Why Study Business in High School: Benefits, Subject, After School Activity

why study business

There’s a well-known quote that gives the best answer to the question of why study business in high school. And it sounds like, It is easier to build up a child than it is to repair an adult. We could have put a full stop here and gone no further in explanation, but it’s evident that every idea or theory should be confirmed in order to settle down in your mind. So here we go.

It’s a fact that over 50% of business owners aren’t college graduates meaning that these present-day entrepreneurs had to learn how to run their business elsewhere. And there are two options for such knowledge acquisition: evening business courses as an adult or business studies in high school. The latter option is way more beneficial, of course, since the sooner a person is involved in the world of business (even if theoretically), the fewer mistakes they will make.

Answering Why Study Business in High School Through The List of Benefits

To begin with, there are a lot more than four benefits to describe why studying business in high school is a must. Nevertheless, we’re cutting the list to four universal advantages that match the majority of future business endeavors.

  • Skill set development

A hard experience is one that skips the theoretical stage and streamlines to real actions. Many actions are, consequently, false. This is why many businesses thrive through the first 6 months and then vanish, leaving their owners dragging behind in depression and low self-esteem. 

We know nothing or very little about business unless we start reading, analyzing, and discussing on a theoretical level. The high school period is a perfect chance to start with theory before proceeding to action. Creativity and collaboration are the two basic skills developed during a basic high-school business education program. When well-developed, the skills of collaboration and creativity first attract the majority of recruiters and, in time, characterize the best leaders.

  • Problem/Opportunity recognition

Why do some people identify the problems before they affect their business while others deal with them after the most processed collapse? It’s because some people have an eye to see the issue, while others can’t analyze things or think ahead properly.

When engaged in school business education, students face real-life examples and, based on them, learn how to recognize the first signs of issues and prepare more than one solution to deal with most outcomes. Having the eye to see what comes next means seeing opportunities instead of burdens, dealing with difficulties instead of losing heart, and incorporating expanded skills instead of finding outside experts.

  • Flexibility

Many high school, business education opponents are dwelling that teenagers hardly know their next steps tomorrow, not talking about after-college life. They say that the future is so unstable that there’s no need to press upon students with extra courses until they know they really need this knowledge.

However, business education is not about formulas and graphs. It’s all about being flexible and open to any directions that one is led to. With proper business skills gained at a young age, a person can move from job to job, from industry to industry, and from one successful startup idea to another one. That’s the flexibility that 90% of adults lack.

  • Swimming in corporate waters

Business is about diplomacy and tricks. If you are not into it, you are on the surface of a swimming pool rather than diving in. Business studies at school are focused on preparing students to live real life rather than a livelihood. Alongside simply learning basic things, high school students can undergo personality development, master the art of building and managing business, stay updated about the world around them, and view a team as one of the greatest resources. 

Study Business in High School: What Should In-Class Education Include

To study business in high school in a proper way, it’s essential to concentrate on important subjects, faculties, and courses within the high school program. The approach seems quite complex for a teenager. There’s a quite broad list one can dive into, including management and economics, accounting and finance, law, and even psychology – everything that leads to picking up handy skill sets and a deep understanding of basic marketing tools.

The list of subjects can be identified by the tasks that future business professionals can handle: Will that be financial records management or operations, workforce or international arena? It’s better to focus on subjects that will teach about diverse business aspects instead of focusing on one only. Start with math.

What math should you choose for business education? The greatest benefit of a high-school math course is that it covers many diverse concepts. Among them are:

  • Data
  • Number interpretation
  • Graphs 
  • Pre-calculus
  • Algebra 1 and 2
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Honors Classes
  • Calculus
  • AP Classes
  • Computer Science

Having skills in all of the concepts is necessary for finding and identifying solutions to diverse business issues that one’s future career will offer. But those who want to dive deeper typically join online academies for part-time or alternative enrollment. In such places, students choose courses that can provide some practical and comprehensive foundation for math.

Concentrating on math solely is, however, the wrong way to go. Business education isn’t limited to numbers only. One should concentrate on critical thinking skills and those for:

  • Accounting because it is the main business language with its numerous concepts: financial management, tax compliance, business valuation, business-investor relationships, and risk management.
  • Business leadership to guide the business to achieve positive results, increase profit, and invest in further growth.
  • Time management for stress reduction, time prioritization, better results, and productivity growth. 

To achieve all this, a math course should also go alongside subjects in accounting and marketing, financial planning and creative writing, entrepreneurship, and communications. 

In the new era, special attention should be paid to classes on digital technologies and computer studies. They provide students with a general working knowledge of software programs and applications. This is where a student learns keyboard techniques and masters simple software programs to process documents and spreadsheets, create presentations, and even web pages. Diving deeper, students can learn how to organize data, code simple programs, use online resources, and even troubleshoot common computer issues. 

In addition, much attention should be paid to extracurricular activities hosted by local as well as national clubs that are usually available to high school students. Their list is provided by

Study Business in High School Through Extracurricular Activities 

In this case, extracurricular doesn’t stand for finding opportunities outside the school building. In fact, after 3-4 typical school classes, it’s possible to find extra activities to strengthen the business skills gained in class.

  • Find a business class

If there’s a business-focused educational program in school, there are business clubs. Mind their focus, and feel free to join more than one at different times to cover finance, time management, marketing, etc. Through visiting such classes, one can immerse into the world of business culture, participate in business workshops, and have connections to invited business professionals. 

