The University of San Francisco for Chinese Students

usf international studentsIf you are an international Chinese student who decided to visit the campus or finally get to study in the USF, typically, all you know about the USF is that it has a beautiful backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge. But, in fact, it’s a place that is like no other in the state of California where you will love spending time and learning new things that will have an impact on you for the rest of your life.
But what you do not know are the things that really make the experience what it is. The USF’s students explain and advise on things that they learned during their time and what you are really in for at this prestigious place of learning.


Chinese students do not need to fear being alienated in a school that is smack in the middle of San Francisco. In the video review students say that “this school is different because there is more of a sense of community even though we are an urban campus”. You will hear people tell you that, at the USF, you get to learn in the open air environment, sometimes with only a handful of students. And when it comes to lessons inside the university “the classes are small…but it’s more personal that way.”

If you plan on attending this school, it will not be just you from a different culture and background; the school hosts thousands of other students as well. You might even end up learning from these people that you make friends with from all around the world. The school hosts people from 82 universities, there around 1037 students from China, which is also the leading international student population.


Don’t worry, even though this is a campus set in downtown San Francisco, there is a cozy Residence Hall waiting for you. You get a proper study desk, a dresser, a closet, built in heater, a telephone line, etc. You will have to bring your own bedding. Don’t forget toiletries, plus you don’t have to over pack either. If you plan on seeing home again during the holidays you can restock then. The first semester is meant for you to adjust in the environment, get a hang of the place, and find new people to make friends with. Oh, and don’t forget to get to class on time!

New People

When you decide to go far away from the place that you have grown up in, it always seems scary because you think that there will be nobody you know and can speak to, or hardly anyone will understand you. These fears can’t be eradicated but we can assure you that the moment you’ll get to the USF, you won’t be afraid anymore.
“I will miss the people, because here we are always all together,” says an international student, Pascaline, from France. She is on the verge of graduating, “… you don’t feel alone. You can’t feel alone, because there is always someone.”

Don’t worry about how you are going to spend the few years here. There are always tons of people who have your back. Studying at University of San Francisco is definitely an experience no one should miss out on. With so many other students leading an example of what it is like to feel at home, you will soon feel super comfy in the university environment. Before you know it, you will be graduating and it will be like leaving a new home.

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