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3 Key Factors of a Powerful Speech Based on Martin Luther King Jr “I Have A Dream” Speech Video

Key Factors of a Powerful SpeechThe skill to speak in a clear, eloquent and convincing way in front of people is needed in the world today for everyone. For that reason, many institutions of learning intend to enable their students to practice in speaking. During the studies at college or university, public speaking is a regular activity for students, whether it is a presentation of a report in front of an audience or a discussion of any topic in a class.

Once Jerry Seinfeld said, “According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two! This means, to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy”. Feel such fear? Continue reading

3 Benefits of Marketing Writing: Why Marketers Need to Be Excellent Writers Today

Benefits of Marketing WritingAlmost every job requires the ability to communicate verbally and in a written form. Sounds strange that someone who is an adult can’t write? It’s not about a baby who can’t hold a pen yet. The issue is that most people can’t communicate ideas clearly and concisely.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 70.2% of employers want to see good written communication skills on college graduates’ resumes. You can say, “It is obvious that good writing skills are important when a job involves writing, like a journalist, teacher or copywriter.” Asking yourself, “Why should I develop writing skills being a marketer?” In this article you’ll find the answer to this question. Continue reading

8 Parts of Speech in English with Examples to Enhance Your Writing

Parts of Speech in EnglishWhether you’re a college freshman just out of high school or a senior who’s embarking on your first internship, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a major difference between writing for social media and writing for the classroom. But have you ever analyzed all of the parts that combine together to form its structure and tone?

When trying to improve your writing, it’s vital to look at the parts of speech in English with examples. You will be able to see the powerful impact of word choice along with the big picture of the qualities that comprise effective academic writing. Continue reading

Top 7 Health Issue Topics that will Shake the World and Your Teacher in 2018

Health Issue TopicsWhenever a new year is getting closer, we get used to hearing different predictions for the future. What will the year of 2018 bring to us concerning our health? There is no denying the fact that human health remains at the risk in spite of the technological progress in the 21st century. Moreover, new types of health issues become widely-spread.

Let’s have a close look at top 6 health topics that are intended to represent main health concerns in 2018 and can easily be included into your academic papers. Continue reading

A Detailed Mental Health Case Studies Manual: Prepare for the Project Proper

Mental Health Case StudiesSome time or other, in the study of Psychology or any mental health-related subject  students are required to write a case study. There is no specific definition of a case study. According to the article under the title “What is a case study?” in Evidence-Based Nursing, it can be described as a profound, systematic investigation of a single individual, group, community during which a researcher is supposed to examine data relating to several variable factors. Continue reading

A List of the Reliable Information Sources Used for Mental Health Topics

Mental Health TopicsIn different institutions of learning, students are required to write well-researched papers for which only topics vary. The paper requirements remain the same for each research topic – be well-analyzed and properly-covered. A mental health topic is no exception. In fact, not only the number of sources greatly influences a paper quality, but their credibility as well. Continue reading

6 Ultimate Places to Get Free Book Reviews for Your Book Report

Free Book Reviews for Book ReportSo, you’ve found yourself with a task to write a book review. Well, that’s not the best, but also not the worst case scenario in your academic career – believe us, professors can come up with much trickier assignments that are hard for American students, not mentioning the international ones. But keep your goose bumps under control – we are here to rescue your foreign student soul ☺

The bulkiest thing you need to do to write a book review is to read the actual book. Of course, you can get lucky and receive a short story for your paper, but as the name of the assignment suggests, you shouldn’t rely on luck too much. So, how can you come out dry in this situation? That’s right – use free book reviews websites to find all the information you need! They are useful because: Continue reading

Hot Tips On Creative Writing for GCSE

Creative Writing for GCSESome lucky students tend to say that creative writing is the easiest part of the English language GCSE. But the reality is that many (like, a lot!) boys and girls find it really tricky. According to the research “Academic Writing Difficulties of ESL Learners” conducted by The West East Institute, up to 77%  of  the  students  claimed  that  they  tend  to  check  carefully  the assignment requirements, but still they have problems with approaching a particular topic. Continue reading

Creative Writing: York University Writing Courses for ESL Students

Creative Writing Courses for ESL StudentsIf you happen to be an ESL student at York University and you’re not majoring in Literature or Creative Writing, the best way to go is to look for special courses available in your educational institution. At York University, the dreams really come true for those, who are passionate about writing! To meet your pressing need for a creative outlet, we’ve selected four courses provided at the university that every student who is writer at heart will be amazed with! Continue reading

Benefits of Writing a Term Paper in English

Writing a Term Paper in EnglishEnglish is not just something that belongs to the native speakers. It actually belongs to the world! Already used by nearly everybody on the globe, English enables one to enjoy a bunch of opportunities: an academic course or prestigious work abroad, the freedom to make friends and travel whenever you like. For English language learners, things don’t seem that simple.

Yes, learning the language that may be completely different from the one you speak can be a real disaster, but it is extremely valuable. English plays a great role in the world and your academic career in particular. For that reason, every essay, term paper or any other written assignment you’re required to write in English should be considered an opportunity to improve your language skills. Let’s just take a quick look at what writing a term paper in English can do for you. Continue reading

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