3 Spheres (or 15 Jobs) for Student Paid Internships NOT in Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel: Sin City Edition

Student Paid InternshipsWhat comes to your mind when you think about earning some extra money in Las Vegas? Of course, the first thing that pops in your head is a waiter, then casino dealer, hotel receptionist, etc. Why? Because you are not that confident in your own skills, especially as an international student in a foreign country, and reckon that you may not be able to find a normal job that is related to your college major. Well, maybe you are right on this one as you don’t have enough knowledge or experience yet, but there is a better way out of this situation that can bring you much more benefits – a paid internship.

There are several spheres in Las Vegas that always need young specialists, and some of them may be connected with Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel, but the job positions are not the ones you think of. So, let’s see where you can get hired as an intern, make some money and gain relevant as well as valuable experience.

1.     Accounting & Finance

Do you want to become more proficient in balance sheet organization? Or maybe you are interested in revenue reporting? Well, if you get a paid internship in this domain, you will certainly learn the ins and outs of these accounting moments and much more. There are many financial perspectives in Las Vegas, and you must surely take advantage of them if you’re majoring in accounting & finance.

Internship examples:

2.     Marketing

If you, as an international student, get an internship in marketing in Las Vegas, you will not only earn a great line for your resume but also will gain real experience of working in an American team and get to know a lot of things about marketing itself. Las Vegas is a city popular worldwide, and there is a great deal of different brands or companies who want to get ahead of one another, so don’t lose this great opportunity.

Internship examples:

3.     Project Management

Coordinating projects, planning and scheduling different sessions, controlling deliveries or sales – all this and much more can be learned if you go to work as a project manager. The truth is that every company has different requirements for this position, but what they have in common is that after this kind of internship you will acquire a lot of very useful skills.

Internship examples:

See? There are numerous opportunities that you just can’t ignore. Even if we haven’t mentioned your college major in our list, try looking for a paid internship in Google – we’re sure you’ll find something suitable for an international student because the one who make an effort to look for something, will certainly come across the thing one needs.

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