  • Find a mentor

A mentor is a successful businessman you admire and who can share their knowledge and contacts with you. Most teenagers’ dream indeed is to have someone like Elon Musk or Bill Gates as a mentor. But a more realistic expectation is to try and find someone from your area or community to discuss business interests and approach them with a question if they’d be willing to mentor you alongside your educational journey. Interview them, write down their advice, and learn from their mistakes. Keep in mind that there also exist different mentorship programs suggested by business schools for free.

  • Follow the news

Back up the theoretical knowledge gained during classes with real-life stories from publication sources, podcasts, YouTube videos, and more. To start with, concentrate on what is published by business gurus like The Economist, Bloomberg Business, Forbes, The Financial Times, or Being Boss Podcast.

  • Consider summer sessions at a college

Such sessions are directed at creating simulations where students can experience building a company and managing one. A few-week course typically makes a student face real-life challenges and learn from presentations introduced by real businessmen. The good news is that most universities offer them for free. The bad one is that the list of those wishing to join is sometimes pretty long, so the sooner you apply, the better. 

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to understand that profound business education is a must, even for those who have no plans to start their own business but would rather be a part of hired personnel. Any average employee needs this knowledge to grow professionally and stay in demand. That’s why business education while in high school is not an option but a necessity for future growth.

What Is the Chinese Student Association and What Mission It Fulfills

Before we start, let’s have a closer look at a student organization or society. Typically, it is created by students for students and is described as a non-profit organization that has no connections with any political party of the country or region it’s in.

There’s a quite common misconception that a student society is an association typical to the Western world only. To date, however, these associations are well-spread across the globe. Some of them have even become international, allowing students to find an organization for almost anything. More and more high school graduates start studying the list of student organizations based on their college campus even before they actually arrive: thus, they waste no time upon arrival and can apply for membership from day one.

And even though the offer is vast, most unions fall into seven basic categories:

  • Educational or academic organizations
  • Community service unions
  • Multicultural associations
  • Media societies
  • Sports organizations
  • Religious and spiritual formations
  • Student government societies

Right before we talk about one of the most popular international unions – The Chinese Students and Scholars Association – here’s a significant point to keep in mind: In the past, a choice of a student society impacted their career after students left their college. And it remains so. Within a society established on common interests and goals, students learn to develop their skills and strengths that typically have a broad impact on the workspace and acknowledgment.

What Is the Chinese Student Association: From the Day of Foundation Until Now

The Chinese Students Association started in the late 1970s with the growth of the number of Chinese students who started their education outside China. And though Chinese students chose different geographical directions for academic growth, the United States was recognized as the top direction. For this reason, the representatives of 200+ Chinese Student Associations met at the University of Illinois in August 1989 for their first congress to discuss common goals and growth strategies.

Now, the Chinese Student Association is an official non-profit union for overseas Chinese students and scholars who are officially registered in most academic institutions residing outside the Republic of China. Associations may indeed differ across the institutions, but the name they share is always common.

An officially stated function of the formation is to help Chinese students in their study and work, life, and related challenges by bringing them together within a campus and even for them not to remain isolated, creating bridges between them and other similar communities. Spreading the word about the Chinese cultural society, hosting national events, organizing holiday celebrations, assembling academic forums, and even recruiting talents are among the main focuses as well.

All is done to promote Chinese and Chinese-American (or other) affairs within the college community the Chinese students are in. Eventually, when the goals are correctly set, the association creates a network of individuals, Chinese and local ones, who are interested in common affairs and are open to learning more about China, its history and culture, food, and news.

Not least significant elements of the entire process are events that are typically cultural show productions and even trips. We’ll speak of them a bit later.

More on the Mission of the Chinese Student and Scholar Association

The mission of the Chinese Student Union is to foster the understanding of Chinese lifestyle and culture and develop them through projects focused on education and awareness. Appreciation of Chinese culture always goes alongside awareness and understanding. However, this isn’t the limit.

CSA are fostering an important supportive cultural as well as social environment for industry unity and cohesion of a unities Chinese student body. And while many other similar societies keep their doors closed to students from other ethnic origins, CSA welcomes all students to participate and develop together. 

The unity enriches the campus’ sports competition and cultural life as well. This is done through the means of organizing annual events. For example, the society in the Glasgow area is organizing special events that, on the one hand, are creating a positive image of the local Chinese community and on the other hand, are promoting academic communication between local students. For Glasgow, this is the Week of Chinese Culture, One Week CP, New Students Pick-up, Badminton Contest, Lectures on Job Hunting, and more. Glasgow is only one of the hundreds of examples. What’s peculiar, all of them are positively discussed by students, teachers, and locals.

CSA retains the right to speak on behalf of Chinese students and even represent them when communicating with the local authorities, schools, and universities. The Association is very protective when it comes to ensuring the rights and safeguarding the interests of local students and scholars. For students and scholars, Unity becomes a safe haven where they are supported and where their rights are never questioned.  

To date, the mission of CSA is fulfilled through five core steps:

  • Step one: Sponsorship of society gatherings, small and large. Small –  for ensuring close interactions between society members, large – for bringing all society members to participate in massive national and cultural celebrations.
  • Step two: Co-sponsorship for non-Chinese academic or cultural societies in order to allow the members of the society to explore interests beyond the Chinese culture and be easily assimilated into a new society.
  • Step three: Sponsorship for career fairs and guiding effective student-professionals-corporations communication. 
  • Step four: Organizing regular forums where CSA members can be free to channel their opinions as well as demonstrate their talents.
  • Step five: Provide practical services to make sure the needs of the unity members are addressed. In most cases, these can be pretty simple things like passport renewal services or airport pick-ups. 

The peculiarity of the CSA’s mission is the fact it can unite the members, turning them into a family rather than a society only. 

