Best San Francisco Colleges for International Students

The city of San Francisco is without a doubt the most intriguing and beautiful city to visit or settle in. With all its beauty and cream to offer, large numbers of different ethnic groups are found living in San Francisco. This shows that it is a rather hospitable city for foreign students and they will certainly feel comfortable in the place with such a variety of people. But what does it have to offer concerning education?

Here is the list of the best universities for international students in San Francisco!

University of San Francisco


The University of San Francisco is not only an institution of higher learning for the citizens of America, but also a learning platform for people from all corners of the globe. The campus has been carefully designed to accommodate people with different requirements. This is due to the extensive programs that the university provides. These programs are diverse and have wide appeal from people across the globe (e.g. Arts and Sciences that have been modelled for specific students: Arts and Sciences for Asia Pacific studies).

City College of San Francisco


City College of San Francisco is a little bit different as compared to the University of San Francisco. The difference here is that City College has fewer programs. In addition, the College is located in a more urban setting which is a good attribute since students can easily access amenities in the town if they happen to be enrolled here. International students who might be interested in a program here would only be enrolled in the following departments; Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences & Multicultural Studies, English & Foreign Languages, Science & Technology, Engineering &Mathematics, Fine, Applied, and Communication Arts, Health, Physical Education & Social Services, Business, Fashion & Culinary Arts, ESL, International Education &Transitional Studies.

Berkeley; University of California


Berkeley is one of the best higher education institutions in the world. The fact that it is one of the Ivy Leagues makes it a better choice for international students seeking to pursue one of their programs. Berkeley promotes some of the best ideologies that have the potential of changing the world. For instance, it provides a platform for people to learn more about clean energy, with the new partnership with Global Energy Institute. Such a program is beneficial to the international students since they can get to learn on ways to improve their lives by utilizing clean energy and those of people living around them.

Academy of Art University


Unlike the other three universities that have been described here, Academy of Art University provides programs dealing with Arts only. These programs include Design, Entertainment, Art History, Liberal Arts and Fine Art. All of these programs have an international appeal and due to this, they lure in a lot of international students. The major advantage of international students enrolling into such programs is the fact that they get to meet and connect with artists from all parts of the world. It is vital to note that Academy of Art University has provided some of the best graphic designers in the world. The fact that San Francisco is in the state of California makes it even better for the students, since they can access job opportunities from Hollywood production companies that might be interested in making a movie with certain graphics.


Undoubtedly, San Francisco colleges and universities offer the best of education and possess quite a unique ground for any foreign student to study in. Failure in these universities is not an option as there is less to bother you, more to mingle with and a great platform to explore the diverse population found in the marvelous city of San Francisco. In addition, students seeking to enroll in colleges in San Francisco have another incentive they can get, and that is the lovely and inviting climatic conditions present in San Francisco.

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