The mastery of choosing the right words to invoke emotions and to array a line of thought meticulously is often underrated. Most students may understand the intensity associated with creative writing when the blinking cursor makes them sweat buckets. A creative bone is often not found in every student, but you must not downgrade yourself for lacking talent since you can also acquire the skill.

Mastering creative writing is one of the most satisfying skills for students, and it may be one of the few occasions where students may look forward to writing since they enjoy the art. Creative writing in college may take an intense turn from what most knew in high school, and this article helps students access creative writing colleges in California. 

Creative writing colleges in California.

California has endless and untapped student opportunities; in most cases, students may not be aware of it. Students may major in creative writing, become noteworthy writers, and publish impeccable pieces. The following are examples of creative writing colleges for students in California.

  1. University of Southern California.

The University of Southern California is one of the most noteworthy campuses in the state. Since students deserve the best, this university may allow them to unleash their potential in creative writing. The private university is one of the most popular in the state and has an outstanding record in creative writing.

Being the oldest private university in the state, students are assured to be in good hands and that all their writing needs will be well catered to. The university offers an intensive and intimate experience for the students, allowing them to engage with their lecturers and get the best results. Students may also acquire student scholarships to help them in their journey to becoming star writers.

  1. National University.

Life may throw you intense curveballs and suck out any time to engage yourself in further studies. Due to tight schedules, students working while on campus may find it cumbersome to engage in extra studies. However, the National University offers a solution to the drastic problem by offering flexibility in classes. The university has online and on-campus opportunities for students seeking creative writing skills. 

Students may also acquire affordable MFA creative writing programs through student grant opportunities and financial aid. Students acquire courses in creative writing, rhetoric, and film studies. Students can acquire their Master’s Degree by engaging in four-week courses at the university at the convenience of their homes. 

  1. Pepperdine University.

Besides being scenic, ocean views are fresh air, allowing people to let their sorrows and baggage flow with the waves. Pepperdine University would offer scenic ocean views since it overlooks the ocean, allowing students to experience relaxing activities such as surfing.

In addition to the ocean views, the private university offers MFA courses in fiction and nonfiction creative writing. The university also offers fellowship internships and offers students the opportunity to learn from expert writers. Pepperdine University is one of the best creative writing colleges with affordable courses. The university also offers stipend and waiver options to students to gain creative writing skills effectively without strain. The university also offers visiting author programs for students to engage with their mentors and gain a tangible experience of the field.

  1. Foothill College.

Students may enter their desired courses mindlessly without knowing the industry’s perks and challenges. Successful mentors allow students to gain first-hand industry knowledge before venturing into it.

Foothill College allows students to engage with contemporary writers invited to the school to help them acquire skills and experiences in creative fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Students also engage the authors in readings, allowing them to gain professional constructive criticism. Public readings and assignments also allow students to polish their skills as the best creative writers globally. The college is also conducive for students as it offers flexibility in classes and has five weekly lectures on poetry and creative writing. 

  1. Las Positas College.

Writing workshops have been proven to be very efficient for writers. This allows them to engage and share ideas with other writers. Change in the environment also allows writers to embody their characters and stories, hence amounting to intense success levels.

Las Positas College in California would offer an unforgettable experience for students in the workshops. Students engage in various genres and refine their creative writing skills while broadening their portfolio in various genres. In-depth analysis and constructive criticism of students allow them to gain A-level results. The college also has a literary student magazine that allows students to practice editing, formatting, printing, and management.

  1. Dominican University of California.

San Fransisco is a dearly beloved city for many individuals, with various scenes, such as the Golden Bridge and Alcatraz Island, adorned by many. Students may have an easy pass to enjoy the city by taking up a creative writing MLA program at the Dominican University.

Students who like medicine can also pursue their passions through creative writing. Narrative medicine creative writing allows students to impart to patients and walk with them through their healing journeys. The university also has various co-curricular activities that students can engage in while in school. Students can also get on-campus residency as they study at the university. Through organized workshops and events, students engage with creative writers from various institutions and share their work as they draw inspiration from one another.

  1. Wilkes University.

Wilkes University is one of the top writing colleges in California. The disappointment of discovering that services and products and services are not as advertised can be devastating. However, at Wilkes University, students have minimal worries about this since they get what was promised.

Many students pride themselves on enrolling in the university, allowing them to be accredited in the highly coveted MA and MFA programs. The university assures students of being published when they acquire the skills from the institution. Students also learn various ways of writing presentations and how to pitch their writing to different publishers and enhance their publishing prospects, making them outstanding from other students. It also allows students to have confidence in their art.

  1. San Diego State University.

San Diego State University is a public university that allows students to gain many advantages from enrolling. The school exposes students to colleagues and mentors from different backgrounds as a public university. This allows ten to have diversity and enrich their stories by drawing inspiration from various people they engage with. Diversity also sparks creativity, which enhances the general output of the writing.

The university also allows students looking to further their studies in English, particularly creative writing, through master’s degree programs. San Diego State University is among the best CREATIVE WRITING COLLEGES students desire to join.

  1. University of California, Riverside

For students who like traveling, Riverside may be one of the destinations you may consider, and the easiest way to experience the city first-hand is through taking a creative writing course at the university. The University of California, Riverside, is the most prestigious in creative writing courses. 

The university offers master’s and degree programs and has an MFA in fiction and nonfiction. The rich diversity of the students also has a significant role in exposing students and inciting their creative bone through diversity in cultures, behavior, and nationalities.

  1. Antioch University of LA

Education is often termed an endless cycle; the sky is the limit in most cases. Pronounced authors worldwide have taken the time to sharpen their skills by furthering their studies through master’s Ph.D. programs. Antioch University fulfills the dream of any student looking to get a master’s and Ph.D. in California.

The university also has workshops and writing mentors that guide the students through their writing journey, giving them noteworthy pointers. With a flexible learning system, the college allows students to opt for on-campus living conveniently. It also has flexible online programs for students with tight schedules and jobs.

  1. California State University, Fresno.

Fresno State University has a rich history in creative writing, with its roots in the degree program dating back to the late 1950s and the masters programs in 1995. The college offers an all-rounded aspect of creative writing through fiction, nonfiction, and poetry courses. 

Students may also acquire financial aid for their studies, allowing them to acquire a chance to learn and experience the university. Through the Practicum of Literary Arts, students may gain experience in publishing, giving them a boosting experience on their work beyond college.

  1. Chapman University, Wilkinson College.

Besides skills and knowledge in various courses pursued by students in college, students also create friends, gain life hacks and lessons, and create memories. One of the most significant advantages of college is networking, and at Chapman University, students acquire networking opportunities from the college that allow the kickstarting of their careers.

The university also offers flexibility in courses since it offers afternoon and evening classes, and one can complete the studies in two years. The university also hosts international and national authors to mentor, teach, and engage with the students. Seminars on rhetoric, composition, and literature offer the students tips on success in creative writing, hence refining their skills.


Words can be like X-rays, piercing through anything when chosen well. Creative writing is one of the ways students can draw fun from their academic writing since it allows them to freestyle and think outside the box. Institutions play a great role in refining students into impactful adults, and the above institutions can kickstart your journey and passion for creative writing. Enroll today to get on a roll in your writing!