Benefits of Chinese Student Union Membership

As it was mentioned before, belonging to any college association goes alongside benefits that improve college and post-college life. Even though it differs from campus to campus, the pandemic has introduced its changes to the acceptance process allowing many students to join a society and find support in times of uncertainty. For many CSAs spread around the globe, the official membership is free of charge. In addition to a typical welcome box with a T-shirt or a backpack, the official membership allows you to enjoy:

  • Exclusive discounts to select a fitness studio or gym
  • Discounts for social mixers and after-events
  • Internship programs
  • Board positions

While newcomers have access to CSA events only, official members can enjoy all the benefits and even more.

Events as an Indispensable Part of the Chinese Cultural Society 

General or annual meetings are typical for any student society, where members discuss current issues and make plans for another week. In addition, there is a list of other club meetings and events that give students a chance to interact with each other outside formal gatherings.

These bigger events are hosted throughout the year. They are for domestic and international students to discuss interests and create mentorship/family relationships.

In collaboration with diverse Asian organizations, the Chinese Cultural Society hosts the most popular events like Interview Workshops, Life in Big Four, Networking, American Living, Western Dating, etc. The most awaited event is the annual Culture Show as part of the preparation for the Lunar New Year.

Why Non-Chinese Students Join the Chinese Student Association

A clear reason why non-Chinese students tend to enter CSA is their wish to learn about authentic culture and society through direct interaction with Chinese who come from the mainland. While finding a positive opportunity for themselves, local students also tend to help the CSA immensely by creating a bridge between local communities and the Chinese.

However, in addition to this main reason, there are also equally important ones. We’d highlight five of them:

  1. Networking: A social one, while meeting new students, new nationalities, and new backgrounds. In this case, we’re talking about people of Chinese descent trying to assimilate into the Chinese-American or Chinese-Canadian (or any other mix) culture.
  2. Growth, A personal one, while balancing social life and education and, at the same time, trying to focus on personal goals through others’ personal identity.
  3. Friendship: A long-lasting one, according to those who left the Chinese Student Association after graduating. The friendships formed while meeting, organizing activities, and holding events always end up befriending people around.
  4. Management skills: Strong ones that were formed when planning unity events (social and cultural). They are typically a strong foundation for potential career plans.
  5. Resume: A great one that shows a CSA member as proactive, energetic, with lots of connections, and strong social and organizational skills.

 To sum up

The Chinese Student Association is a forum for unity and cultural exchange. It is about integration and an open platform for Chinese and local students. But most importantly, it’s also about trying to change the perspective, learn new things, and grow as a person or future professional. 

Essay Writing Mistakes

Making Mistakes Essay: The Value of Experience to Reflect in Your Paper

What is a mistake? Traditionally, it means to make something wrong. Each action or procedure has a set of fixed rules you need to follow. Unfortunately, or luckily, we used to make mistakes. Most educators ask their students to write a making mistakes essay to help them understand the value of mistakes in our life. Many of us hate errors because they make us feel uncomfortable, confused, and misled. Some of them cost a lot, and we have to pay for being wrong and breaking the set of those rules. 

Have you ever made a mistake? Was it serious? Is there anything you would like to change? Why do people make mistakes, and do they play an essential role in our life? Let’s think about it a bit. 


Jobs for Asians: What Opportunities Asian Career Provides + Catchy Things to Learn

stock-footage-young-female-asian-chinese-businesswoman-modern-office-multi-ethnic-business-colleagues (1)

Do you plan to move to Asia? If you answer positively, then you should learn more about the Asian career offers. Besides, not all jobs fit foreigners. Asian job traditions differ from the ones in America as their culture differs from others. This article includes catchy facts about traditional and weird jobs in Asia and occupations that might suit you when you move there. 

What are the Most Typical Careers and Jobs for Asians?

People stereotype jobs for Asians because we used to hang labels on everyone. However, it is a bad idea because everyone deserves a job that fits the personal interests of a person. Asian employers are very picky concerning all potential candidates. Sometimes, they surf the whole Internet trying to find the best worker.

According to statistics, 37% of employers in 3000 organizations think they are hopeless in their desires to achieve success in business. Businessmen complain of facing problems with employees who lack the talent to perform their job at the required level. These six typical Asian jobs have the biggest problems with the search for talented employees:

  • Information Technology
  • Sales
  • Engineering
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Operations
  • Marketing and Digital

Asians want to manage this problem in any way possible, so they even start looking for possible candidates abroad. That is how common Asian career becomes available to people overseas. Employers are ready to sponsor highly-qualified professionals to achieve success in the required field. Consequently, the Asian job market demands expert skills, and your educational background and experience might fit the purpose. 

Except for the above-introduced list, banking, research, and distribution areas are another three spheres that require skilled professionals. Asians do their best to fit in, including representatives from Japan, Mainland China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, but foreigners may also be lucky to join the team.

Top Weirdest Jobs for Asians

It is not a secret that each country has its specific jobs, and jobs for Asians can also be stunning and unique. What professions can you hardly find in Europe or America? 

 Zoo Visitors Entertainers

Asians think it is boring to see wild animals in the zoo, so they involve people for excitement. For example, the job of Mr. Max from Thailand is to put his head into the crocodile’s mouth to show the visitors that he perfectly controls the wild and dangerous reptiles.

Snake Catcher

Snakes often leave their territories and spread around towns where kids and adults can walk. Luckily, snake catching is one of the weirdest Asian jobs and, at the same time, honorable jobs. For example, Mohammed Saleem catches all wild snakes, including cobras, red snakes, and pythons. He does not kill them. Instead, he brings them back home and ruins stereotypes about their extreme danger. 

