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7 Major Cities in the USA to Join a Course of Education and Start a Brilliant Career

Cities in the USA to Join a Course of EducationDetermining a course of education involves figuring out the best place to start studying. Often, the location of your college will answer the question of “Where will I live?” At the same time, you should remember that attending a college in any particular city does not mean that you’ll live there definitely.

It is worth to take a close look at a city where an institution of higher education is situated. Moreover, you should consider the job prospects within this city. Here’s a list from Study Portals with some possible options in the American cities.

1.  Chicago, Illinois

The University of Illinois and Loyola University are just a few educational institutions in the Windy City. There’s an ample opportunity to earn a business degree and obtain a job at any of the Fortune 500 companies located in Chicago, as mentioned in the Master Portal site. Plus, there’s also the Art Institute to consider.

2.  New York City, New York

This bustling metropolis is home to more college students than any other city in the U.S. This is not surprising to consider that there are 82 universities, including NYU, Hult International Business School, and Long Island University. Aside from business, you can also choose to pursue a degree in pre-med or pre-law before moving on to medical or law school.

3.  Boston, Massachusetts

If you look at, you will find a broad variety of schools. Some include fine arts colleges, like Berklee, and Longy School of Music. If you’re looking for the medical or technical field, then MIT or Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences are two viable options. And don’t forget that Boston is also home to Harvard. So, there are many institution choices with so many career choices in this area.

4.  Albuquerque, New Mexico

Again, from the sciences to the fine arts, you’ll find many choices of degree programs at the University of New Mexico. Specifically, this college is well-known for its pre-med program and medical school that partner with UNM Hospital and Presbyterian’s pediatric unit. Furthermore, in a growing city like Albuquerque, there are many job prospects in the research sector (Sandia and Los Alamos Labs located nearby), education, the medical field, and technology.

5.  Houston, Texas

When choosing your course of education, and you have an interest in the fossil fuel industry, then Houston is a good city to relocate according to Accredited Schools Online. Even with the fluctuation of the oil business, one can look to this city for positive job prospects in this career field since it is home of 40 firms that specialize in oil and gas exploration and production.

6.  Tampa, Florida

Tampa is known for its opportunities in business and industry as described on Study Portals. The University of Tampa’s site lists many business-related degree programs, including Management, International Business, Advertising, and Entrepreneurship. You’ll also find openings in the many corporate headquarters that are located in this city. And they actively recruit! Don’t miss this opportunity.

7.  Seattle, Washington

Seattle, according to Indeed, was ranked one of the top cities for career opportunities in technology. Plus, you’ll find no shortage of opportunities with top corporations, like Microsoft, Starbucks, and Amazon. The University of Washington, Goddard College, and Antioch University are just a few that offer degree plans in Business, Healthcare, Education, IT, and Aeronautic Science for a well-rounded course of education.

All in all, your course of education will rely on your interests in a particular field but having more information on different locations in the U.S., along with what they have to offer, will help in this important life decision. Besides, remember we are always ready to help you with your homework after you’re admitted to the university of your dream.

IT Jobs USA Employment Tendencies: What to Expect?

IT Jobs USA EmploymentAfter completing all your studies and meeting all the requirements to gain a diploma or degree, you might still wonder whether or not your study field has a positive job outlook.  There are a number of career areas with great potential for the growth, such as healthcare and education. However, the tech field is growing today. And if you look at the recent trends, you will see that there is a high demand in almost all sectors for technical support personnel. Continue reading

3 Spheres (or 15 Jobs) for Student Paid Internships NOT in Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel: Sin City Edition

Student Paid InternshipsWhat comes to your mind when you think about earning some extra money in Las Vegas? Of course, the first thing that pops in your head is a waiter, then casino dealer, hotel receptionist, etc. Why? Because you are not that confident in your own skills, especially as an international student in a foreign country, and reckon that you may not be able to find a normal job that is related to your college major. Well, maybe you are right on this one as you don’t have enough knowledge or experience yet, but there is a better way out of this situation that can bring you much more benefits – a paid internship. Continue reading

Can’t Find Your Place in a Foreign Country? Try a Career Personality Quiz: Free Access

Abroad, overseas, foreign, or just out of country is not ambitious enough as an answer for your career. Yes, you want to go abroad and it sounds cool and à la mode, but just willing does not guarantee a good career. Not every state in the USA is the best for every profession, and not every profession is good for you because you come from that one state of the USA. Does it make  any sense? We hope it does, because that would mean you will search your options carefully, before embarking on your journey. So, what is your real calling?

