How to Write a Book Review for High School

How to Write a Book Review for High SchoolBook review is a form of literary critic based on the content analysis, artistic methods and style evaluation.

The main types of the review are the scholarly review, summary review, and opinion review. Book reviews are part of regular assignments for high schoolers as they develop analyzing skills and critical thinking. Book review is not just a summarizing the plot. The student has to demonstrate analysis of the characters and provide personal response supported by strong arguments. Overall, there are some specific details about how to write a book review for high School.

Writing a book review at high school requires students to share own thoughts about the book and conduct an analysis based on task questions and general outline of the stated problem. Usually, high school reviews are not voluminous and take up to four pages of text. Moreover, there is no need to use complex speech patterns or past tenses. Thus, the first-person narrative will be enough.

To complete high school book review it is necessary to follow the five next steps:

  1. The first step will be definitely about writing a strong thesis and presentation of the general idea, providing the general outline of the review points. On this step, it is important to fully understand the reading material and think about the assessment of the book in order to write the profound reflection. Thus, it will become the important milestone of the whole review. The author should think about the most significant things about the reading, make a debatable statement, and look for strong supporting arguments.
  2. The second step will be connected to the plot summary. On this step, the student has to provide the short summary of characters, events, places, and ideas. The format of ‘who, what, where, when, and why’ questions can help make this part as short as possible. In such way, the person who reads the review will be briefly informed about general elements of the book and realize that writer is familiar with the book.
  3. The third step is related to the personal opinion. On this step, it is time to express a subjective conception about the book. It also necessary to provide the justification to criticize or support the certain moments. The best choice here is not to get writing too vague and provide one or two examples from the text.
  4. The fourth step deals with literary qualities of the text. This section serves for a deeper steeping into the structure of the text. It is a place to deliver personal commentaries about structural elements of the book.
  5. The final step is up to conclusions. On this step, it is possible to define what type of reader can be interested in the book. Also, an author can provide own verdict whether the book should be read or not.

Book review differs from the summary paper because book review requires critical thinking, analyzing the characters and providing own interpretation of the book. Writing a book review for high school can be exciting because it gives a chance to take a look at the book from a different angle and to open something new in it.

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