A Statue-Man

This job is not rare today, but an Asian professional, Sadam Firman, works for 12 hours a day to feed his family. He wears a silver cosmetic mask and covers his body with the same topicals to look like a statue. During holidays and excursions, his income is the highest because tourists like such performances and pay for live-human exhibitions. 

Skull and Bone Caregivers

There is a Cambodian genocide museum where the bones of victims of the Khmer Rouge regime are kept. People who work there care for the bones and skulls of the victims with a special attitude. You will never find dust in the exhibition area because the museum employees commemorate the memory of poor victims and let visitors do the same when clicking the official website the museum online.

Typewriting Machine Repairers

Asian careers include even jobs that relate to old-school habits. Previously, people used to utilize typewriters instead of computers, but they turned out to be not so comfortable because it was impossible to correct mistakes without paper waste. Computers became more convenient because they allowed their users to correct mistakes and enhance the content quality without providing harm to the environment and waste time. Indian experts still fix typewriters because their clients adore typing texts traditionally or keep them as a piece of rarity.

Creators of “Iron” Fireworks

As mentioned above, people adore unusual spectacular performances. One of them is throwing melted pieces of iron against a stone wall to produce fireworks. They resemble the work of blacksmiths in medieval times when they created iron weapons and tools with their hands and hot metal. The interaction of stone and metal creates sparks that look like festive fireworks. Employees wear secure clothing and goggles to prevent burns, and spectaculars are not allowed to be too close to the performance area.

The “Golden Fish” Surgeon

It is a very unusual job Asia due to its nature and cost. You can find fish that lets people get esthetic pleasure with the help of specific procedures. Arowana fish can be cold golden for the income it helps a surgeon to get. A famous Asian surgeon operates these fish to increase the size of their eyes and beautify them for their owners. One such surgery costs from 30 to 160 euros! If you have never heard of doctors who make plastic surgery to fish, now you have seen it all. 

What If You Acquire Asian Studies Degree

If you are interested in living in one of the Asian countries, then you should definitely ask yourself, “What can you do with an Asian studies degree?” You can definitely study there to have more chances to get the desired job. One can acquire Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees in the following disciplines:

  • Cultural studies
  • Language courses
  • Humanities
  • Economics
  • History
  • Interdisciplinary courses

According to, when having the required degree in the required discipline, you can become an interpreter, a curator, a manager of International partnership, a historian, a foreign exchange trader, a journalist, a financial adviser, a translator, and a diplomatic agent. 

What are the Most Popular Jobs for Foreigners in Asia?

Except for common Asian jobs performed traditionally by Asians, you can find many foreigners performing typical “foreigner” jobs. What are they? 

Scuba Diving

Beach rest is top popular in Asia, and it is not a secret that one hires foreigners for scuba diving lessons. Asians like beautiful girls and handsome boys with perfect bodies who can teach them how to dive. Such jobs are highly-paid, so it is a great opportunity to combine leisure and profitable responsibility. 


English is a universal language, and many Asians learn it for their careers. Who can become the best teachers? Of course, native speakers. No wonder Asian American job boards can hire and pay you for giving lessons to Asian kids and adults. 


Asians often do not see the beauty that surrounds them because they see it daily. You, as a foreigner, can see more unique details and highlight them in your photos. You can focus on the beauty of Asia, and Asian employers will definitely like it.


Asian hires foreigners as DJs because they advertise various music types and usually have a good ear and musical education. Asians adore overseas music, so your talent can become your profitable hobby and win the attention of billions of Asian music fans. 

Fitness Instructor

Health and body care are trendy worldwide. If you are fond of yoga, aerobics, or fitness, it is your chance to share your experience with others and earn your bread in Asia. 

Hotel and restaurant manager

Among the common jobs in Asia, restaurant and hotel management are the most profitable. Besides, most business holders want to show 100% tolerance to all cultures, traditions, races, genders, and religions in their hotels and restaurants. So, they hire foreigners to highlight their diversity and tolerance. Moreover, they pay a lot, and it is a great opportunity to develop a decent career path. 

Why Is It Great to Work in Asia?

According to the latest research, Singapore and China are the two most hard-working countries in Asia. Hard work is the key to success, and these two Asian countries can prove that. Singapore is a global financial center, and China is the country with the fastest-growing economy. According to an Asian study and, employees and employers of these two countries balance their life and work successfully, compared to other Asian countries. 

Eventually, you should research a bit before moving to Asia. If you want to earn a lot, you should look for countries with the highest salaries and best job opportunities, but be ready to work hard. Also, be sure that the company’s boards accept foreigners legally to avoid problems with the law and visas. Nobody wants to be deported and forbidden to travel or get legal jobs abroad. 

Today, it is hard to get a job in Asia, but many foreigners still manage to work successfully there. The secret is easy to guess. Professionalism and working experience are the two influential factors. Moreover, they search for English-speaking employees due to the rising popularity of the language and the desire to create a native-speaking environment either within a company or educational institutions such as kindergartens, universities, training centers, and schools. 

Final Tips for Those Who Want to Work in Asia

So, before you decide to live and work in Asia, you should do the following three things.

First, you should find a country that can satisfy your needs and personal preferences.

Second, make sure everything is legal, and the company is trustable. 

Finally, enhance your professional skills to stay competitive and become successful and happy in Asia.

Ithaca Falls Natural Area: a Perfect Combination of Beauty and Danger

Students in Ithaca

Ithaca Falls natural area is a gorgeous attraction for most tourists around the globe. It is situated in New York, the USA.

