5 Useful Informative Essay Topics for ESL Students at the Time when the Internet Exists

Informative Essay Topics for ESL StudentsMost students are very likely to ask themselves why they’re required to write informative essays at university if any kind of information can be easily found on the Internet. It is really an easy job for students to find the necessary information and rewrite it. Indeed, this activity has a lot of benefits for ESL students. Firstly, it broadens the mind discovering new facts. Secondly, it expands a vocabulary while searching information. Thirdly, it consolidates an understanding of grammar.

In fact, the list of benefits is endless. But students can be puzzled over informative essay topics that could catch a great interest of a student and an audience. Our article is to help ESL students to deal with 5 useful informative essay topics as a basis for their own essays in the Information Age.

1.  “Crazy Laws from across the Globe”

Would you like to know more about uncommon laws in the country where you’re going to study and live? For example, in New York City it isn’t allowed to honk a horn. Doing that, you’re at risk of paying a fine in the sum of $350. Perhaps, you have any crazy law in your native country that you want to share? It will be useful for those who tend to visit your country. You can chose the craziest laws among 67 Ridiculous Laws From Around The World That Still Actually Exist presented by Rachel Hodin.

Dealing with the given informative essay topic, a mutual exchange of knowledge happens between students and their teachers at the same time. In fact, it is highly appreciated when the information provided in the essay is much closer to the real life.

2.  “Will Electric Cars Preserve the Earth?”

The measures concerning the environment preservation have recently been in high demand. Increasingly, people start to take care of the nature by recycling, using eco-friendly products, etc. Driving an electric car is also a new trend in the modern world. Why wouldn’t you highlight this question in your informative essay?

You should be prepared to provide the objective information and support it with the numerical data. The large number of figures appears in the Ricardo report, a global strategic engineering and environmental consultancy. It is reported that the production of a petrol car involves more carbon emissions (5.6 tonnes) than the production of an electric car (8.8 tonnes). It is worth thinking over these figures. The essay written on this subject will attract an audience by the importance of the question.

3.  “Seven Wonders of the World Worth a Visit”

There is a precious little percentage of those who don’t like traveling. For that reason, the essay containing the information about 7 wonders of the world will be interesting for the majority to read and even to write. Describing these wonderful places and getting inspired by their views, you’re able to set a goal to visit them or even make someone set out on the journey.

The Telegraph suggests its readers plunging into the different ages of the world history in  each of that they can observe 7 wonders. Having worked on this informative essay topic, you’ll be happy to spend time on this essay instead of working on the technical area.

4.  “The Innovations in the Educational System”

Being a student, you’re especially interested in that the educational system corresponds to your needs and interests. Probably, it’s high time you found out more about innovations in a higher education. Pay attention that an innovation in the education system doesn’t mean only to usage of new technologies.

According to the LSE research, an innovation is defined as a product, a process, an organisational method or an organization having a significant impact on the activities of the education. Start from this point and broaden this topic with relevant innovations.

5.  “Basic Rights of an Individual”

According to the Universal Declaration on the Human Rights, each individual, regardless of the nationality and sex, is guaranteed with 30 rights. It’s vital for each citizen to know all of them. Unfortunately, there are many cases of the violation of the human rights in the modern world. You have a great mission to introduce basic human rights to avoid such situations.

So when choosing  informative essay topics for your paper, you can easily refer to the above mentioned topics. As your task in an informative essay is to inform, choose the most useful topic to reveal the matters of concern. Remember that all your requirements can be quickly met by our writing essay service at any moment.

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