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7 Services Offered by Money Management International: Find Financial Peace of Mind

Services Offered by Money Management InternationalThe reality hits hard when a graduation day arrives – usually, there’s a mountain of bills sitting on your desk. Remember, you’re not alone. There are many people who even years after completing college, internships, and post-graduate work, find that they’ve accumulated a considerable amount of debts – from the student loans to the mortgage.

So, learning to balance your budget while improving your debt ratio will improve your financial standing, especially if you look for an agency like Money Management International to guide you. Continue reading

7 Fun Ways of Learning Grammar for Dummies that Would Vary Student’s Life

Ways of Learning Grammar for DummiesAs a rule, students who are learning English as a second language have to work harder than those whose first language is English. As native speakers rarely think what rules are applicable in any given case – they just use it in their speech. Being an absolute beginner, ESL students should be ready to develop 4 language skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. All these skills require knowledge of grammar, which is underpinned by a study at – 77% share the opinion that grammar is important while studying any language. Continue reading

7 Key Marketing Topics for Presentation at Conferences in 2018

Marketing Topics for PresentationFrom developing a unique brand to selling different products and services, a career in marketing opens up a variety of possibilities today. As marketers directly affect a company’s profit, they’re hired nearly in every sector of business. For the last decades marketing is a rapidly growing industry sector in which more and more people tend to major at university.

According to the US Department of Labor, the growth in the job outlook among market research analysts is estimated at 23%. As for the median annual wage, those who hold a degree in Marketing earn about $63,000. Want to step up your game for a promising future in marketing? Continue reading

Good Speeches in English: What a Puzzled International Student Should Learn from the Best Speakers

Good Speeches in EnglishNowadays students are required to have a lot of skills to achieve the desired results in the academic life. One of these skills is the ability to write an effective and clear speech. Being an ESL student, you should remember that you‘ll come on it sooner or later. So, prepare yourself for this stage in advance if you don’t want to feel nervous while speaking a new language in front of an audience. Continue reading

How Do You Train Your Brain? We Will Tell You How to Do It Better

Brain Training

According to the scientific research, our brain takes up about 2% of our total body weight, but that doesn’t prevent it from using 20% of the energy that we generate. And it’s hard to believe that such a small organ is responsible for our whole organism. But taking that into account, our most important task in this situation is to keep it “fit” as long as possible to boost its work. Although you already do it one way or another, in this article we will tell you several time-proven and universal techniques to train your brain. So, here we go! Continue reading

Unique Countries to Go to Learn English for ESL Students

Learn English for ESL StudentsNowadays, we are living in a huge global community. We have many long roads open wide for us! Whether you’d like to study or travel abroad, to explore the unknown or experience whatever makes you come alive, you’re welcome to set off straight away! What a great time we live in, don’t you think? However, if you’re curious about studying in the world-renowned colleges, the first thing to keep in mind that you’ll have to study in English. The reality is that English is the universal language and many of the top reputed schools provide courses in English alone. And you have to deal with it, like it or not. Continue reading

6 Reasons to Consider SUNY Classes for Obtaining a Degree

SUNY Classes for DegreeSUNY (the State University of New York) is an assembly of 64 higher educational institutions located within New York state. It comprises liberal arts colleges, medical centers, research universities, community colleges and so on. It is the largest educational system in the USA that attracts loads of American students as well as international learners. The overseas undergraduates constitute about 8% of all the SUNY students, and if you’re also interested in enrolling in one of the colleges/universities from this system, learn more about the benefits it provides. Continue reading

4 Most Suitable States to Study in USA: A Guide for ESL Students

Most Suitable States to Study in USAIt was registered that last year there were 1.18 million of international students in the US higher educational establishments. The number grew by 2% in comparison with 2016 even despite the travel ban and the changes of political moods towards some countries. The USA still stays the most popular destination for young people who wish to get a degree abroad. Continue reading

8 Best Universities for International Students Who Want to Study in London

Best Universities for International StudentsLondon accommodates approximately 100 000 foreign students from more than 200 countries all over the world. If you’re wondering why they’re swarming into this city, you need to be aware of its numerous learning facilities and opportunities. London has about 120 libraries, 30 000 courses in different educational establishments and over 45 universities. But we’ve decided to mark out the institutions which are perfect for foreign learners to study in London. Continue reading

How to Study in England for Free or with Minimum Expenses

Study in England for FreeNobody likes the money talk – we get that. But when it comes to getting a diploma, it’s impossible to avoid it because nothing comes for free in this world, especially higher education. What is more, if you dream about studying in England, you have to know that according to this country was recognized in 2017 as the most expensive state to obtain a degree (for international students prices start at £10 000 ≈ $14 122). However, there are various options that may significantly reduce the cost of studies or even make it free, so if you’re interested, continue reading! Continue reading