It attracts with its unique beauty. Moreover, this place is open to visitors all year round, so you can plan your rest whenever you want or need it. There are also other falls nearby, so it is a great chance to enjoy the beauty of nature by moving from one place to another. Nevertheless, you should get prepared for your travel to avoid problems and health issues connected with its peculiarities.  

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AI-Generated Essays

AI Generated Essay: What Risks Do Writers Face and How to Recognize Such Texts?

Artificial Intelligence tools are everywhere. If you are a student, you have definitely used AI machines in your homework. Perhaps, you have used Grammarly to spot mistakes and correct overused phrases. You may have used ChatGPT to provide answers to questions or create an ai generated essay or other written papers. Nevertheless, professors usually manage to identify such tricky students and “reward” them with low grades for cheating. 

When can you use AI tools? When is it better to refuse the use of robotic helpers? Let’s go into the topic deeper.


Reputable Essay Writing Company

Reputable Essay Writing Services: How to Choose the One to Win All the Time

Academic homework is a nightmare for most students. Educators adore assigning essays, dissertations, lab reports, tests, projects, case studies, literature reviews, and other tasks to test a student’s patience, knowledge, and various skills. Students often feel depressed because of being unable to cope with the load independently. Fortunately, custom writing services are always alert to give a hand with academic challenges. 

Today, one can find so many writing services on the Internet that people usually feel dizzy after searches. Most of them promise a lot, but how to identify reputable essay writing services? We will not surprise you by saying there are many scammers. Their job is to earn on traffic flaws and sell fake papers to students who have no clue what trustable services look like. So, we decided to help you learn the features of writing companies to whom you can entrust your homework.


Persuasive Text Techniques: How Professional Speakers Use Different Persuasive Techniques to Convince the Audience

persuasive essay techniques

Persuasion is the ability to convince somebody that your idea, position, or hypothesis is correct. You should select arguments that can help listeners or readers understand you and believe in the same things as you do. Traditionally, speakers are aware of all persuasive text techniques because their job is to write convincing speeches for influential people, including politicians, movie stars, bloggers, and more. 

How do they manage that? What techniques do they use to win the attention of millions? Let’s find it out. 

What Is the Goal of Persuasive Writing?

When do you “feel” the words a speaker tells you? It happens when a person uses the so-called keywords to your emotional intelligence and wakes it up. As a result, you listen to a person with your mouth being opened and with tears in your eyes. The same thing happens when writers describe something touchy. In other words, they all make you feel what they want you to feel and think what they want you to think. That is how persuasive techniques in essay writing work.

Where else can you find persuasive texts? Of course, advertising. TV, billboards, pop-ups, posters, and other visual and audible tools are used to convince a consumer to buy the product they need to sell. The more convincing the ad is, the more people will buy the advertised goods. However, convincing writing is not as simple as that. One needs to juggle words to hit the point. Moreover, it is essential to be clear and precise in every sentence to avoid confusion and not let the audience fall asleep. 

Some Best Techniques from Professional Speakers to Follow

Let’s discuss different persuasive techniques that can make our writing and oral speeches supreme.

You Should Be Interested in Things You Are Describing

 It is really hard to convince someone about something if you do not believe in what you are writing or saying. How can you be passionate about Shakespeare if you have not read his plays and poems? Consequently, you should better be interested in the topic for your persuasive writing gif. When you speak about catchy for you things, writing becomes easier and more manageable because you start defending your interests and feelings connected with the topic.

You Should Learn as Much as Possible About Your Target Audience

Have you ever seen nodding people when they were listening to someone’s speech? It means the speaker managed to touch upon the problems the listeners were interested in and was aware of its solution. For example, politicians usually speak about the urgent problems of the people who listen to them. As a rule, they speak about unemployment, low salaries, ecological problems, health security systems, the quality of education, the cost of healthcare services, etc. So, if you write a persuasive letter or essay, you should think about things your target reader would like to read and mutely discuss with you. 

You Should Start and Finish with a Hook

It is one of the most working persuasive techniques. Plenty of songs, books, and movies got their recognition thanks to unexpected events at the beginning and at the end of the piece of art. People used to forget the plot of the story described in the middle of the book or a person’s speech, but they do remember the beginning and the ending. That is why participants of various competitions long to open or close the ceremony to make the audience remember them.

How can you catch the eye of the target reader? Professionals usually use one of the following hooks:

  1. catchy citation or quote
  2. anecdote 
  3. personal life story
  4. facts and shreds of evidence
  5. provocative questions
  6. improper text structuring
  7. fairy-tale-telling manner
  8. strong statement
  9. unexpected lexical units 
  10. the use of stylistic devices that do not suit the style

The only important thing is to choose a hook that meets the topic of your persuasive writing.

Make Sure You are Convincing Enough

You cannot judge your writing independently if you have no clue about how to analyze a persuasive essay. First, you should read your essay from the start to the last word. Then, try to make a list of questions to argue your position. If there are too many questions left, the persuasive techniques used are not good enough, or you need more facts to enhance its quality. 

For example, you can ask someone or even a group of your friends to listen to your story. Then, they can ask questions trying to refute your statements and make you change your position. If they succeed, you will definitely need to do something about your content because it is surely not convincing enough. It must leave little or zero space for counterarguments unless you find an audience that 100% supports your side.

Empathy is the Key to Your Success

What is empathy? It is the ability to feel emotions that another person experiences at the moment. It is a great skill to predict the emotion of those who may read your persuasive paper. It seems to be difficult, but everything is not that complicated. Empathy is a part of the best persuasive essay techniques because you show your audience how much you care about them and that you understand what they feel and expect. 

