How to Write a Literature Review for a Dissertation

Writing a Literature Review for a DissertationA literature review is a crucial part of a dissertation that presents the overview of the researched sources. While creating it, an author purposes to show the readers what actually was read and investigated related to the specific issue or question in the particular area. The author may provide a separate assignment or make the review one of the introductory parts of a dissertation. In the latter case, the task how to write a literature review for a dissertation is guided by the research purpose or the thesis the author is proving. As a result, it ensures the framework for the further investigation.

The correct literature review is well composed, with the strong logical connection between different points. All sources should be relevant, up-to-date, and cited properly in accordance with your formatting requirements.

To create the proper literature review, you are expected to perform the following steps: Continue reading

How to Write a Training Report

Writing a Training ReportTo create a training report, it is primarily necessary to evaluate the audience or whom the information within the report is intended to help. The consideration of the goals of the readers as well as the individual decision means making intentions regarding the acceptance or reluctance to apply the mentioned recommendations will affect the success of the training report. In order to know how to write a training report of the proper quality, the writer ought to set relevant goals and provide the possibility of measuring their implementation. Other vital sections relate to the evaluation of skills and budget for any training that is described within the report. The understanding of the concerns will occur beneficial prior to the process of writing.

To write a training report it is vital for the specialist to go through several preparation stages. These include the establishment of the report’s goals that need to be reached. Defining the component skills that are necessary for the implementation of goals is another significant point for the training professional. Continue reading

How to Write a PhD Thesis Introduction

How to Write a PhD Thesis IntroductionIn order to write a PHD thesis introduction, a researcher should be aware of the value that the beginning of the document holds. It basically introduces and outlines the core idea of the work. It predestines the first impression of the scholar. The model of writing a PHD thesis introduction depends on the goals that the writer sets. Students are usually worried about their thesis introduction being too overloaded with information that seems relevant to the point described. While describing how to write a PHD thesis introduction it is vital to keep in mind the solemn content of the work that is more valuable than the chosen model of the research. The writer should focus and maintain diligent in order to have a proper and engaging piece of writing.

A PHD thesis introduction typically reveals the subject of the paper as well as the area of interest of the researcher. It also demonstrates the already obtained findings by the previous scholars. The writer should show how the particular research relates to the prior accumulated ideas and conclusions. Continue reading

How to Write a Case Study Assignment

How to Write a Case Study AssignmentA case study is a document that contains information about any case of real life. More often than not, the paper shows an example from the business history of one of the famous companies. In addition, a case study contains not only a description of the unusual or useful situation but an analysis and some theoretical information on the topic. Therefore, a profound knowledge of how to write a case study assignment help students to bind theoretical and practical attains.

In order to write a case study assignment, the author should know some specific features of this work. The fact is that students often make a mistake when choosing a wrong situation, or forget to specify certain points in their papers. However, if the author wants to write a high-quality and professional work he or she should write a case study assignment in accordance with the required format and remember a few simple rules. Continue reading

5 Pros and Cons of Career Courses for International Students

Being a student is like walking in the fog; you just never know what is going to be with you when it clears. But, that is child’s play compared to being a student in a foreign country, where you are simply trying to herd cats.

And that is not an exaggeration, especially if a student has been trying to pull several tricks at once, like trying to take time out for a job, attending classes, studying for the said classes, being social, and trying to get some sleep. While all the other things are a part and a parcel of being a student, taking responsibility and getting a job at such a tender age might be a bit cruel. Continue reading

Can’t Find Your Place in a Foreign Country? Try a Career Personality Quiz: Free Access

Abroad, overseas, foreign, or just out of country is not ambitious enough as an answer for your career. Yes, you want to go abroad and it sounds cool and à la mode, but just willing does not guarantee a good career. Not every state in the USA is the best for every profession, and not every profession is good for you because you come from that one state of the USA. Does it make  any sense? We hope it does, because that would mean you will search your options carefully, before embarking on your journey. So, what is your real calling?

In the 19th century, answering this question might have been a real challenge, but lucky we are, the internet is your fortune, because it has made available for us a career personality quiz, free of cost. Continue reading

5 Secret Ways to Negotiate a Cheap Accommodation Which Looks Like a Palace

The best thing about being a student is that you can actually get away with anything (definitely not referring to the sale of crystal meth or drag racing here), and not even feeling bad about it. You can live your life in makeshift tents and cars, using hand-me-downs and cheap dresses; you can even eat ramen noodles and no one will judge you. But, if you are exceedingly smart, you can also get away with living in a palace without even a single penny in your pocket (again, not referring to breaking and entering).

Finding an accommodation is a big issue for international students living abroad. The dorm rooms have a fee and renting an apartment means paying the rent; so, what should you do? Work for your landowners and save on paying rent. Not getting it? Continue reading

7 Cheap Colleges for Chinese International Students in the USA

Colleges for Chinese International Students

Like many students from Asia, Chinese students are ambitious towards getting their higher education in the USA; the only problem is the cost. Leaving your own country and moving overseas is not something that comes cheaper: there are tickets to pay for, visa to apply for, living expenses and then there’s food, clothes, books, transit etc., and most of all there is a price for education itself. Ridiculously costly tuition fee, we might as well add, may shock you a great deal.

Hold your horses though, no need to be all disappointed because the good news is here. Chinese students still have some good opportunities, waiting for them in the USA. Continue reading

How to Use Book Ideas for Writers to Create Your First Writing Assignment

In spite of all the things that prove to be testing for the students, the one that outright gives them a hard time is coping up with writing assignments that they have, more or less, no idea about. Writing assignment – and a good one at that – is simply perplexing for international students.

Although it sounds very discouraging and gloomy, it is not really so in reality. Here, we are talking about creating a masterpiece out of your first writing assignment, one that stands out from the works of your peers and simply demands to be noticed. But how can we dwell upon creating such a fine scripture when you write your assignments just for grades? The answer is right in front of you. We get inspiration from our favorite writers, or more precisely, from where our much-loved writers themselves get their brainwaves for books. Let’s have a look at these book ideas for writers that can be quite useful for you as well. Continue reading

3 Important Tips to Meet All the Demands for a Great Book Report

Writing a book report is one of the most interesting parts of academic life. It hardly matters whether the book is an exceptional or a mind-draining one. At least by the end of it, you give your opinions, write down your review, and give some details to make readers of your report really curious about the book itself. As simple as it sounds, these book reports are a bit devilish to handle, especially if you are aiming to secure some great grades through it.

Admittedly, writing book reports is a bit grueling for native speakers; so, imagine the pains of international students who do not even have the advantage of knowing the language to ace their reports. Think about the poor souls who have to resort to re-reading many times, searching all over the internet to interpret the meanings of various paragraphs, or to simply read every detail carefully. All this results in a lot of wasted time. It simply leaves international students even more confused. Continue reading