8 Parts of Speech in English with Examples to Enhance Your Writing

Parts of Speech in EnglishWhether you’re a college freshman just out of high school or a senior who’s embarking on your first internship, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a major difference between writing for social media and writing for the classroom. But have you ever analyzed all of the parts that combine together to form its structure and tone?

When trying to improve your writing, it’s vital to look at the parts of speech in English with examples. You will be able to see the powerful impact of word choice along with the big picture of the qualities that comprise effective academic writing. Continue reading

10 Facts Related to the China Research Paper That Will Impress Your US Counterparts

China Research PaperYou’ve now arrived in the U.S. to attend a university and learn about the diverse American culture and its rich history. Likewise, when you receive your first major assignment for an expository research paper, you can’t help but think of all the fascinating information you’d like to share with your classmates about China.

The amount of interesting facts about this country is endless, but here is a list that’s been narrowed down to get you started on your intriguing China research paper that will amaze your American classmates. Continue reading

IT Jobs USA Employment Tendencies: What to Expect?

IT Jobs USA EmploymentAfter completing all your studies and meeting all the requirements to gain a diploma or degree, you might still wonder whether or not your study field has a positive job outlook.  There are a number of career areas with great potential for the growth, such as healthcare and education. However, the tech field is growing today. And if you look at the recent trends, you will see that there is a high demand in almost all sectors for technical support personnel. Continue reading

5 Useful Informative Essay Topics for ESL Students at the Time when the Internet Exists

Informative Essay Topics for ESL StudentsMost students are very likely to ask themselves why they’re required to write informative essays at university if any kind of information can be easily found on the Internet. It is really an easy job for students to find the necessary information and rewrite it. Indeed, this activity has a lot of benefits for ESL students. Firstly, it broadens the mind discovering new facts. Secondly, it expands a vocabulary while searching information. Thirdly, it consolidates an understanding of grammar. Continue reading

Top 7 Health Issue Topics that will Shake the World and Your Teacher in 2018

Health Issue TopicsWhenever a new year is getting closer, we get used to hearing different predictions for the future. What will the year of 2018 bring to us concerning our health? There is no denying the fact that human health remains at the risk in spite of the technological progress in the 21st century. Moreover, new types of health issues become widely-spread.

Let’s have a close look at top 6 health topics that are intended to represent main health concerns in 2018 and can easily be included into your academic papers. Continue reading

7 Fun Ways of Learning Grammar for Dummies that Would Vary Student’s Life

Ways of Learning Grammar for DummiesAs a rule, students who are learning English as a second language have to work harder than those whose first language is English. As native speakers rarely think what rules are applicable in any given case – they just use it in their speech. Being an absolute beginner, ESL students should be ready to develop 4 language skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. All these skills require knowledge of grammar, which is underpinned by a study at Debate.org – 77% share the opinion that grammar is important while studying any language. Continue reading

7 Key Marketing Topics for Presentation at Conferences in 2018

Marketing Topics for PresentationFrom developing a unique brand to selling different products and services, a career in marketing opens up a variety of possibilities today. As marketers directly affect a company’s profit, they’re hired nearly in every sector of business. For the last decades marketing is a rapidly growing industry sector in which more and more people tend to major at university.

According to the US Department of Labor, the growth in the job outlook among market research analysts is estimated at 23%. As for the median annual wage, those who hold a degree in Marketing earn about $63,000. Want to step up your game for a promising future in marketing? Continue reading

A Detailed Mental Health Case Studies Manual: Prepare for the Project Proper

Mental Health Case StudiesSome time or other, in the study of Psychology or any mental health-related subject  students are required to write a case study. There is no specific definition of a case study. According to the article under the title “What is a case study?” in Evidence-Based Nursing, it can be described as a profound, systematic investigation of a single individual, group, community during which a researcher is supposed to examine data relating to several variable factors. Continue reading

A List of the Reliable Information Sources Used for Mental Health Topics

Mental Health TopicsIn different institutions of learning, students are required to write well-researched papers for which only topics vary. The paper requirements remain the same for each research topic – be well-analyzed and properly-covered. A mental health topic is no exception. In fact, not only the number of sources greatly influences a paper quality, but their credibility as well. Continue reading

Good Speeches in English: What a Puzzled International Student Should Learn from the Best Speakers

Good Speeches in EnglishNowadays students are required to have a lot of skills to achieve the desired results in the academic life. One of these skills is the ability to write an effective and clear speech. Being an ESL student, you should remember that you‘ll come on it sooner or later. So, prepare yourself for this stage in advance if you don’t want to feel nervous while speaking a new language in front of an audience. Continue reading