All great speeches are built on the emotions of the audience. A reader should let each word go through the emotional filter because our feelings speak first, and then the brain joins them. In short, the use of emotional intelligence is as important as the use of intellectual intelligence when we speak about persuasive techniques in essay writing.

Rhetorical Questions are Also Effective

Rhetorical questions puzzle, but they make the target listeners or readers pause to think. It is easy to read simple things, but questions without answers always confuse and, at the same time, attract attention. Readers stay focused all the time, hoping to find the desired answer to such a complicated question.

Use the Concept of Meta Persuasion

Each persuasive text must have three integral components of meta-persuasion techniques:

  • logic (everything must be logically connected and relate to the chosen topic)
  • ethos (the best option is to speak about things that are close to you, your history, traditions, and customs)
  • pathos (to be on the same emotional level as your readers)

Hyporbolization Often Works

Sometimes, when you want to stress some point or idea, you may use exaggeration. It shows the uniqueness of the introduced idea. The main goal is not to make the readers believe in nonsense but to create a perfect image of the most significant element of the story. For example, you can call your mother the worst Christmas turkey cooker on the Earth, but it can be a combination of hyperbole and sarcasm that creates a perfect image of a badly-tasting dish.

Repetition is What You Do to Stress Something in Your Text

Repetition in persuasive writing is a great tip to use. Each text usually ends with a conclusion that restates the core idea of the speech or writing. Instead of boring and monotonous repetition, you can use a metaphor, rephrasing, telling true stories, or other literary devices to sound more advanced. 

Use Facts Because They Are Powerful

When a company releases some medicines, the Food and Drug Administration demands clinical trials proving their efficiency and safety. Nobody believes empty words without facts that can prove the introduced pills provide the desired effect. Persuasive writing cannot be good enough without facts. It can be a personal story, statistics, or any verified information.

Let’s compare two phrases with the use of a personal story:  “I’ll be a good teacher” vs. “I will be a good teacher because I have younger siblings whom I help with their homework, and they get the desired grades at school. Besides, I worked as a teacher assistant last year, so I am aware of different teaching techniques, and my educational background proves I can work with children”.

The first statement is bare-worded. It reflects your wishes and high self-esteem, but one can hardly believe you. The second statement sounds more confident and convincing because you provide facts that highlight your teaching qualities due to the experience and education you have.

If you do not know any stories, you should use only trustable sources. Regarding tips from writing experts, you should analyze the source before citing it. It must belong to a reputable company or organization (university, governmental institution, state healthcare system, etc.) and back up its numbers and evidence with clinical trials, case studies, lists of used sources, or other trustable research methods. 


If you use the above-introduced tips for writing a persuasive essay, you will leave no chance for doubts. Repetition, exaggeration, meta-persuasion, rhetorical questions, hooks, and personal interest in the introduced topic with a detailed analysis of the written text can become your guide in all types of persuasive writing. Just do not forget to check your essay for formatting and grammar mistakes because they will spoil the impression even if you sound confident and convincing. Every detail and word must hit the point and meet the college requirements and expectations of the target public.

Movies for Students to Write Supreme Essays, Rest, and Get New Experiences

Students have so much homework to do that they need to relax. Coursework, case studies, dissertations, essays, and other tasks overload a student’s to-do list, so they have to find some activity to get distracted from their daily routine. Movies are great because they entertain people and can also contain valuable information that might help students enjoy their life and reach their desired goals. 

What movies can help students relax and learn good lessons full of positive inspiration? This list contains the top-best movies for students to watch and enjoy.

TOP 10 Movies: Watch to Learn Something New and Get Inspired

The cinematography helps people relax and get distracted from their daily routines. Some movies are more than mere entertainment. They help people survive and manage different life obstacles without nervous breakdowns. Some movies inspire and stimulate people to leave their comfort zones and change the world for the better. Students often watch films after studies and even need to get acquainted with the best movies to write an essay on.

Below, you can find movies about and for students. An average student usually quotes them in his essay. They are a great tool for relaxation and earning life lessons to handle all possible obstacles with dignity and become winners.

#1. “Eurotrip” and “Accepted”

If you want to have fun, “Eurotrip gif” is what you need. The main character falls in love with a pen-friend but accidentally offenses her and decides to travel to her town and apologize. It is a love and funny story about a group of students who travel around Europe and appear in different places accidentally due to unfortunate events that happen to them from time to time. The movie shows the life of students the way it is in real life, full of fun, troubles, and intimacy. 

If you look more for comedies, the “Accepted” movie gif is another funny story about students who create a fake college for everyone whose applications are rejected. The idea itself sounds crazy, and the movie turns out to be funny and hilarious. 

#2. “The Paper Chace” 

This movie is for those who do not expect to achieve everything at once and faces challenges with dignity. The genre of the movie is comedy-drama, so it is a combination of funny moments and drama that is an integral part of our life. This movie is the best choice for students who:

  • study at law faculty as the main character
  • want to watch a story of a persistent student and an inspiring professor
  • like love relationships with hardships
  • want to laugh and think about serious things simultaneously
  • value friendship and wants to learn different means of achieving success

#3. “Freedom Writers”

This movie is for those who think that being a representative of a minority group does not let them enter a university and become successful. It shows that everything is possible if only you want to change something for the better. Racism is still an acute problem in contemporary society, and this movie erases these borders for the sake of peace and racial tolerance.  

