A List of Interesting Essay Topics: Start to Think Outside the Box

List of Interesting Essay TopicsInteresting essay topics are thought to be subjects that students are eager to write about. At the same time they are intended to keep an audience passionately interested in reading such essays. However, the global benchmark study on attitudes and beliefs about creativity at work, school and home states a problem of a global creativity gap, namely, 59% people all over the world believe that the educational system is stifling creativity. Let’s correct the data of the present statistics! Our article with a list of captivating topics is to make ESL students start to think creatively.

1.  “If You were Someone’s Shadow, Who Would It Be?”

Every person has favorites in life. Someone would like to be in Beyoncé’s or Cristiano Ronaldo’s shoes. Perhaps, you have the other superheroes whose life you’d like to experience. Why wouldn’t you be his or her shadow for a day? Imagine the situation when you need to follow someone closely in order to watch what they are doing. Describe how the chosen person would  behave. Selecting the topic under consideration, you’ll have the great chance to use your imagination and show the creative approach to the question.

Moreover, as Pablo Picasso once said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal”, it is always better to learn from the greatest people who have achieved a lot of in their lives. Who knows? Maybe, you’ll get inspired by the way of someone’s life and start striving for the ideal.

2.  “The Sounds of … Make Me Feel …”

Without any doubt, you have some definite emotions while listening to the favorite song or the sounds of the sea. The essay on the given topic is to help you wake up your creativity. You’re unlikely to become thoughtful about feelings during different situations. Everyday we experience a whole range of feelings. There is a great site, Emotions of Sound, at which you’re able to hear different sounds and answer what emotions are aroused.

3.  “My Own Vision of the Film/Book”

You always wonder why a film or book ends in the way that you don’t expect to see? And you’d like to change this ending or invent your own one? You’re welcome to use this topic in your essay. Perhaps, the screenwriter’s talent is buried in you. Have you been encouraged by this idea? Go ahead and work on the topic closely and efficiently.

4.   “If You Could Invent a Gadget, What Would it Do?”

Indeed, it is quite difficult to invent something unique in the world where remarkable advances in technology are observed at every step. But still you are supposed to wind up your brain and initially come up with an idea of such a gadget. Inventor-Strategies suggests you watching the gadgets recently invented. Today gadgets are designed to simplify the way of life. Think of the gadget, for example, which could keep people active. Your brilliant idea is worth being expressed in the essay.

5.  “The Good that Happens in a Bad Situation”

All of us get used to taking away negative experience in any bad situation that happened to us. But in this essay you’re asked to find anything good in the bad situation occurred in your life. William Shakespeare once said, “There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. Check yourself if you’re an optimistic or pessimistic person, i.e. the glass is half empty or half full for you.

Susan Gilbert in the New York Times referring to the study of the psychologist, Susan Segerstrom, states that optimistic thoughts may help prevent people from getting sick. Working on the essay topic, you’re going to become healthier, besides developing your creativity.

So, that was our list of  5 interesting essay topics. We hope that it will allow you to become more creative during the studies at university. At any stage when you face some difficulties in a homework assignment, you can quickly address our fast essay writing service that ensures you with the high-quality work.


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