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20 English Language Dissertation Ideas for International Students

English Language Dissertation IdeasBeing a student from a different country, you are naturally interested in the foreign culture, mentality and communication. And if you get a chance to write an academic paper, especially a language dissertation, you can consider yourself lucky – writing a dissertation is tough, but when you have a subject that you’re interested in (like the English language), it makes the process much easier and more pleasant.

That’s why we’ve come with a list of 20 English language dissertation ideas for you to consider when making up your mind about the topic. We’ve tried hard to choose the most interesting ones, so be sure to check them out.

And one more thing: before making up your mind, take a minute and read about each attractive issue to ascertain yourself that you are really into the topic. This way, you’ll make the right choice. Continue reading

5 Pros and Cons of Career Courses for International Students

Being a student is like walking in the fog; you just never know what is going to be with you when it clears. But, that is child’s play compared to being a student in a foreign country, where you are simply trying to herd cats.

And that is not an exaggeration, especially if a student has been trying to pull several tricks at once, like trying to take time out for a job, attending classes, studying for the said classes, being social, and trying to get some sleep. While all the other things are a part and a parcel of being a student, taking responsibility and getting a job at such a tender age might be a bit cruel. Continue reading

5 Secret Ways to Negotiate a Cheap Accommodation Which Looks Like a Palace

The best thing about being a student is that you can actually get away with anything (definitely not referring to the sale of crystal meth or drag racing here), and not even feeling bad about it. You can live your life in makeshift tents and cars, using hand-me-downs and cheap dresses; you can even eat ramen noodles and no one will judge you. But, if you are exceedingly smart, you can also get away with living in a palace without even a single penny in your pocket (again, not referring to breaking and entering).

Finding an accommodation is a big issue for international students living abroad. The dorm rooms have a fee and renting an apartment means paying the rent; so, what should you do? Work for your landowners and save on paying rent. Not getting it? Continue reading

7 Cheap Colleges for Chinese International Students in the USA

Colleges for Chinese International Students

Like many students from Asia, Chinese students are ambitious towards getting their higher education in the USA; the only problem is the cost. Leaving your own country and moving overseas is not something that comes cheaper: there are tickets to pay for, visa to apply for, living expenses and then there’s food, clothes, books, transit etc., and most of all there is a price for education itself. Ridiculously costly tuition fee, we might as well add, may shock you a great deal.

Hold your horses though, no need to be all disappointed because the good news is here. Chinese students still have some good opportunities, waiting for them in the USA. Continue reading

4 Bonuses International Students Will Gain Attending Book Writing Courses

Moving to another country – the USA in particular – is not a picnic. Granted that there will be a number of opportunities to take, new friends to make, good memories to collect as well as places to visit. Moreover, there is a great academic record to maintain. But, for a moment in time, everything gets lost in the chaos of bewilderment when an international student experiences strangeness, new surroundings, new rules and pure terror due to such a massive change in their lives.

But, we cannot simply ignore the wisdom of the wise author who once said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” If you have managed to make it this far, what are a few more challenges for you? You certainly did not cross mountains and oceans to take half-measures and be out of it. In fact, you are in a foreign country, far away from home, so that you can excel at your studies and break all those barriers that come in your way. One of these hurdles is writing, something which is quite more challenging for international students, as it is for native ones. But, a problem is only a problem when it has a solution, and the solution for this is attending book writing courses. Shall we explain why you should do this? Continue reading

Career in Sales for International Students: Why You Need to Consider This Job

These are usually international students who are the most eager to work while they go to school. And for good reason too; it is great to have the work experience in a practical environment as you learn and adjust in an entirely new place that you are living in now. The great news is that there are tons of benefits to be enjoyed from a career in sales for college-going students.

You Get to Be Yourself

Sure, arriving in a new country, you are already under a lot of pressure. You do not need to add to that pressure going for a job that requires you to revamp your thinking and skills before you can start working. In sales, you get to be yourself and anything that you bring to the table is always welcome. The end goal is, of course, always to make as many sales as you can. It is important for you to be true to yourself, so that you are able to build trust between you and your potential customers. Continue reading

Choose an Easy Way to Learn English Suitable for Your Personality

Easy Way to Learn English

Friendship Together Bonding Unity Youth Culture Concept

As a student, you are greatly responsible for studying and learning at college. If you are an exchange or international student, one of those responsibilities will be to learn English well. You may have heard about some learning methods that work for some people while do not help others. How should you choose a studying method for learning? A helpful way to go about is to find out the best method for your personality. Once you know the kind of personality you are, you can use it to find out some study techniques suitable for your character that are an easy way to learn English.


If you are a perceiver, your personality is quite spontaneous. You are likely to go-with-the-flow instead of following structure. This might make course structures and learning memorization difficult for you. Take a look at some techniques that will help you study.

  • Dedicate some time to studying within deadlines to fight against procrastination;
  • Complete tasks marked in your schedule within that day to cross them off;
  • Change your routine trying out some new studying environments and note-taking methods to make studying process more interesting.

Continue reading

4 Ways to Get a Degree in the USA for a Cost of Buying a Used Car

If You Think Education Is Expensive, try Ignorance – Derek Bok

The reason for quoting Bok is because his words have a double meaning to them with regards to what we are going to talk about, and by all means, delve deeper into that meaning. If Oscars were ever given to people for whining s, they would certainly go to the students. Hear us out as it might sound familiar; “Going abroad for higher studies costs a fortune. My family is too poor – I can’t afford studying in the USA – It was my lifelong dream to study abroad, but life happened to come in the way – life is sooo unfair – Donald Trump is such a racist.”

To tell you the truth, it certainly seems like the students have not been doing their researches right; the whining is the result. If you really and seriously wish to head overseas, but think that all hope is lost, you are going to thank your lucky stars today for coming across this article. As hard as it might be to believe, there are many ways and opportunities through which you can get a degree in the USA, and spend only as much as you would on buying a used car. Continue reading

How to Calculate Your Credit Score

How to Calculate Your Credit ScoreA credit score is a numerical value which expresses the creditworthiness of a person. This value is usually necessary for the bank to understand the customer’s solvency when giving a loan. The basis of a credit score is the history of previous credit returns and the amount of money in the client’s account. To be assured of obtaining the loan, it is necessary to know how to calculate your credit score in order to be prepared.

This numerical value of the person’s solvency will help to know in advance whether the person can take out a loan or not. In order to calculate your credit score, it is important to gather all the information about your financial history. Continue reading

How to Buy a House

How to Buy a HouseThe process of buying a house is a huge and important step for a person in its adulthood. Moreover, the purchase of the own house may be the biggest investment somebody makes in a whole life. When dealing with the problem of how to buy a house, a person or a family should think about various factors. Countless real estate agencies can offer their services for additional payment in order to search the house which could fill the requirements, set by the customer. However, often potential buyers do not want to go to the agency owing to the reasons like lack of money, time, and mobility. In this case, people can choose the option of looking for the house on their own.

Buying a house is the most important purchase for many people, so, the reasonable approach must be taken as seriously as possible. The main things to do include preparations from the financial point of view as well as psychological disposition. Continue reading