Stress Management Essay and How It Helps Students

You surely wonder why the title of this article is so strange. How can a stress management essay help to cope with it? Well, it offers various solutions to the very problem of stress, as well as makes you more educated on this matter to avoid it or solve it if you already face it. Let’s check it in more detail.

  • Helping yourself. Your “How to manage stress essay” can be very helpful to you and others. When you highlight this topic, you surely have to research it to find out what methods of treating and preventing stress exist. It’s vital information because you know the official solutions that were tested by scientists. As a result, you figure out how to handle the issues you’re facing at the moment.
  • Helping others. In the meanwhile, it is helpful for other people who may read your essay. They will also learn vital tips and recommendations on stress management to use for their own sake.
  • Meeting your learning aims. Finally, your “How to manage stress as a student essay” also helps to meet your academic aims. Every essay is rewarded with the grades you deserve. When you make the right research on this vital topic and cover it clearly, you surely get an A+ grade for every such project. Thus, your academic rating improves too.

As you can see, there are 3 important benefits. It really makes sense to cover this crucial topic.

How to Manage Stress Essay: The Preliminary Stage?

Now, we should go to the part when you need to complete an essay on stress management. Everything starts from the preliminary stage, which commonly consists of topic selection, the research of the main question, and outlining.

You should understand that the topic “stress management” is too broad. Even if you need to write a dissertation on it, the topic must be narrowed down to a more specific aim. For example, you may choose something like this:

  • The latest methods of treating stress. – It focuses on what was discovered recently.
  • The best methods to prevent stress. – This one focuses only on prevention methods and does not deal with what to do when you already have stress.
  • How did people treat stress in the 19th century? – This is when you focus on a concrete timeframe, and no need to check other periods.

These examples clearly show that the broad topic is much narrowed down, and you discover only something specific.

The importance of in-depth research is hard to underestimate. No scientific paper can do without it. Otherwise, it has no sense as it is not confirmed officially. So, you need to find the official studies on this subject to use in your explanations and reasoning. Prove scientifically that your theory is effective. Use only trustworthy informative sources.

You already realize that the importance of stress management essay is huge for every learner. To make things run smoother and faster, make a plan. It should include all the steps you need to undertake to write and revise the paper. Set aims, deadlines, methods, and tools. Add short descriptions to every step. Thus, you will organize the whole process of writing to never delay when you wonder what comes next.

When you describe the ways to overcome stress for students essay, you will surely find a lot of helpful facts. We’d like to help you a bit. We offer our own findings on this matter. There are several proven methods that help to manage stress quite fast and effectively. These are as follows:

  • Use your time reasonably. When students are pressed for time, they get a lot of stress as it tells them – You must speed up! It won’t do! You need to set realistic deadlines, as well as schedule the whole week or even month. Be sure you take into account all the tasks, even non-academic, because you still need them done. Define how to complete all of them on time and avoid stress.
  • Make regular breaks. When you complete your assignments, be sure to take regular but short breaks. They should last for about 10-15 minutes per 2 hours. It helps to relax your mind and recharge energy.
  • Sleep well. You need to sleep from 8 to 11 hours daily! If you don’t, your brain will get exhausted very soon, and you will be very slow or stupid. As a result, stress will appear again.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle. A lot of stress is induced by the wrong way of life. These are unhealthy food, little time to sleep and rest, bad habits, etc.
  • Listen to music. You can relax your brain if you listen to your favorite music. It had been proved a long time ago that music therapy helps one to become calmer and improve focus, thinking, and memory. Some students manage to do definite assignments while they are listening to music.
  • Practice journaling. A similar method to music therapy is writing therapy. Here you get a lot of options. This can be writing a letter to your friends, enemies, outstanding personalities, or even to yourself (now or in 10 years), as well as simply having a diary. When you reveal what is hidden inside your heart on paper, you get vital relief.
  • Practice deep breathing. The simplest method to reduce stress is to breathe deeply. Many people underestimate its importance and effectiveness. They are totally wrong! Only 15 minutes of deep breathing in the morning helps to get rid of stress and have a positive tone for the rest of the day.

Essay On Stress Management: The Writing Stage

When you write about how to manage stress at work essay or while learning, you still need to follow the same procedure of covering the topic. You already have a plan, and all its recommendations and instructions must be followed in the writing part of the project. There are 3 main elements of every essay. These are:

  • Introduction. This is the beginning of your story. It should contain an attention grabber that interests readers in what you are going to reveal in the main body. It may be a citation, anecdote, and so on. Just make it interesting and uncommon. Always end the introduction with a thesis statement. This is one sentence that clearly states the reason for starting this research and why it is important.
  • Main body. This is the largest part of any essay. It develops the thesis statement. It should be divided into several logically constructed paragraphs. Each is supposed to cover one sub-thesis at a time. All sub-theses should be related to the main argument of your essay. Make smooth transitions to unite various parts of the text logically.
  • Conclusion. You should end your “stress in students life essay” comprehensively. It should restate the main thesis, outline the main findings, and explain them to your readers. Be sure it’s no longer than 3-5 sentences.

Importance of Stress Management Essay and How to Revise It

The last stage of your “manage stress essay” is to revise it properly. You need to be sure that it is readable and free of mistakes. Thus, it’s recommended to undertake special editing and proofreading measures. Here are the most effective and widely used tips and tricks:

  • Reread your student stress essay twice or thrice (if possible).
  • Read in your head and use your voice.
  • Read from the last sentence to the first sentence.
  • Ask someone competent to check your paper.
  • Use various checking tools, like grammar checkers and editors.

The Bottom Line

If you write an essay on how to manage stress, you reap 3 vital benefits. You study a vital issue to help yourself and others in conquering stress, as well as reach your academic aims at the same time. Use the tips we’ve provided above on stress management to get rid of it and tell about the others. Don’t forget to use other tips to be sure you can write this captivating essay properly.

Essay on Art Movements: Exploring the Evolution of Creativity

An essay on art movements is an academic paper that discusses the evolution of art over time. This type of essay provides a comprehensive analysis of different art styles, trends, and movements, exploring their origins, development, and influence on contemporary art. Writing an essay on art movements is an excellent way to gain insight into the world of art and its impact on society. In this article, we will provide 15 topic ideas for essays on art movements, along with brief overviews of what could be discussed within each topic. Whether you are an art student or have a passion for the arts, these sample topics and examples can inspire your next essay on art movements. Continue reading

Business Agreement Template

Business Agreement TemplateBusiness, first of all, concerns interaction between one company and another. Signing a collaborate business agreement template is an integral part of entrepreneurship. There are little to no businesses that can afford to be self-sustainable in terms of supply and production. Whether it concerns the manufacture of goods or providing services, business always involves multiple parties. As a result, two or more parties that are involved in a certain enterprise are required to gather and negotiate conditions that would be beneficial to each of them. This requirement has created the necessity of the widely known formality which is associated with business: signing business agreement template. Continue reading

Business Agreement Sample

Business Agreement SampleBusiness is all about meeting the right people at the right time and working out conditions that would be beneficial for all parties. That is why signing business agreement sample is a crucial part of entrepreneurship. Such agreements allow defining the actual terms on which two or more interested parties will collaborate for the mutual benefit. While one would think that businessmen are the only ones who sign these on a regular basis, business agreement sample is actually a very common document that people encounter in day-to-day life.  Furthermore, a student participating in the course of Business Studies is surely bound to be assigned the task of developing his or her own business agreement sample in order to become acquainted with the basics and craft of successful entrepreneurship.  Continue reading

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