Biology Research Topics: 60 Interesting Biology Topics To Discuss In College Papers

The science of biology is an everlasting ball of enigma filled with fascination and interest. It forms a close-knit of human, animal, plant life, and environmental factors that do not deplete despite close to 2000 years of study. For example, the human body is a complex and fascinating work of art that adapts to various environments and changes accordingly. The study of inventions and variations would therefore last a lifetime.

As college students, there is a wide array of biology topics to choose from while doing academic research, thesis studies, and academic essays. This essay aims to surface examples of topics that will add more interest and spice to academic life.

Biology topics for essays

The following are examples of topics specific to academic essays on biology.

  • Benefits and effects of GMOs

Considering the worldwide adaptation of GMOs, a related study can improve the understanding of people on their use and offer more reassurance or inhibit their use based on the obtained findings.

  • Association of microbiomes to human health.

Microbiomes facilitate body operations such as nutrient and drug metabolism. Research on the effect of microbiomes on human health can familiarize students with the knowledge of their purpose.

  • Role of gene mutation on combating disease.

Intergration of gene mutation can be used in fighting illnesses such as diabetes caused by genetic inheritance.

  • Future and impact of stem cell technology.

A biology essay on the topic can focus on upcoming technologies related to stem cell and their role in future advancements in the medical field.

  • The threat posed by antibiotic resistance.

This biology topic can help outline measures taken on this threat and advancements in medicine to reduce this phenomenon.

  • Influence of hormones and relationship with human behavior.

This would be an interesting biology topic for college students, especially since most students are at a discovery phase and hormones have largely affected their behavior. 

  • Exploring neurotransmission with relation to brain activity.

Articles can help magnify the understanding of the interpretation of neurotransmission and how the brain triggers related impulse effects in response to the transmission.

  • Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR)

This is the process of precisely cutting DNA and letting its natural repair. The technology has been used in functions such as modifying embryo cells. 

  • How emotions affect the perception of memory and focus on time.

Positive and negative emotions impact the storage of memory and attention to time.

  • Effect of alcohol and marijuana on brain development.

Alcohol and marijuana largely affect body functions, and this biology article on the topic would create awareness, especially among college students deterring its use.

  • How the human brain perceives sight.

The science of perception of sight through neurotransmission can be explained through academic essays.

  1. Control of industrial waste on marine life.

Through the food chain cycle, the effects of industrial waste on marine life contribute to the health of the human body.

  • Role of commensalism relationships.

Commensalism relationships help bring about a balance in the ecologic cycle, despite one organism not benefiting. 

  • The threat of coral diseases to the coral reef ecosystem.

The coral reef ecosystem is significant in maintaining the air content balance, and coral diseases threaten the balance.

  • Influences of excessive screen time on brain activity. 

Over-reliance on technology has significantly affected human operations and has subsequent effects on brain function.

  • Origin of horticulture.

This biology research topic will rematerialize the history of the largely enjoyed beauty of flowers.

  • A study on the effectiveness of masks to wildfire smoke.

Current topics, such as the efficacy of masks in Canadian wildfire smoke, can form a compelling topic.

  • Major theories on natural selection.

 Natural selection of animals and their function in the behavioral adaption of animals can also be investigated.

  • A study on endangered species.

Techniques for preserving endangered species can be studied to check their effectiveness.

  • Principles of human cloning.

Despite human cloning being a significant research innovation, very few facts are known about it. A research paper on it would be significant in offering more information.

Biology topics for research papers

The following are examples of topics specific to research on biology.

  • Benefits of grafting on plants.

The creation of modified species into new varieties can be captured through research topics.

  • Modern advancements in organ transplanting.

Research papers can be based on developments in organ transplants and their significance to the medical world.

  • Association of Depression to genetic structure

Through research, insight can be given into how 50% cause of depression is through genetics.

  • Hereditary theories and genetic impact on Down syndrome.

Studies on Down syndrome can help separate facts from myths and create more awareness.

  • Impacts of abortion on young adolescent girls.

For college students, abortion can be extensively studied to reduce the associated cases among young people.

  • The biology behind post-partum depression and solutions to it.

Focus on modern matters such as post-partum depression among mothers and how surrounding people can identify it and offer help.

  • Relation of testosterone levels to prostate cancer.

