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Top American States with the Best Education

It is no surprise that education is a cornerstone of both personal and personal development. And for many international students, to study in the States means a dream come true. After all, the United States of America has long been known as a home for academic excellence, attracting many international students from all over the world. If you wonder which state has the most universities or what states in the US for international students should be considered first of all, it is important to mention that there is always quality education available in this or that state, be it Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Illinois, Virginia, Florida, California, or any other location. At the same time, some areas are known as states with the best education, while others rank lower in terms of graduation, enrollment, education cost, and other rates. Below, we’ll focus on the top 10 states in education niche, see what colleges and universities have most international students in USA, find out what state has the most colleges and universities, and focus on many other issues to help you identify areas students in the United States should choose for their educational journey.

How Many International Students in USA?

The United States of America has long been the leader among other countries for many ESL students on the lookout for pursuing a degree far from home. Based on the data provided by the Institute of International Education, the USA universities have become the number one choice for almost twice as many visiting undergrads as the next-leading destination for ESL students. In the 2021-2022 academic year, 948,519 international students were studying in the US. There is a particular boost compared to the previous year, with 914,095 ESL students choosing the New World as their educational destination.

Top 10 States for Education

We understand that choosing the cities or states with the best education 2023 or 2024 is a challenge in itself. It’s actually one of the most difficult decisions future college and university students have to make. With that in mind, we’ve performed in-depth research to see which state has the most colleges and universities, what states have the best education for international students, and figure out some key reasons why young people should become students in the United States of America.


When it comes to the leaders in the segment of education, Massachusetts is the one. With its prestigious universities, Massachusetts is known as one of the best education states. It’s just that when you hear renowned names like Boston University, MIT, and Harvard, you know why the winner in the best state for higher education category should be Massachusetts. With a solid emphasis on innovation and research, Massachusetts is known as a perfect destination for students in the United States and those who come from abroad on the lookout for cutting-edge education.


Among the most popular states with the best education, California stands out with those iconic colleges and universities, such as Caltech, UC Berkeley, and Stanford. Being a real magnet for scholars from all over the globe, California has diverse tech advancements, a cultural environment, as well as vibrant communities in colleges and universities. All this makes California one of the top 10 states for education chosen by potential college and university university students.

New York

Being the epicenter of commerce and culture, New York is known as one of the best states for education 2023 and 2024. One of the most popular states in the US for international students, New York is home to renowned educational institutions like Columbia University and New York University. The well-known cosmopolitan ambiance of New York provides a unique learning experience for students in the United States and overseas.


Home to world-class universities such as the University of Chicago and Northwestern University, Illinois is one of the best states in US for education. The state of Illinois offers some strong academic programs in the fields of business, engineering, and law, all being part of a well-rounded education segment.


Pennsylvania has become one of the answers to the “Which states have the best education?” question due to two renowned names, as University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie Mellon University. Providing students in colleges and universities with rich educational experiences, Pennsylvania is famous for its robust academic setting and historic significance. Needless to say, today, Pennsylvania is one of the most appealing choices for students in the USA and those who come to study from abroad.


Being an excellent combination of academic prowess and southern charm, Texas hosts colleges and universities like the University of Texas at Austin and Rice University. The blooming economy and solid job market of Texas state are equally appealing for young people on the lookout for the best education states in USA.


What state is the synonym for innovation? That’s right, Washington! Roofing the University of Washington and Washington State University, the state of Washington is one of the states in the US for international students and young people living in the United States. With a thriving tech industry and a focus on sustainability, Washington is the go-to place for a forward-thinking education.


Michigan welcomes you with its well-known University of Michigan and Michigan State University. Both educational establishments have gained recognition for their research contributions, putting them in the best study states in 2023 and 2024. Pocket-friendly prices for living in Michigan and strong academic programs make this area a winning choice for local and international students.


The state of Maryland is located pretty close to the well-known Washington, D.C., and serves as a popular location for college and university university students looking for unique internships and research opportunities. Both institutions, the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University, the reputed schools that hook undergrads in need of academic rigor and practical experience.

North Carolina

When it comes to the most trusted states in the US for international and local students, North Carolina offers two excellent options. Well-known schools like Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill offer strong research and medical programs. In a nurturing setting, many students in the US and those who travel from abroad have a unique opportunity to pursue a huge assortment of disciplines.

Which States Have the Best Education for International Students?

