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How to Write a Professional Report

Professional Report WritingEvery person throughout the lifetime may be required to present certain information or findings in the structure of the professional report. The main feature of such paper is the organization of the work that enables any reader to look for the specific topics, headed within the body of the report. In order to make out how to write a professional report, it is necessary to research the needed topic and make sure to have relevant information about the selected issue. Professional reports are assessed by the opportunity of the writer to follow the organizational requirements while filling the content with engaging, formally written information. Professional reports are usually characterized by the visual documents applied within the report.

The actual processes of writing a professional report demands prior planning and consideration of the following necessary points: Continue reading

English Help Online 101 – Benefit from the Internet at the Max

English Help Online 101Are you looking for ways to improve your English language skills? Do you want to prepare for studies that will be taught in English? Or are you already an international student at one of the US colleges? In any case, you need to think about English for reasons you know and have heard many times. Of course, you can attend special schools for foreign students, hire a personal tutor and spend loads of money on exchange programs. But there are much easier (and cheaper) ways to polish your language skills, especially in the era of the Internet. We offer you to check out various options to get English help online at an affordable price or even for free. Believe us, you’ll open a whole new world for yourself ☺ Continue reading

How to Write a Presentation

Presentation WritingWriting a presentation is a challenging task, especially once it concerns the need of addressing the public with information. Oral presentations always require prior planning in writing in order for the speaker to be successful during the event. Acquiring basic skills how to write a presentation will assist in the understanding of such necessary steps as ideas, outlines or proof-check relate to every piece of writing. Presentations help identify the main points from the information available, making it easier for the public to process it.

What to start with before writing the presentation?

The primary notion that you need to take care off prior to the process of writing itself is an accumulation of ideas, information and relevant content. The research stage is the most significant one, as the judgment of the public is focused more on the quality of the speech rather than the form of the presentation. Continue reading

How to Write an Article Review

Article Review WritingAn article review is an academic work that is usually designed to evaluate students’ analytical skills.

In order to write a proficient article review, it is crucial to remember that the review is the piece of writing that implies both the summary of information and its analysis. The article review has a purpose of providing a compressed representation of ideas described in the article with the evaluation of the ideas’ objectivity and the relevance for studying a topic. It is important to understand major points of how to write an article review in order to critically reproduce the author’s thoughts in a logical and comprehensive manner.

It is crucial to clearly determine the components of the article review. Generally, the regular article review includes following parts: Continue reading

How to Write a Case Study on a Patient

Case Study on a PatientEvery professional in the clinical practice should be aware of the guidelines for writing a case study on a patient. Such case studies do not provide guiding rules for the supervision of the successful patients within the practice. On the contrary, each case study on a patient provides a record of the health care interactions aimed at the supportive rigorous set of clinical studies.  Explication about how to write a case study on a patient is a valuable source of information, which represents a teaching material for the further students and professionals in the industry. It combines unique presentations that any practitioner may confront. Field practitioners provide the immense contribution to the science by detailing their experience in the actual interaction with patients.

For the purpose of writing a case study on a patient, each person should consider guidelines that relate to the specific structure as well as the content of the final work. A case study within such field of recommendations is most importantly a chronological notice of the progress that the patient has made during a certain period of time. Continue reading

How to Write a Chapter Review from a Book

Chapter Review from a BookAmong manifold academic assignments, a book review is the one which confuses students because many of them do not distinguish summary and review that are not the same tasks. Therefore, those students who want to be proficient academic writers and successful students have to learn how to write a chapter review from a book. Book review is written in order to understand whether students are able to evaluate the content of a book critically. Students have to analyze a book based on the manner of writing, style, and content. It is significant to understand that it is not a simple summary of the text, but the evaluation of how the author supports own ideas, which tools uses for addressing readers. Moreover, students can express their personal opinion on a book and give some recommendations whether this book is worth reading. Continue reading

How to Write a Dissertation Title

Dissertation Title WritingThe dissertation title is the heading that the dissertation holds. The main purpose of the dissertation title is to inform the reader about the research conducted. Thus, the headline has to be concise and specific, it has to clearly inform about the topic of the research, reveal the used methods and resulting findings. The poorly constructed title can mislead the reader about the topic of the research and give the wrong impression. Thus, it is important to learn all tricks on how to write a dissertation title that would represent the content of the paper in the most effective manner.

In order to write a dissertation title, an author has to remember that title should consist of certain essential components by following the specific title structure. Therefore, the author needs to study the structure of scientific papers titles to learn how to provide similar informational background and style. Continue reading

4 Peachy Tips to Optimize Your English Bibliography Writing

English Bibliography WritingYou may have asked yourself about the purpose of bibliography for many times. Maybe you deal with it last of all (and often have problems because of that) since you don’t know the answer to that question. So, let’s try to find out what it’s really for.

You compile bibliography:

  • For the readers to know who or what you refer to in your paper;
  • For your supervisors to see what you base your research on and to evaluate the quality of your paper;
  • To avoid being accused of plagiarism.

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5 Signs You’ve Procrastinated with Your English Assignment till the Last Moment

English AssignmentThe American Psychological Association states that 80-95% of college students are heavy procrastinators. We have no doubt that you have engaged in this pleasant but stressful activity as well (otherwise you wouldn’t be here), and you know exactly how it feels when it’s 3 a.m. and you are writing an essay instead of sleeping because tomorrow is the due day. And if, on top of that, English is not your native language, the assignment may even take more time than you think and you may stake awake all night.

But this article is written not to state the obvious. Its aim is to help you determine when your procrastination spirit is taking over your reasonable self. So, let’s see what the symptoms are. Continue reading

How to Write a Law Case Study

Law Case StudyBeing a lawyer is a highly demanding job, as it requires constant communication, research and analysis of the provided judicial circumstances. Case studies are written on the behalf of the clients, explaining the setting and the reasons behind the parties in a suit. In order to know how to write a law case study, it is necessary to grasp the individual motivation, know the structure and the format of the case study. The main principle of such papers is to provide a brief that the professionals in the area would understand the main claims, facts, issues or holdings. Each law case study should abide the principles of logical sequence, inclusiveness and relevance to the described situation.

Law case study is a detailed formally written description of the occurred issue. It should be written objectively, providing only relevant information. In order to write a law case study, it is vital to prepare advanced research on the topic.

The following tripartite structure is usually applied to describe such cases: Continue reading