Why Join American Taiwanese Student Association?


American Taiwanese student associations at universities take up the name Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA). This is a social non-profit organization formed and led by students with Taiwanese family backgrounds. These associations are usually not limited to people that identify with being Taiwanese per se, but bring together people with a common culture and interest and in this case being Taiwanese culture and heritage.

So why join this student association?

You get to:

  • Develop Valuable Leadership Skills

Since TASA is a student organization so it is staffed by students, with a variety of posts including a president, internal & external vice presidents, a treasurer, historian and more, being a part of your university’s TASA might help get you better opportunities.

  • Work on Cultural and Social Activities

Cultural awareness is a rather important factor, and is nurtured though social, cultural and volunteer activities throughout each year. So one would be able to take part in organizing activities that celebrate Taiwanese culture. Some of these activities may include annual night markets, and Taiwanese food dinners

  • Attend Organized Meetings

You would be able to get some practice in how organized meetings go about as well as their formalities, as your university or college TASA will have some of its own. You may also be able to attend some of the conferences held by ITASA.

  • Network with Students and Teachers All Over the US

Being a part of your TASA will give you access to people with similar interests in all walks of life. The association usually allows high school students to take part in their activities as well. ITASA, will help connect you to people all over the US that are interested in Taiwanese culture.

  • Receive Recognition through TASA’s Community

ITASA, which every TASA is connected to, gives out awards to those that have achieved great things during their membership with the association. This is something that can help build your résumé in future and land you great internships or jobs.

  • Devote Time and Effort to Volunteer Projects

If you’re interested in volunteering then joining a TASA is for you. Usually TASA take part in volunteer activities that help build the community, being a part of the association isn’t solely about Taiwanese culture but the community as well. This is a good reason both an addition on you résumé and for personal satisfaction.

  • Receive Limitless Opportunities through Alumni Networking

Some university’s TASA alumni still actively take part in some of the TASA activities and are willing to come out and share their TASA experience, as well as help some students (e.g. International Taiwanese students) with their transition into life in the US.

The Taiwanese American Student Associations also assist international Taiwanese students settle in the foreign country, as well as with other matters. Joining you’re schools association for a student as a foreigner is just as beneficial for Taiwanese-Americans. TASA becomes your home away from home as a foreign student, you get to meet a new people including people not of Taiwanese descent. TASA undoubtedly gives students the right tools to step into life after college or university with. Whether it’s the right amount of interaction to gain adequate communication skills, the leadership and management skills acquired being a part of TASA, or finally figuring out one’s identity in terms of Taiwanese and American culture. Universities and their respective TASA are part of the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association (ITASA). ITASA has relatively similar goals in line with university and college TASA which are identity-building, networking, community building, and leadership training.

Being a member of TASA gives members the opportunity to have a fun college experience, some colleges also have systems in place that give members the opportunity to meet outside the college for fun activities. These activities can range from a simple dinner with a few of the members to exploring a different city or state. All in all joining a student association gives one an all-round college experience, giving you memories and friends to cherish forever as well as somewhat of an informal education.

About Jessica Dong

Jessica Dong is a 21-year-old student from Beijing. She studies business development in the USA and dreams of running her own company. Jessica is a socially active student with interest in traveling, social media and entertainment.