While all the states with best education mentioned in the previous section excel in providing quality settings for academic progress, it is crucial to note that the “best” state for ESL students depends on their niche, personal preferences, and career goals. Finding out what state has the most colleges and universities for international students can be challenging since that’s where you’re going to spend a couple of years. For instance, a lot of students choose Massachusetts and California as popular states in the US for international students to commence their journey in the field of higher education in 2023 and 2024. Two states are famous for innovation and tech, while New York provides dozens of opportunities in arts, finance, and businesses. At the same time, Michigan and Texas are welcoming undergrads passionate about automotive programs and engineering. To cut a long story short, when choosing the states in the US for international students, it is crucial to note your career and academic aspirations together with geographical preferences and rates.

What State Has the Most Colleges and Universities?

As for the states with the most universities, it is California that holds the distinction of having the highest number of colleges and universities in the United States of America. The status of the Golden State is mainly caused by its vast population and diverse educational environment. The latter comprises state universities, community colleges, as well as private schools.

Compelling Reasons to Choose US College

The United States of America has long been drawing young people from all over the globe. It is the transformative experience that makes the United States one of the most preferred places for undergrads from different cities all over the globe. We’ll take a quick look at some of the key reasons why studying in the US can guarantee unparalleled cultural, personal, and academic growth opportunities.

Academic Excellence & Diversity

One of the most compelling reasons students in the United States are happy about their choice is that the country is home to a wide array of trusted colleges and universities known for distinguished faculty and cutting-edge research. Many American institutions provide a great assortment of specialized programs to suit every passion and interest.

us states by education

Innovative Teaching Methods

When it comes to pedagogical innovations, a lot of states in the US for international students can boast of being at the forefront of those. They emphasize practical application of knowledge, problem-solving, and critical thinking. A lot of educational establishments employ internships, experiential learning techniques, and unique research opportunities. All this, in tandem, ensures college and university undergrads get their diplomas with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to rock the chosen field.

English Language Proficiency

If you are a non-native English speaker, you have to keep in mind that students in the United States have a golden opportunity to enjoy a diverse English-speaking setting. This, in turn, boosts their proficiency in the language, making them more attractive in the globalized job market.

Cultural Diversity & Global Networking

The homeland of Hollywood is a melting pot of ideas, perspectives, and cultures. College and university students in the United States have a chance to interact with a vast community of fellow students and scholars from the most various backgrounds. This enables them to foster cross-cultural understanding and hone their educational experience. It is also a perfect chance to build a whole world network of colleagues and friends that can be precious for your future career.

Practical Application & Internship Opportunities

With a strong emphasis on hands-on and practical learning, the US offers a bunch of academic programs. The latter comprise co-op experiences, internships, as well as industry collaborations. All this, in tandem, provides undergrads with an opportunity to apply their skills in a real-world environment. Not only will you hone your skill set, but you will also get some invaluable insights into the profession your heart belongs to.

Flexibility & Customization of Programs

College and university students in the United States are happy about being able to design their academic paths in preferred ways. As a rule, undergrads are free to pick from a great assortment of elective courses, which allow them to tailor classes to their passions and career goals.  

Today, the United States of America remains the top destination for ESL students from all over the globe. The states in the US for international and local students mentioned in this article offer a vast range of academic experiences, starting from the historical richness of New York to the tech-driven innovations in the Golden State. There’s no doubt that the best state for a college or university student will depend on your knowledge, skills, aspirations, and personal and academic goals. With all the globally recognized academic institutions, the United States of America keeps on being a beacon of academic excellence for students from all parts of the world.

Improving English Writing Skills: How-To Tips

From writing English history term papers to preparing presentations, speeches, day-to-say emails, or simple essays in a wide range of disciplines, college and university students deal with the process of writing like no other type of person. Writing skills are an integral part of academia in a huge number of industries. Writing in English permeates all life aspects, from personal interaction to professional communication. A well-crafted piece of written text can be that very difference between two camps – quality and success and mediocrity and weakness. Clarity, accuracy, persuasiveness, and a range of other elements play an essential part in making your essay, book review, or any other document convey the right message in the most concise manner. Below, we will delve into the process of improving English writing skills, offering practical tips and tricks that students of all levels can apply.

What Is Writing Skills Issue?

