7 Key Marketing Topics for Presentation at Conferences in 2018

Marketing Topics for PresentationFrom developing a unique brand to selling different products and services, a career in marketing opens up a variety of possibilities today. As marketers directly affect a company’s profit, they’re hired nearly in every sector of business. For the last decades marketing is a rapidly growing industry sector in which more and more people tend to major at university.

According to the US Department of Labor, the growth in the job outlook among market research analysts is estimated at 23%. As for the median annual wage, those who hold a degree in Marketing earn about $63,000. Want to step up your game for a promising future in marketing? Continue reading

A Detailed Mental Health Case Studies Manual: Prepare for the Project Proper

Mental Health Case StudiesSome time or other, in the study of Psychology or any mental health-related subject  students are required to write a case study. There is no specific definition of a case study. According to the article under the title “What is a case study?” in Evidence-Based Nursing, it can be described as a profound, systematic investigation of a single individual, group, community during which a researcher is supposed to examine data relating to several variable factors. Continue reading

A List of the Reliable Information Sources Used for Mental Health Topics

Mental Health TopicsIn different institutions of learning, students are required to write well-researched papers for which only topics vary. The paper requirements remain the same for each research topic – be well-analyzed and properly-covered. A mental health topic is no exception. In fact, not only the number of sources greatly influences a paper quality, but their credibility as well. Continue reading

Good Speeches in English: What a Puzzled International Student Should Learn from the Best Speakers

Good Speeches in EnglishNowadays students are required to have a lot of skills to achieve the desired results in the academic life. One of these skills is the ability to write an effective and clear speech. Being an ESL student, you should remember that you‘ll come on it sooner or later. So, prepare yourself for this stage in advance if you don’t want to feel nervous while speaking a new language in front of an audience. Continue reading

6 Ultimate Places to Get Free Book Reviews for Your Book Report

Free Book Reviews for Book ReportSo, you’ve found yourself with a task to write a book review. Well, that’s not the best, but also not the worst case scenario in your academic career – believe us, professors can come up with much trickier assignments that are hard for American students, not mentioning the international ones. But keep your goose bumps under control – we are here to rescue your foreign student soul ☺

The bulkiest thing you need to do to write a book review is to read the actual book. Of course, you can get lucky and receive a short story for your paper, but as the name of the assignment suggests, you shouldn’t rely on luck too much. So, how can you come out dry in this situation? That’s right – use free book reviews websites to find all the information you need! They are useful because: Continue reading

Brand-New Essay Writing: YouTube Replacing Traditional Notebooks and Word Docs

Brand-New Essay WritingDid you know that essay writing came from the law? If you think about it more, everything is very logical. Any paragraph you need to write in an academic paper consists of a topic sentence, supporting argument and conclusion. Doesn’t it remind you of opening statements, witnesses and proofs together with the conclusions and decisions of the Jury? It is not an accident that when you read any essay guide, you meet words like “evidence”, “claim”, “prove”, “support”, etc., because this whole writing sphere derives from courts and legal proceedings. But that doesn’t mean that it is the same as it was 50-70 years ago. In fact, it’s quite the contrary – essay writing is evolving very rapidly, and there is a new form we should take into account – a video essay. Continue reading

3 Spheres (or 15 Jobs) for Student Paid Internships NOT in Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel: Sin City Edition

Student Paid InternshipsWhat comes to your mind when you think about earning some extra money in Las Vegas? Of course, the first thing that pops in your head is a waiter, then casino dealer, hotel receptionist, etc. Why? Because you are not that confident in your own skills, especially as an international student in a foreign country, and reckon that you may not be able to find a normal job that is related to your college major. Well, maybe you are right on this one as you don’t have enough knowledge or experience yet, but there is a better way out of this situation that can bring you much more benefits – a paid internship. Continue reading

Prepare for College Abroad in High School: After School Programs Alternatives to Boost Your Chances

College Abroad in High SchoolThe 2017 statistic on international students in the USA says that there are 1.18 million of foreign learners in the American educational institutions. 1.18 million, Carl! If so many people can learn English to the point of being accepted to the foreign university and assimilate in the American environment, don’t tell us you can’t! It’s just that you need a proper approach being still in high school: after school programs are great, but if you can plan your time more efficiently and prepare better for studying abroad, our alternatives will certainly bring you more benefits. Read further and see it for yourself. Continue reading

Best Online Colleges to Consider in 2018

Best Online Colleges 2018A college degree is the best way to boost your career and get the desired income. However, work, geography or family problems can make you feel like the college programs are simply beyond your reach. But the great news is that technology is on your side! Today, you can earn the desired degree while you’re taking care of your family or working full-time.

More and more college students are opting to online colleges than ever before. According to the Pew Research Center survey, 58% of colleges that provide their students with web courses grant degrees for which one can accomplish all work…online! Explore the best online colleges ranking based on student reviews and key statistics provided by the Department of Education of the US. Continue reading

Amazingly Weird Courses for College that SHOULD Be Taught!

Weird Courses for CollegeA lot of liberal arts schools offer a great assortment of topics that college students have a chance to study before the degree day. There, no student is allowed to graduate without taking such courses as “The Global Warming” or “Philosophy and Pre-Civil War.” At the same time, larger educational institutions  can boast of a broad range of courses that everyone is welcome to take, including ESL students. According to the research conducted by the Center for Adult English Language Acquisition, adult ESL learners comprise a great part of the education population in the USA. For that reason, the college courses are the best way possible to boost one’s language level. Continue reading

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