Find Out Top Events for Students at the End of October in Bloomington

October 2017 is going to be action-packed in Indiana, and so will November. There are a lot of events lined up for these months, some that have immense academic value. This should be great news for any Indiana University undergrad and other students nearby. More events should mean less monotony and richer learning experiences. Well, that interpretation depends on how you look at things. Nonetheless, you should be able to find this selection of Continue reading

How to Write a Professional Report

Professional Report WritingEvery person throughout the lifetime may be required to present certain information or findings in the structure of the professional report. The main feature of such paper is the organization of the work that enables any reader to look for the specific topics, headed within the body of the report. In order to make out how to write a professional report, it is necessary to research the needed topic and make sure to have relevant information about the selected issue. Professional reports are assessed by the opportunity of the writer to follow the organizational requirements while filling the content with engaging, formally written information. Professional reports are usually characterized by the visual documents applied within the report.

The actual processes of writing a professional report demands prior planning and consideration of the following necessary points: Continue reading

English Help Online 101 – Benefit from the Internet at the Max

English Help Online 101Are you looking for ways to improve your English language skills? Do you want to prepare for studies that will be taught in English? Or are you already an international student at one of the US colleges? In any case, you need to think about English for reasons you know and have heard many times. Of course, you can attend special schools for foreign students, hire a personal tutor and spend loads of money on exchange programs. But there are much easier (and cheaper) ways to polish your language skills, especially in the era of the Internet. We offer you to check out various options to get English help online at an affordable price or even for free. Believe us, you’ll open a whole new world for yourself ☺ Continue reading

Bored? Enjoy Sales for UCLA and USC Students

Sales for UCLA and USC StudentsStudent’s life is full of new experiences, new friends, and exciting events. Sometimes, you have fun every day. But sometimes, boredom eats your brain out, and you can’t  find any interesting places to visit with your friends. Stop worrying! We did a research and found a collection of places that would make your life – and of any UCLA and USC student – brighter.

Royce Hall

Royce Hall presents many possibilities to get a portion of new emotions, relax and find new ideas for the education. We gathered few interesting performances with special discount offers for UCLA students. Price for all of them is $25. Continue reading

Hard-Hitting Apartment Search: San Francisco Onsite Tips

Hard-Hitting Apartment SearchWe have already covered this topic earlier in one of our articles. So, what’s the deal? Why would we highlight it again? The thing is that we’re not going to tell you how to save up money and find an affordable apartment. If you chose to study and live in San Francisco, you knew what you were doing. San Francisco is the most expensive American city to rent a place in, and it’s a general truth, not some hidden fact. Continue reading

10 Student Apartments for Rent in Michigan, Detroit under $600

Student Apartments for Rent in MichiganYou may be quite sceptical while starting to read this article because where in the world can you find a place to rent for less than $600? But in Detroit everything is possible. In a 2015 The Economist article the reporter wrote that “Detroit may be one of the only cities in the rich world where it is possible for someone on a fairly modest income to buy a street.” There is actually a story when a guy bought a house for $500 (though without electricity, heating or any other facility that would make it suited for life). But that’s not the focus of our article. You are an international student coming to study in one of the richest cities in the USA that has moderate rent prices. Is there a catch? Yes, there is, but we’ll talk about it later.

It’s possible to find apartments for rent in Michigan State for less than $600, and we’ll show you 10 examples to prove this is actually true. The prices are stated for 1 bedroom apartments/small studios as we’re looking for the most budget variant for a student living off campus. So, here we go. Continue reading

10 Most Budget Colleges in England for International Students

Most Budget Colleges in EnglandHave you heard about the increase of a tuition fee for universities in the UK? Well, that was a real hype in the winter of 2016/17 because the Department of Education wanted to do it without big publicity (yeah, right). But our guardian of people’s awareness, BBC, made it loud and simple: the highest limit of tuition cost was £9 000 for domestic and EU students, and with new regulations it’s £9 250. And it will keep growing.

Should you care about this change? No, because international students don’t fall under these novelties. But before you start celebrating it, process the fact that the average cost of education for an international student starts at £10 000 and lands at the limit of £35 000. If you looked for a cost-efficient variant in the UK, this is not the word used around those numbers. But don’t lose hope – we’ve prepared for you the list of the most budget colleges in England so that you wouldn’t turn down the idea of studying in the UK completely. Continue reading

How to Write a Presentation

Presentation WritingWriting a presentation is a challenging task, especially once it concerns the need of addressing the public with information. Oral presentations always require prior planning in writing in order for the speaker to be successful during the event. Acquiring basic skills how to write a presentation will assist in the understanding of such necessary steps as ideas, outlines or proof-check relate to every piece of writing. Presentations help identify the main points from the information available, making it easier for the public to process it.

What to start with before writing the presentation?

The primary notion that you need to take care off prior to the process of writing itself is an accumulation of ideas, information and relevant content. The research stage is the most significant one, as the judgment of the public is focused more on the quality of the speech rather than the form of the presentation. Continue reading

How to Write an Article Review

Article Review WritingAn article review is an academic work that is usually designed to evaluate students’ analytical skills.

In order to write a proficient article review, it is crucial to remember that the review is the piece of writing that implies both the summary of information and its analysis. The article review has a purpose of providing a compressed representation of ideas described in the article with the evaluation of the ideas’ objectivity and the relevance for studying a topic. It is important to understand major points of how to write an article review in order to critically reproduce the author’s thoughts in a logical and comprehensive manner.

It is crucial to clearly determine the components of the article review. Generally, the regular article review includes following parts: Continue reading

How to Write a Case Study on a Patient

Case Study on a PatientEvery professional in the clinical practice should be aware of the guidelines for writing a case study on a patient. Such case studies do not provide guiding rules for the supervision of the successful patients within the practice. On the contrary, each case study on a patient provides a record of the health care interactions aimed at the supportive rigorous set of clinical studies.  Explication about how to write a case study on a patient is a valuable source of information, which represents a teaching material for the further students and professionals in the industry. It combines unique presentations that any practitioner may confront. Field practitioners provide the immense contribution to the science by detailing their experience in the actual interaction with patients.

For the purpose of writing a case study on a patient, each person should consider guidelines that relate to the specific structure as well as the content of the final work. A case study within such field of recommendations is most importantly a chronological notice of the progress that the patient has made during a certain period of time. Continue reading