Basically, writing skills in English or any other language are technical skills that people make use of in order to exchange information by means of written text. There’s no doubt that a particular writing skill may vary depending on what exactly you are writing. Yet, more specifically, writing skills include the following ‘ingredients’:

  • Structure
  • Grammar
  • Construction of the sentences
  • Vocabulary
  • Clarity & persuasiveness
  • Spelling & grammar
  • Accuracy & research

All the aspects given above are the so-called ‘bricks’ in the process of building the writing of the supreme quality.

Why Are Writing Skills in English Important?

Being able to write in English well is a kind of effective communication. The latter is usually considered by employers as an essential skill for this or that job, regardless of the field. What is more, strong communication (be it non-verbal, verbal, written, or visual) is one of the most crucial employability skills that employers would like to see in every other candidate for a particular job.

It doesn’t matter what your role is in a professional segment. However, considering writing skills meaning, there is no doubt that they help you clearly convert your thoughts into well-structured and meaningful messages. The latter help maintain relationships, share your thoughts, as well as take your career image to a brand-new level.

How to Improve Writing Skills in English

Just like any other skill, writing is something that you can hone your abilities in with time and effort. Here we come with some simple and time-tested techniques on how to improve English writing skills to do well in class or post-graduate professional environment.

Get a Better Idea of the Basics

Developing writing skill in the English language starts with a firm grasp of the basics, such as punctuation, grammar, and the structure of the sentence. Those elements serve as some sort of building blocks that, in turn, create the foundation of any essay, coursework, research paper, or any other academic piece.

As akin to the skeleton of the text’s body, proper grammar provides structure and helps you ensure your prose flows coherently and logically. It comprises tense usage, subject-verb agreement, and formation of sentences. The most typical mistakes like dangling participles or misplaced modifiers can completely confuse your target audience and distort meaning. In other words, it is crucial to understand grammar rules thoroughly.

At the same time, punctuation is like the muscle system of the body of the text. If you wonder how to improve writing skills in the English language, be sure to learn the punctuation rules to provide your sentences with pace and rhythm. The point is that a misplaced comma can change the way your readers interpret the text.

The structure of the sentence serves as the surface for the expression of your thoughts. The way you construct your sentences can convey your message, evoke certain emotions, as well as provide solid arguments. Writing skills in English, Spanish, or any other language require mastering various types of sentence structures, from simple to compound-complex ones.

As an aspiring writer, you have to do your best to improve writing skills by starting with the basics given above.

Read What You’re Going to Write

If you know what an accomplished piece looks like, you will be able to produce supreme-quality prose. For instance, if you’re assigned the task to accomplish an argumentative essay, make sure to actually read argumentative essays written by professionals. Writing a movie review? Read loads of those! Pay attention to the topics, sentence structures, how the author presents her unique viewpoints, and the way she draws conclusions. If you’re working on a PowerPoint presentation, browse those that are flawlessly crafted.

To hone your English writing skills, make reading part of your routine. Ensure to read quality texts. If you’re not a passionate reader, go for the topics that interest you most. Don’t force yourself to deal with something that lulls you to bed.

Benefit from Techs

We’re all living in the era of gadgets. Today, tech progress provides tons of tools to boost your writing. For instance, spell-check and grammar software can detect mistakes that might slip through the cracks. Whatever tools you decide to use, they will offer real-time feedback that, in turn, will enable you to refine your prose as you go.

When wondering how to improve writing skills by means of online tools, go for things like writing communities, web forums, and writing blogs where you can find valuable prompts, tricks, and pieces of advice from expert writers. Become a regular visitor there to stay tuned with all the current writing techniques and trends.

Nonetheless, while modern techs provide some priceless help, it is crucial not to rely on them at every stage of work. Ensure to find the right balance between using your own skills and utilizing available software.

Write. Write. Write.

Just like any other skill, one of the most effective ways to improve your writing is to practice as regularly as possible. If you lack some ideas on how to write in an engaging way, we are here to provide you with some simple ways to start:

·   Practice free writing techniques. The technique requires the author to write down all the thoughts as they rush through their mind. No need to consider things like grammar, punctuation, or any other rules in the process.

·   Start a blog. Are you a keen traveler? Share your adventures and practice writing at the same time!

·   Join a writing workshop. There must be something on campus where like-minded students wondering how to improve English writing skills get together.

·   Write letters to longdistance friends and family. So sweet and effective at the same time. There’s a pinch of charm in a good old letter writing.