The main character is a teacher who devotes herself to a class because her desire is to change their attitude toward each other through the prism of diaries that each of them must write. She sacrifices her marriage but manages to help most of her students pass exams and attend college, even though none of their family members had been college students before.   

#4. “Good Will Hunting”

Are you a rebellious person? Do you think you have no chance of becoming successful because of negative characteristics provided by teachers and other people in your small town? Be sure it is not the end of your life, and watch a movie about Will. 

This boy is an example of a genius young man with inner demons he refuses to fight. Instead, he accepts them and loses a chance to make a relationship with a girl who likes him and to study Maths, his favorite subject. Luckily, a Math teacher and a psychologist see his potential and decide to develop it. Can two teachers help a young man with low self-esteem control his inner demons?

#5. “Legally Blonde”

Among top-rated movies for students, you will definitely find “Legally Blonde.” Stereotypes ruin people and their self-respect. Fortunately, today the youth is not afraid of breaking stereotypes. Elle, a blonde, is humiliated by her boyfriend, who regards her as a primitive silly girl with no potential for serious life plans, such as being the wife of a senator, who he wants to become. She decides to prove the opposite and successfully enters Harvard Law School, where she faces many challenges connected with her “white hair and pink clothing”. 

Her fitness instructor is accused of killing her husband, but Elle, being only a law student, becomes her defender in court. Will she win the case? Are there stereotypes in court? 

#6. “The Man Who Knew Infinity”

Have you ever seen Indian or Pakistani students trying to fit into society? Of course, you have. Perhaps, you are one of them because of racial prejudice. Such students need more time and effort to prove to white Americans they deserve their place under the sun. This story is about an Indian guy from a very poor family who has to do menial jobs having excellent Maths skills, but his employers decide to help him go much further. 

It is a good example for those who think that poverty is a verdict. Besides, it teaches us to value every moment of our life and the people who care for us. It is hard to achieve success if there is nobody to support you. So, watch it to see that prejudice is a stumbling block in our world, and perhaps you will be the one to join those who fight with this injustice.

#7. “The Theory of Everything”

This masterpiece is for people who are afraid to develop their skills and utilize their talents because of health problems. Stephen Hawking is an outstanding scientist who is bound to a wheelchair because of ALS. Thanks to his wife, he manages to cope with his daily struggles and writes a thesis paper about black holes and the theory of time. 

Unlike “gif Eurotrip”, this movie is not a comedy with foolish and funny adventures of the main characters. It is a supreme example of faith, trust, love, inner power, and will to live. This movie motivates us never to give up, especially when being talented and young or when nobody believes in our success. Besides, it highlights the role of family and friends in the life of everyone and that we should value them for their “invisible” contribution to our big and little victories. 

#8. “42”

“42” is not a movie about sports like most students might think. It is on the list of the best movies for students as it is a story of a black skin guy who is taken by a coach to a baseball team while other Afro-Amerecians cannot be accepted to white teams. The coach decides to change the rules and erase such notions as “baseball for white” and “baseball for black” players. Baseball is a game, and every skilled person can be good enough to join the league. 

This movie shows the dark side of racism and prejudiced people. It helps us to understand each other and shows that we are the same, but some people look differently and have to prove their “normality”. If you are a representative of a minority or have a friend who needs support, watch this movie together.

#9. “The Social Network”

Have you ever heard of Mark Zuckerberg? We think you have because it is a founder of Facebook, which is popular worldwide. The movie is autobiographical and shows how a student from Harvard manages to create a local Harvard website and goes as far as launching the world-best social network that initially was intended to be only for Ivy League students. 

Even if your idea sounds crazy to be realized, be innovative, tricky, and creative because it is the key to success and recognition. This story teaches us never to give up, and the plot is rather intriguing and dynamic. 

#10. “The Blind Side”

This movie fits those who like touchy stories. It is one of the best movies about students. It is hard to make things ends meet when your family background is unfavorable. “Big Mike” is a boy whose mother is drug-addicted and never cares for what her son eats or wears. The boy looks a bit scary due to his height and athletic body, but he is an innocent boy who wants to have a family and a dream to follow. He visits different sports competitions to wait until everybody leaves and gather the food remnants on and under the seats. This scene is noticed by a well-to-do family and his life starts facing positive changes. 


Do you still believe that nothing is possible if you are not like others because of the existing foolish stereotypes? Watch these movies! Many of them are based on true stories, so they are a real source of inspiration and motivation to go on fighting inner demons and make your path to success. 

Nobody says you must be prominent and famous. The only thing you should care for is your dream. It is enough to feel happy without the need to prove to everyone how good you are. We want to finish our article with one of Eurotrip quotes, “Europe is like the size of the Eastwood Mall. We can walk to Berlin from there!” So, everything is possible. Just believe in yourself and never give up. 

How to Write a Case Law: Step-by-step Guide for a Deeper Understanding of Your Writing Problems

Law Case Study

Have anyone told you how to write a legal case study successfully? Perhaps, teachers have instructed you but forgot to consider your strong and weak sides. Luckily, most students are independent enough to do all their homework alone by searching for the best guides on the Internet or dealing with writing agencies who explain things in detail. 

Attorneys and the companies they work for deal with many cases daily. They rescue their clients from different legal and illegal troubles by using their knowledge in Law. If you are a student or an advertiser who needs to write a case study in Law to promote a company or just get the desired grade, you are at the right place. Read this guide to learn how to write a legal case study step by step and avoid silly mistakes that can lead to serious problems.

Step 1. Learn More about Case Studies

The first thing is obviously getting information about case studies as a part of college assignments or job duties. In short, you need to know what that is and how to write it to meet the requirements. 

