How to Write a Thesis Statement for Beginners

Thesis Statement WritingAlmost every paper written in academic style should have a strong main argument, a central idea, or an essential message. Therefore, all the author’s arguments in a paper should follow its main point. The thesis statement, in this case, is a sentence that is usually placed at the end of the first paragraph and briefly expresses the main idea of a paper. In other words, the sentence that claims the main author’s point of view is a thesis statement. It represents the main object of the research as well as shows the author’s opinion related to this object. How to write a thesis statement guide instructs about the improvement of academic writing and building a strong and focused argument.

As a rule, persuasion is the main point for most academic writings, as any work requires convincing the reader that it brings a brand new idea in the studied field of knowledge. What is more, the skill of persuasion is the one people use every day even in their usual life. The programs of most educational institutions contain the assignments that ask students to write the persuasive works in order to prove their understanding of the studied subject. Students are asked to persuade the teacher with their own opinion. Such way of convincing is known as an academic argument which has the established structure in writing. Normally, after a short abstract that reveals the main points of a paper, a writer states his or her own position on the paper theme which has a form of one sentence. This sentence is called a ‘thesis statement’, and it is used as a synopsis of the argument that the author explains in the subsequent paper.

A thesis statement should be created after a long thinking process. After becoming acquainted with the writing assignment, creating a thesis statement should not be the first step. A writer should gather and structure evidence, search for potential relations between known information, and evaluate the importance of these relations before developing an argument on the given topic. When these procedures are done, a writer can obtain a strong thesis idea that reflects the main goal of a paper that later will be supported by the evidence. Brainstorming with the peers or classmates would also trigger the productive thinking process and help to quicken the appearing of a well-structured thesis statement.

After reviewing the first draft with its thesis statement it is necessary to check some main aspects of the paper one more time. If a thesis statement is built on the undoubted argument that no one could disagree with, it means that the paper simply provides a summary of some well-known facts that does not create any possibility for a dispute and subsequent research. One more common mistake is that a thesis statement is uncertain and is not supported with the proper arguments. If the conclusion of a paper does not contain any new information or does not reveal some new points of view on the given topic, a writer must formulate it more precisely and connect it to some significant issue. Often a body part of the paper with a strong thesis contains the argument that is connected to the main point too indirectly. In this case, it is needed to modify the paper’s thesis so it would reflect the things writer have figured out in the essay. It is necessary to revise and improve the writing few times before presenting its final version.

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