An exploratory study can help understand this relationship and the mitigation of prostate cancer among men.

  • Examining the role of different exercises on blood circulation.

Body exercises have an impactful role in health and blood health, and circulation.

  • Influence of specific genes on cancer progression.

Cancer can also be studied with the relation of genetics and associated genes contributing to an escalation of cancer cells.

  • Benefits of artificial intelligence on the medical industry

Per the modernity and adaptation of artificial intelligence, its purpose in the medical industry can be determined.

  • Repercussions of COVID-19 vaccines on human immunity.

Research papers can help outline the impact of COVID-19 on body immunity.

  • The influence of therapy on human character and habits.

With the embrace of therapy in the medical world, its effect on human character must be analyzed.

  • Role of specific genes to aging.

Studying an organism with a short lifespan can provide details on the effect of the aging gene on other genes.

  • Types of pollutants and effect on soil micro-organisms.

Soil pollutants such as hydrocarbons and non-biodegradable wastes cause disturbance and affect the productivity of the soil.

  • Impact of research modification on the control of malaria.

New approaches to the research have made malaria more manageable with some vaccines, and this research paper topic can show its effect on better treatment.

  • Factors affecting the amphibian population.

A research paper can list major factors like human influence, diseases, pesticides, and climate change.

  • Effects of sleep deprivation on mood.

Sleep deprivation dulls one cognitive performance and is a common sign of depression.

  • Process of the release of endorphins and their functions.

Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers, and their intensive study can form an interesting BIOLOGY TOPIC.

  • Impact of family planning on female bodies.

Changes in libido, mood swings, and weight fluctuations as some side effects can be studied.

  •  Correlation of social media and seclusion.

Excessive use warrants a disconnect from real-life interactions and loneliness.

Biology topics for thesis papers

  • Prevention of graft rejection.

The approach to enhance compatibility between donor and recipient can custom a research topic.

  • History of plant evolution.

Through thesis papers, students gain insight into the processes that shape the diversity and adaptations of plants.

  • Oxytocin and the love reaction.

Biology paper research topics can be based on the love hormone’s role in social and emotional connections.

  • Implementing immunotherapy in the human body.

Through research, optimized treatment protocols can improve the body’s reception.

  • Impact of biology on bipolar disorders

Thesis studies can help enhance diagnostic accuracy and improve the quality of life for individuals with bipolar disorder.

  • Risk of donating stem cells

Research topics on stem cells can aid in mitigating infections and other risks.

  • Technology advancements in DNA analysis.

Advancements from gel electrophoresis techniques to next-generation sequencing can form thesis topics in biology.

  • Repercussions of sex change.

Poor outcomes from successful and unsuccessful sex change operations can be investigated.

  • Relation of transgenic plants and human health.

This thesis research will examine GMO plants’ safety, nutritional value, and potential modified gene transfer to organisms.

  • A genetic and biological understanding of obesity.

Gene discovery studies would prove the mutual genetic and biological underpinnings for obesity.

  • Viruses as biological weapons.

This biology topic would outline the process aftermath of viruses as biological weapons.

  • Study of birds’ behavior

Studying how birds interact with their environment and communicate would be thrilling.

  • Cell and tissue engineering

The thesis will focus on cell-tissue phenomena to spawn new tissue for illness treatment.

  • Self-healing process of the brain

Concepts on neuroplasticity would educate students on brain function.

  • Effects of Radiation on DNA

Effects such as cancer, fetal harm, and death can be studied, and subsequent solutions found.

  • Obesity of home pets and its mitigation.

Poor diet and its mitigation among home pets can help forward solutions to pet owners.

  • Neurobiological explanation of sleep.

The interlocking of positive and negative feedback by the brain to induce sleep can form an interesting thesis study.

  • Influence of rain forest extinction

Disruption of ecosystems and exacerbation of climate change can influence positive changes among people. 

  • Darwin’s theory.

Theories of evolution on natural selection and their significance can be researched.

  • Future impact of steroids

The effect of steroids on human bodies at a later date can be the basis for biological and medical research.


The examples mentioned above can be integrated by the students and offer solutions to academic stumbling blocks. The cited topics in biology can improve interest in the academic subject and even be a stepping stone to a future milestone in fast-tracking a student’s career path. Pick a topic from the above and make your research interesting!

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