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5 Free San Francisco Language Classes Instead of English Help Online

Free San Francisco Language ClassesEasy access to online courses has revolutionized the world of traditional education, and you hear people talking about online classes on every corner. Indeed, the Internet has made it possible to gain knowledge, learn languages and obtain degrees without leaving home. And people are falling for this kind of studying because it’s much cheaper, very flexible and comfortable.

But there are people who prefer real-life communication and the presence of an actual teacher, and we assume you belong to that group (if you still read this article). The conventional classes do have their advantages: Continue reading

Does Homework Help You Study? Making Sense of the Very Basics

Homework HelpAccording to the Stanford research conducted in 2014, 56% of students regarded homework as the main source of pressure and stress. The majority of learners also indicated that they associated home assignments with headaches, sleep deprivation, weight loss, and exhaustion. With such findings, many people started to doubt the benefits of making their children study after classes especially with such loads that don’t give them even a chance to see their friends or have any free time for extracurricular activities. Continue reading

How to Improve Reasoning Ability

When taking part in an enrollment test to any field of employment, for example, marketing or human resources management, the capacity to use reasoning ability will always be useful and helpful to anyone. It is caused by the fact, that when a person enters the world of business, the logical reasoning skills are vital in making better decisions, being an effective leader, and reaching success in every matter. How to improve reasoning ability guide describes the main steps needed to develop a strong and confident comprehensive skills. Continue reading

How to Improve Customer Service

A regular service is a compulsory attribute of any company. If a customer is totally pleased with the service, there is a high chance that he or she will come back. In addition to this, a satisfied customer will do advertising for the company which is able to fulfill the customer’s needs totally. Thus, the client base, as well as the company’s prestige, will gradually boost. Taking this into consideration, one should be extremely attentive and responsible while hiring those people who will deal with the client base. Providing the stuff with the proper training in the correct and effective communication with the customers is no less important approaches to handling the issue how to improve customer service.

Following some simple, however, efficient rules, the upper management may become commercially viable and create a client-oriented mechanism which can suggest an upscale service. To be a proficient client manager means that one should be a psychologist as well. For that reason, it is noteworthy to mention that being knowledgeable in psychology is a considerable advantage. Continue reading

Hard-Hitting Apartment Search: San Francisco Onsite Tips

Hard-Hitting Apartment SearchWe have already covered this topic earlier in one of our articles. So, what’s the deal? Why would we highlight it again? The thing is that we’re not going to tell you how to save up money and find an affordable apartment. If you chose to study and live in San Francisco, you knew what you were doing. San Francisco is the most expensive American city to rent a place in, and it’s a general truth, not some hidden fact. Continue reading

10 Student Apartments for Rent in Michigan, Detroit under $600

Student Apartments for Rent in MichiganYou may be quite sceptical while starting to read this article because where in the world can you find a place to rent for less than $600? But in Detroit everything is possible. In a 2015 The Economist article the reporter wrote that “Detroit may be one of the only cities in the rich world where it is possible for someone on a fairly modest income to buy a street.” There is actually a story when a guy bought a house for $500 (though without electricity, heating or any other facility that would make it suited for life). But that’s not the focus of our article. You are an international student coming to study in one of the richest cities in the USA that has moderate rent prices. Is there a catch? Yes, there is, but we’ll talk about it later.

It’s possible to find apartments for rent in Michigan State for less than $600, and we’ll show you 10 examples to prove this is actually true. The prices are stated for 1 bedroom apartments/small studios as we’re looking for the most budget variant for a student living off campus. So, here we go. Continue reading

10 Most Budget Colleges in England for International Students

Most Budget Colleges in EnglandHave you heard about the increase of a tuition fee for universities in the UK? Well, that was a real hype in the winter of 2016/17 because the Department of Education wanted to do it without big publicity (yeah, right). But our guardian of people’s awareness, BBC, made it loud and simple: the highest limit of tuition cost was £9 000 for domestic and EU students, and with new regulations it’s £9 250. And it will keep growing.

Should you care about this change? No, because international students don’t fall under these novelties. But before you start celebrating it, process the fact that the average cost of education for an international student starts at £10 000 and lands at the limit of £35 000. If you looked for a cost-efficient variant in the UK, this is not the word used around those numbers. But don’t lose hope – we’ve prepared for you the list of the most budget colleges in England so that you wouldn’t turn down the idea of studying in the UK completely. Continue reading

5 International Student-Friendly Colleges: Westchester, NY State

International Student-Friendly CollegesHave you ever heard about Westchester county? We bet you haven’t because all the international students who want to study in the USA, start their search from San Francisco, New York and LA just because they are more prestigious and known all over the world. However, they are also the most expensive cities in the USA (not only) with a very high cost of living. So, if you’re looking for something more affordable, Westchester is the perfect spot. Why? Because it:

  • Consists of several cities and about 20 small towns;
  • Is a very quiet and safe area to live in;
  • Is located in a 30-minute ride from Manhattan;
  • Has affordable prices for accommodation;
  • Is perfect for people loving downtown.

Continue reading

How to Boost Your English Communication Being a Foreign Student in the US

English Communication as Foreign StudentThe statistic says that the most attractive states for international students are California, New York, Texas, and Massachusetts. These are the most popular states for tourists and emigrants as well, so no wonder foreign students are drawn to those particular places. But no matter where you go, you still need to study and communicate with people in English. The language knowledge is probably the most challenging skills you need to learn before coming to the US and during all the time you’re there. But we are here to help you with that by giving some useful advice on how to bring your English communication to the next level. Read and note! Continue reading

20 English Language Dissertation Ideas for International Students

English Language Dissertation IdeasBeing a student from a different country, you are naturally interested in the foreign culture, mentality and communication. And if you get a chance to write an academic paper, especially a language dissertation, you can consider yourself lucky – writing a dissertation is tough, but when you have a subject that you’re interested in (like the English language), it makes the process much easier and more pleasant.

That’s why we’ve come with a list of 20 English language dissertation ideas for you to consider when making up your mind about the topic. We’ve tried hard to choose the most interesting ones, so be sure to check them out.

And one more thing: before making up your mind, take a minute and read about each attractive issue to ascertain yourself that you are really into the topic. This way, you’ll make the right choice. Continue reading