A case study is a kind of story about a person who had problems with the law and managed to handle them with a lawyer, attorney, or some specific juridical organization. Its job is to describe the existing problem and show its solution, including all the participants, used methods, and the results. 

As a rule, a case study has the following structure:

  • introduction (presentation of the case and previous related experiences or cases)
  • goals (Why do you want to study this particular case, and what questions are you going to answer in your paper?)
  • methods (How did you manage to collect all the required information? Did you use quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods to retrieve the analyzed information? Were these methods effective? Did you change some methods during the case creation?)
  • results (What did you find out during your investigations?)
  • discussion (What is the benefit of the provided case study? How can it help to solve other similar cases? However, avoid generalizing because the analysis of a concrete case must relate only to the situation the involved individuals dealt with )
  • recommendations (What pros and cons can you name concerning the solution of a concrete case with concrete people? Did you have any other solutions? What could go wrong?)

Step 2. Ask for a Permission to Analyze the Chosen Case

How to write a court case without dealing with the secured personal data of all the participants? There is no such a way unless you decide to change names and the place, but, in that case, your research will be hard to verify. In other words, it will look like a made-up story. 

Before you decide to investigate a case, you should realize that it definitely relates to law matters and involves the personal information of the case participants. 

It does not matter what kind of information was involved in the process. Despite its sensitivity, you should ask participants to write permission to use their information. Moreover, it is necessary to collaborate with the client to specify details so as not to deal with fake statements or a client’s claims. Due to that, you will demonstrate your competency, and others will trust you because of fairness. It also shows respect for the company you work for or a college that assigned this task to you.

Your educator will see competency as well because you will demonstrate perfect awareness of the law and legal procedures concerning the personal information of clients. It is also significant to check all information twice or even three times before introducing it in the case study. 

Step 3. Select the Case That Does Rally Suit the Purpose

When you want to demonstrate your research skills with the help of a case study, you should choose the proper case that can meet your goals. The right client is what you need to succeed at writing. If you want to get a certain base of clients, you should look for cases that have common goals. Use this list in your searches:

  • all clients have something in common
  • all cases might be easily solved by your company (if you already work for one)
  • choose cases your potential clients might deal with as the best way to their solutions

You can create your portfolio to attract more clients and show your subject awareness. When potential clients investigate your portfolio, they see that their problems can be effectively solved, too.

Step 4. Make It Readable and Comprehensible

Your task is to show your research skills in the law area but not to complicate things and make a case study hard to read. Except for readability, you should care about the paper formatting. There are several things you should do to promise the best results and show that you know how to write case analysis law:

  1. Try to stick to short and clear sentences because long and windy ones might mislead readers. 
  2. Avoid watery phrases and expressions. Speak only to the point because it is not a story-telling like in the case of English literature. It is Law, and people in trouble would not like to joke about juridical problems. 
  3. An average reader may be unaware of law terms, so it is recommended to simplify language for better comprehension. It is better to avoid the use of epithets, metaphors, hyperbole, and other beautifying stylistic devices.

Before you start writing your case study, you should study your target audience. If your case is for your tutors, it must have the appropriate terms and sentence structures. Moreover, formatting must meet the requirements mentioned in the assignment, including spacing, font selection, margins, and other visual tools.

If you are writing for other students or target clients, your language must be simplified. Your goal is to convince the potential client that your services are worth choosing and trusting. You appear to be a realtor of the company’s services or your personal work.

Step 5. Ensure You Are Aware of All Details of the Case

Traditionally, all tutors name this step as an initial in their “how to write a case law” tutoring. It is impossible to prepare a worthy analysis of a court case if you have not read it thoroughly to learn all details to avoid mistakes and identify the secrets of a company’s or attorney’s success. Afterward, you should create a plan for the case – from the very beginning till the final decision. Only competent students can track it and stress its strong and weak sides. 

Besides, it is necessary to highlight the facts that are important and those that are not significant and could be omitted in the case analysis.  Sometimes, it is worth mentioning unimportant facts in a couple of sentences to provide a complete analysis of the chosen case. 

Finally, a deep investigation of the chosen case allows you to stress facts that turned out to be the most influential in the court. However, there were other facts and evidence introduced to the judge, but they did not hit the point. Why did that happen? What could happen if the judge took them more seriously and based his or her decision on them?

You should compare legal cases with the same judge and attorney to see if their decision was routine and typical. Sometimes, the decision becomes exceptional. If it is so, try to analyze the verdict. 

Step 6 or Final. Check and Introduce

Every paper must be free from mistakes, including grammatical, lexical, and formatting. It does not matter if you want to post your case online, send it to your tutor, or add it to your portfolio. Only error-free papers provide a good impression and impose trust. 

If you want to attract more potential clients, you should post your case study on your website with properly used SEO instructions, social media platforms, and newsletters (if you already work for a company and want to promote it and yourself). 

One of the best variants to learn how to write a case analysis law is to get great samples. Where can you get them? You can ask a related person (a teacher, a company employee, a private tutor, etc.) to show a sample. Private or college tutors can show both good and bad samples to point to the difference and facts that influenced the grade. Due to that, you can perform your case study without mistakes and keep in mind the possible pitfalls of the assigned task.

Another variant is to search for reputable websites that give free samples or sell them for a set price. The reputable sources usually belong to educational institutions like colleges and universitieslaw practitioners, governmental institutions, etc. They already got permission to post case studies on their websites to provide samples or attract new clients who hire them to solve their law cases.

All in all, writing a case analysis in Law can be challenging, but doing it gradually with a good guide at your fingertips will surely lead to success.

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