Get Feedback

Whether busy with a standard 5-paragraph essay, PowerPoint presentation, or anything else on your to-do list, asking for feedback is feedback is an excellent way to see how readers will comprehend and interpret your text. The sad reality is that although you may be sure of the clarity and accuracy of your work, your readers get totally confused with the structure, storyline, etc. Approach a proofreader and let them know what you would like them to focus on – the grammar, the style, the structure, the persuasiveness of the evidence, or all at once. If an expert proofreader isn’t something you can afford, asking a family member, a friend, or your partner would help. The writing center on campus is a great go-to place, too.

Embrace Different Genres & Styles

In the art of writing, versatility is a valuable asset. Do not hesitate to experiment! From writing conventional narrative essays to opinion articles and poetry – there are no limits! Keep in mind, however, that every genre requires a unique approach that, in turn, enables you to diversify your skill set.

Consider different types of audiences to adapt your writing style accordingly. For instance, formal writing requires precise and well-structured writing. At the same time, things like personal essays provide much room for self-expression and creativity. If you learn to identify the nuances of every style, you will soon find yourself communicating more effectively in most various contexts.

Imitate Your Favorite Writers

One of the best ways to upgrade your prose is by imitating those who know how to write in English, the way to captivate readers. Chances are you’ve got a list of favorite books, articles, or any other publication written by some gifted minds. Figure out what it is that you admire about their prose and see how you can use it to boost your skills. Is it the way they keep suspense? Or, perhaps, it’s their ability to describe the nature that looks divine? Whatever hooks your mind, use it to your favor! Sooner than you know, you will know how to write English, but do it in your unique style. Use those you put on your to-read list as the starting point for your own proficiency in writing!

Stay Persistent & Set Achievable Goals

Persistence and patience are the two companions that must be with you on your journey to quality writing skills. Set only those goals that you can achieve. Whether it’s writing two blog posts every week or finishing college coursework within the specified deadline, stay persistent and move towards your goal.

Finally, celebrate your progress! No matter how small or I-hoped-for-more one, recognizing your personal writing achievements is the key to staying motivated to do more. Use every other victory to keep on honing your craft. After all, even the most prominent writers were beginners once.

The Power of Business Extracurriculars in High School & College

When it comes to the most popular college major in the United States, business is one of the top leaders. In today’s dynamic global economy, the significance of business educational programs can’t be overstated. And high school years are the so-called pivotal time for young boys and girls to explore each of their interests and foster skills that will serve them well in college or even after graduation. Business extracurriculars are among the most valuable pursuits available for high school students. This guide will take you into the world of business programs, the top benefits of taking business courses in high school, as well as how a high school business class can positively impact your academic and professional routine. Here we go!

Who Might Be Interested in Business?

When we consider what high school students may succeed in high school business extracurriculars, we might refer to young people curious about any of the following niches:  

  • Finance & Economics
  • HR
  • (International) Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Statistics
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Leadership & Management
  • Supply Chain Management

High school students may choose to attend business extracurriculars or pursue one of the majors mentioned above at specific college or university programs.

Why Study Business in High School Is Popular

High school students interested in business class in high school might be curious as to why the field of business has been one of the most popular programs among undergraduate students. To cut a long story short, studying business in high schools may help students open up some excellent job options after college and university graduation. Most undergrads have a unique chance to take consulting positions right after graduation, and consequently, they might have better salary straight out of college or university. When you take one or more specific business courses in high school, you have an opportunity to foster a great variety of skills and, thus, avail of the top flexible career paths. After all, the field of business is one of the most practical majors that can be virtuously applied in any niche.

Tips to Start Your Business Extracurriculars Journey

If you’re ready to find some opportunities for business extracurriculars, we have some recommendations for you on what steps you have to take in the process.   

  • Pick a business class. If your alma mater is not as business-centered as, let’s say, Babson College and has no business-focused educational programs, you have to seek business clubs. Check out their focus in order to select what works best for you, be it marketing, time management, or finance.
  • Choose a mentor. When it comes to the mentor, this person should be a skilled and successful businessman that reached the goals that you have set for yourself. If they’re ready to share their skills, do not miss the chance to work with them!
  • Stay updated on the news. You will surely get enough theoretical knowledge in class. Now, it’s time to apply it to the real-life stories. The latter can be found in news at the most various platforms, such as YouTube, podcasts, and publication sources.
  • Benefit from summer sessions. Summer sessions serve as excellent simulators of real-life environments. You have a unique chance to establish a company and manage it using theoretical skills. Most colleges and universities provide those sessions free of charge.

