7 Key Marketing Topics for Presentation at Conferences in 2018

Marketing Topics for PresentationFrom developing a unique brand to selling different products and services, a career in marketing opens up a variety of possibilities today. As marketers directly affect a company’s profit, they’re hired nearly in every sector of business. For the last decades marketing is a rapidly growing industry sector in which more and more people tend to major at university.

According to the US Department of Labor, the growth in the job outlook among market research analysts is estimated at 23%. As for the median annual wage, those who hold a degree in Marketing earn about $63,000. Want to step up your game for a promising future in marketing?

So, it is worth swotting at a subject. Moreover, it is better to learn from real experts in the marketing area. A conference is the best place where you can meet them and discuss important topics. Let’s focus on the key topics that you could cover during various marketing conferences or seminars in 2018.

What Topics to Present at Marketing Conferences in 2018?

A Marketing conference is a large formal meeting where a lot of people discuss important matters existing in the marketing world. The good idea is to know what to discuss before a conference starts and prepare for it. Our list comes in very handy if you intend to attend Marketing conferences this year.

  1. Effective Ways to Build Online Customer Relationships: What Platforms Are in High Demand?;
  2. Basic Market Research Methods that Bring Great Results;
  3. Advertising Campaign Strategy: How to Use Customer-Oriented Business Power;
  4. What Steps in the Promotional Campaign Lead to Success?;
  5. Global Brand Developing in the Digital Age: What Stages Are Passed by Well-Known Brands;
  6. Bad Brand Experiences: Attacks and Defence on Social Media;
  7. What Measures Are Able to Evaluate a Marketing Program?

What Marketing Conferences Can I Participate in 2018?

  • The 3rd Annual Growth Acceleration Summit – June 18-20, 2018

    Don’t pass the unique ability to hear the firsthand experience of experts in Marketing. If you attend this meeting, you can really benefit –  during 3 days you encounter close together with top Marketing thought leaders, including Tiffani Bova, Jay Baer and many others.

  • MozCon – July 9-11, 2018

    No matter what experience you have in Marketing, this event will be useful for everyone who dream to build up a successful career in the area. Marketing specialists are ready to share all essential points with you. Change the way you perceived Marketing before.

  • Inbound – September 4-7, 2018

    Get inspired by keynote speakers who love what they do in Marketing. Their sharpest minds will direct you towards great success in Marketing. You’ll be aware of key trends in today’s business, sales and marketing.

  • MarTech – October 1-3, 2018

    Ready to come up with the new ideas in Marketing, Technology and Management? Attend this event to stay up to date on what’s happening in the world of fast-paced, profitable business. It is better to learn from real-world experiences than to struggle alone.

  • MarketingProfs’ B2B Marketing Forum – November 13-16, 2018

    Attend this inspiring conference to know all the secrets of success in Marketing as famous leaders, innovators will work with you. Their knowledge and experience will help you get things going with unfamiliar situations that you can face as a marketer.

Eventually, you’re revealed the secret how to study Marketing so that it has a positive effect on your career as a marketer. Consider professionals’ opinions what’s new, what’s effective, what’s crucial for your success. Take an active role during the studies in Marketing instead of writing reports or coursework all the day. Apply our marketing essay writing services to free up yourself for more helpful activities – conferences, forums and seminars.

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