Top 7 Health Issue Topics that will Shake the World and Your Teacher in 2018

Health Issue TopicsWhenever a new year is getting closer, we get used to hearing different predictions for the future. What will the year of 2018 bring to us concerning our health? There is no denying the fact that human health remains at the risk in spite of the technological progress in the 21st century. Moreover, new types of health issues become widely-spread.

Let’s have a close look at top 6 health topics that are intended to represent main health concerns in 2018 and can easily be included into your academic papers.

1.  “An Analysis of the Importance of Proper Nutrition”

Today most people are found to be suffering from inadequate nutrition. For that reason this topic will come up for discussion quite frequently. Natalie Butler, a corporate dietitian for Apple, Inc., has provided the clear explanation of nutrition: what it is and why it is important. Besides, there is a list of nutrients that are necessary for a human organism. Everyone should be aware of the importance of food rich in such nutrients as this knowledge will be useful to avoid many diseases including  overweight and obesity.

Reveal this health issue topic in your paper and help your readers pursue a healthy path.

2.  “The Concerns about Alcohol Use”

The official statistics from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports that 86.4% of Americans in the age of 18 or older drank alcohol at some point in their lifetime; 70.1% drank in the past year; 56.0% drank in the past month. As a result, 88,0008 people die from alcohol-related causes annually in the United States.

Perhaps these numbers will impress you and you’ll decide to highlight this health issue in your essays.

3.  “The Effects of Marijuana on Human Health”

Despite the fact that marijuana is quite popular among young people and can be legally used as medicine, it is important to point out all harmful effects that are absolutely in large excess than positive ones. Definitely, opinions differ in regard to the legalization of marijuana even between scientists. More detailed information for this topic can be found in the Marijuana Research Report.

If you’re interested in this subject, don’t hesitate about presenting the given health essay topic.

4.  “What is the Difference between HIV and AIDS?”

It is often that both these words are associated with each other and people can easily confuse HIV and AIDS because of the lack of medical competence. As the HIV Surveillance Report in 2016 shows that these two terms are considered to be different. Primarily, HIV is a virus that causes the appearance of AIDS.

Your task in the essay will be to avoid further confusion of such dangerous health issues.

5.  “Why do Mental Illnesses Progress in the 21st Century?”

We’re used to taking care of our physical health. If something hurts us, we’re running to see our doctor. But what can you say about mental health? It is also quite important to care about mental health as our emotional well being depends on it. Unfortunately, the 21st century has brought a lot of mental illnesses to us. According to the World Health Organisation, one in four people in the world will be affected by mental health problems.

Working on this topic, you’ll be able to observe the reasons of such mental disorders as anorexia nervosa, depression, seasonal affective disorder etc.

6.  “Violent Children in the Future isn’t a Myth, is it?”

Violence is currently spreading in the society, especially, children are much more exposed to cruelty. They can easily witness it through the Internet, television. It would be great to find out if it is really a myth that our children will be cruel like their favourite characters from cartoons or movies. Additionally, if you look at the statistics, you’ll notice that 1 in 15 children are treated in a violent way each year, and 90% of these children are eyewitnesses this violence.

These are the issues to ponder over in your paper.

7.  “What Health Issues are Impossible to Fix Today?”

Unfortunately, today there are diseases that medical professionals aren’t able to cure, despite the fact that science and technology are advancing. So, this topic is worth being noted in essays as it is a big problem for humans. Writing about this subject, you also should follow the idea how to prevent such incurable maladies or, alternatively, demolish a myth about their incurability.

Have you known that some fatal illnesses have been already eradicated? For example, as the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases states that smallpox, that caused a lot of deaths, has been totally overcome. It seems to be interesting to focus on this topic.Finally, what we’d like to say is that you can undoubtedly apply to the given health issues topics or think of the other problems that worry you. Anyway, you can always address our writers to help you with writing the high-quality essays on the desired subject.

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