What Are the Benefits of Studying Entrepreneurship to Students

There has never been a time when the need for college and university education in the field of entrepreneurship has been more significant. The global pandemic has increased unemployment greatly and aggravated existing problems in the labor market. Entrepreneurship can be a great tool to battle unemployment and catalyst economic growth. As for high school students, one of their interests is to explore a specific niche and succeed in it. That’s when they can develop essential skills and mindsets that, in turn, might hone their career adaptability. Why do you want to study business? You probably know that by now. So, let us take a look at the key benefits of studying entrepreneurship in high school.

Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills

The list of the most significant benefits of taking business extracurricular classes starts with the analytical thinking skills that students cultivate in the process. What is more, engaging in extracurriculars in business is an excellent opportunity to learn to find creative solutions to real-world problems. Later in college and university routine, you will apply those skills when it’s time to work on an administration essay, research project, or any other assignment.

Financial Literacy

One way for high school students to explore the basics of finance and economics is through attending business extracurriculars. Crucial for personal and professional success, the fundamentals provide you with a chance to learn more about investing, budgeting, as well as financial planning. Altogether, these essential ‘ingredients’ empower high school students interested in business to make more informed decisions on their money and become well-versed in the broader economic landscape.

Leadership & Teamwork

What is business class in high school about? It’s about learning to work in a team, collaborate in the most diverse settings, as well as do the most challenging collaborative projects that require moving towards a common goal. If you succeed in every other high school business class you take, you will learn to communicate and co-work effectively with any sort of partner.

Importance of Entrepreneurship Education in High School

Encouraging high school students to choose entrepreneurship as an extracurricular or college or university major is one thing. However, teaching young people with interests in business how to use their entrepreneurial mindset and make it work is the key step in helping the new generation create a better tomorrow. Here are some of the most crucial aspects that make entrepreneurship education one of the top segments in academia.

Real-world Application of Knowledge

What do you learn in business class in high school? First of all, high school students have a unique opportunity to apply theoretical aspects that they have learned in class to more practical and tangible scenarios. By means of such a hands-on approach, students have an opportunity to bridge the gap between theoretical materials and their application. This, in turn, boosts your chances to better comprehend and keep the material in mind.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

In addition to teaching specific skills in the field of business, entrepreneurship education in the high school segment instills an entrepreneurial mindset. The latter is characterized by creativity, initiative, as well as a willingness to take calculated risks. In all existing professional endeavors, the qualities mentioned before are priceless.

Job Market Preparedness

Taking into account how competitive the job market is today, possessing a solid basis in business can be a winning advantage for a high school student. Whether young people pursue a career in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, or any other area, the skills that they gained in high school business extracurriculars are universally applicable. What is more, they make high school, college, and university students highly attractive to potential employers.

Benefits of Entrepreneurship to Students in College

Why are you interested in business? Chances are that one of the reasons is that the field has much room for development and non-stop self-improvement. Just like in a high school environment, college business classes work well for undergrads. Below, we list the key advantages of business programs in college for students with interests in the business segment.

Enhanced Academic Performance

College and university students who engage in business extracurriculars tend to perform better in class. Both problem-solving and critical thinking skills boosted in these activities usually become a solid foundation for better academic scores and a deeper understanding of their coursework.

College Admissions Advantage

If you have specific interests in business education in institutions like Babson College or Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you’re most likely an ambitious and initiative person ready to encounter and combat challenges. This can be a distinguishing factor in college admissions, especially when it comes to college or university programs related to the fields of entrepreneurship, business, or economics.

Networking Opportunities

When in need of a platform to network, college and university students should go for business extracurriculars. That’s where they can meet loads of mentors, like-minded people, and field experts. All the connections that you make in the process can be a priceless experience in college and after graduation, opening doors to job opportunities with a decent salary, internships, as well as collaborative ventures.

Studying business or/and entrepreneurship in high school and later in college provides young people with dozens of advantages that do not end in a class. Extracurriculars in the chosen field equip undergrads with essential skills, boost their academic progress, as well as cultivate a forward-thinking mindset. To add more, both the experiences and knowledge that you gain in a business-focused academic environment help you get ready for a successful career after graduation. When navigating a complex and challenging world, you will thank yourself for having a priceless asset in the form of business education. Something money can’t buy!

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