Hot Strategies in Writing from Famous Authors

Strategies in WritingHere and there, you run into dozens of writing tips for college and university students on how to cope with every other writing assignment and get an A. And they’re really cool. Always interesting to check some recommendations from those, who have also experienced the so-called writer’s block, especially if English is not your mother tongue. But sometimes you may find yourself being unable to distinguish one list of recommendations from the other, and the whole scope of “how to” tips seems to whirl away into the black darkness of uncertainty. Continue reading

Stories to Write about for English Language Learners

English Language LearnersShort stories that you’re required to include to the academic assignments such as essays or reports provide tutors with a great opportunity to evaluate students’ knowledge in a particular area and writing skills. A lot of ESL students have a good vocabulary basis, but they struggle really hard, when it comes to using a real life language. This is where the short stories should be integrated to open up the creative minds of the English language learners as they work on this or that piece of writing. Continue reading

Basic Requirements for College: Ensure You’re a Good Fit!

Basic Requirements for CollegeLeaving home to attend college is a serious decision to make, but leaving sweet home to travel to the far-and-away land to study can be even scarier! Do you have a dream to study in the United States of America? That’s quite praiseworthy, you know. But before you enter the educational institution for the first time, you need to find out what the admission officials and specialists expect from every potential student, who is ready to go a long way toward moving from the freshman to a graduate of a trusted school. Continue reading

Top 3 Reasons for Boulder Students to Spend Time in the Fresh Air

Boulder StudentsWorking on a college degree, especially in a prestigious location like Boulder’s branch of the University of Colorado, really does not leave time for many extracurricular activities.

Between stressing out over the next assignment due and feeling drained when you finally have a moment to yourself, there simply does not seem to be any energy left to try something different. But you need to step outside the dorms. You should to breathe in the fresh air. And where better to do that than beautiful Boulder, Colorado? Continue reading

The Great Parks and Nature Attractions for Students in Ithaca

Students in IthacaIthaca has beautiful nature and parks, which are a great find for the students of the Cornell University. Moreover, apart from being beautiful, the place is filled with many student attractions like a museum, parks, waterfalls, botanical gardens, and nature center preserves, etc.

It would be a crime not to visit at least some places of interest if you’re a student in Ithaca. Here are top parks and nature attractions that you should consider. Continue reading

Enjoy Wonderful Nature in Boulder After all the Hard Learning

Hard LearningNature is a free and wonderful option to make your learning easier after the needed relaxation. Many researchers advise to make a pause and chill the mind. Fresh air and nice views help the best to rest and enjoy your life. Bear in mind that the more you energize yourself, the more results you can get.

And it’s easy to be achieved if you’re a Boulder student. The place offers so many opportunities that it’s impossible to feel low. Here are 2 picks from us. And they are not only about meditation. Read further to learn more. Continue reading

6 Reasons to Consider SUNY Classes for Obtaining a Degree

SUNY Classes for DegreeSUNY (the State University of New York) is an assembly of 64 higher educational institutions located within New York state. It comprises liberal arts colleges, medical centers, research universities, community colleges and so on. It is the largest educational system in the USA that attracts loads of American students as well as international learners. The overseas undergraduates constitute about 8% of all the SUNY students, and if you’re also interested in enrolling in one of the colleges/universities from this system, learn more about the benefits it provides. Continue reading

4 Most Suitable States to Study in USA: A Guide for ESL Students

Most Suitable States to Study in USAIt was registered that last year there were 1.18 million of international students in the US higher educational establishments. The number grew by 2% in comparison with 2016 even despite the travel ban and the changes of political moods towards some countries. The USA still stays the most popular destination for young people who wish to get a degree abroad. Continue reading

8 Best Universities for International Students Who Want to Study in London

Best Universities for International StudentsLondon accommodates approximately 100 000 foreign students from more than 200 countries all over the world. If you’re wondering why they’re swarming into this city, you need to be aware of its numerous learning facilities and opportunities. London has about 120 libraries, 30 000 courses in different educational establishments and over 45 universities. But we’ve decided to mark out the institutions which are perfect for foreign learners to study in London. Continue reading

How to Study in England for Free or with Minimum Expenses

Study in England for FreeNobody likes the money talk – we get that. But when it comes to getting a diploma, it’s impossible to avoid it because nothing comes for free in this world, especially higher education. What is more, if you dream about studying in England, you have to know that according to this country was recognized in 2017 as the most expensive state to obtain a degree (for international students prices start at £10 000 ≈ $14 122). However, there are various options that may significantly reduce the cost of studies or even make it free, so if you’re interested, continue reading! Continue reading