In the 19th century, answering this question might have been a real challenge, but lucky we are, the internet is your fortune, because it has made available for us a career personality quiz, free of cost. Continue reading

Career for My Personality or 4 Books to Find Your Place under the Sun

“Travel often; getting lost will help you find yourself” – Holstee Manifesto

It is a known and established fact that it is only when we get miles away from expectations and from watchful eyes of our adults and find ourselves amidst all kinds of new people with different personalities, different hobbies and face with so many choices, we really get to ask ourselves the question, “Who am I? What is the right career for my personality?

Something similar is experienced by international students and it takes them to an entirely different part of the world, and far away from home to find their true calling in life. However, such a critical decision is not something that can be taken from listening to advice and giving into peer pressure, but rather, it can be reached by putting your nose in a book, one that will help you choose your ultimate career path. The following books will help students – whether they are in their first semester, final year or have already graduated and planning to settle down in this foreign country – choose the right career path that aligns perfectly with their personality. Continue reading

Battle of the Year: Make Money Blogging vs Make Money Tutoring

While local money from parents might seem a blessing to many area-based hometown college students, international students don’t exactly have the same luxury. When things go wrong, walking to mom’s house might be a little harder when it involves crossing an ocean.

For this reason among others, international students often struggle making extra money on the side to pay for the explosively rising tuition rates and side expenses academia include. But there are many different outlets for students to accomplish this, and the list encompasses plenty of different skills. Continue reading

10 Pros and Cons of Career Courses for International Students


Being a student is like walking in the fog; you just never know what is going to be with you when it clears. But, that is child’s play compared to being a student in a foreign country, where you are simply trying to herd cats.

And that is not an exaggeration, especially if a student has been trying to pull several tricks at once, like trying to take time out for a job, attending classes, studying for the said classes, being social, and trying to get some sleep. While all the other things are a part and a parcel of being a student, taking responsibility and getting a job at such a tender age might be a bit cruel.

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5 Best Sales Careers for College Students

So, you are in the last term of your studies and looking out for potential careers you can opt for? Superb, you have just landed on the right page!

There’s no doubt that this world is full of opportunities for people who are willing to achieve big in life (we are sure you are one of those). But getting opportunities does not mean grabbing anything whatever comes first in front of you, right? You need to sit back, relax and think what’s best for you and what’s not.

Okay, enough of the mystery now! Moving on the main topic of which career you should opt for. Well, sales industry is the answer, hands down! Sales careers have been booming for quite a while now. People are opting for a variety of sales careers regardless of their field of study.
Before you start racking your brains, let’s begin with the 5 best sales careers that we have short-listed for you!

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7 Best Paying Writing Jobs You Will Be Interested in

best-paying-writing-jobsIf you can’t make it to the trip all your friends are preparing to go to during spring break, then you don’t have to be in despair or rush to look for a job that would pay you enough in order to make enough cash for the trip. Instead, use all that you have learned in the writing department over the years to good use. You might be great at research or words just come to you; writing could be your knight in shining armor when you are hurting for cash in college.

“You don’t want the opinion of another writer.” Ernest Hemingway was on to something when he said that in a Midnight in Paris and that is exactly what you should do too; if you think that you have what it takes! Here are 7 ways you can put your writing skills to some lucrative use in college and we don’t mean writing other student’s papers for them.

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How to Spot Best Paid Sites Specialized in Surveys (Extra Cash Will Never Hurt)



If you are like most college students, international or local, you are probably always just a little broke. For an international student, making a little extra pocket change could be even harder than your local friends.  This can stem from a lot of things including too little time as you are already adapting to so much.  A great way for you to earn some extra cash could well be participating in paid survey opportunities.  Relax, it’s not as scary as it may sound at first.  All they want is your opinion and unique point of view.  You have those, right?  Great, then you already have the basic tools you need to take on this task.  The rest of the stuff you can learn along the way, including a few valuable bits right here and now.

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