Stay Chinese and Become American in the City College of San Francisco

city college of san francisco international students


Here is a sneak peek of what’s in store for you at the campus, by the students of the City College of San Francisco. All the things that international candidates, especially Chinese students look for in a home away from their country are provided here. Don’t take our word for it, the current students tell all you need to know to choose the City College for your studies abroad.

Multi Use Building

This place is home to everything that you could ask for as a Chinese student. Laurie Scorlari, the dean of Outreach and Recruitment services tells that their multi use building is equipped with many centers and departments that can help you with any trouble you have and, moreover, she adds,“… We also have a computer lab that has sixty brand new computers with special software for English as a second language.” The multi-use building holds counseling sessions for continuing students as well as international students like you. So if you ever need help with something, you know where to be.


In the video a CCSF student and Ambassador Jenny Johnson will tell you all about the place where you can hang out and get a bite to eat – the Chasing Lions café in the multi-use building, for instance. Other than that, the people from the culinary arts program always need students they can cater to. Vincent P. Paratore, a teacher at the CCSF, tells you all about it: “… there are three facilities you work in… fine dining restaurant… one is a cafeteria… and the quick service food lab.” The trainees perfect their skills in an array of diverse cultural cuisines, including one from your native country as well. You can always head over to one of these places and pick out the Chinese menu whenever you feel a bit homesick.

Fitness Center

The university is popular for including a category of activities in one place. This makes things convenient for students and saves them time which they can use in their studies. The Wellness Center is a great place. Jenny says that, “We have a swimming pool, basketball court, fitness center, dance studios, and martial arts.”


The library is the perfect place for students to study at. But that is not all that the campus offers, According to Ambassador Jenny Johnson, “… the library also offers tutoring services for students with disabilities, and other programs to help you stay in school.”

The International Fair

This is probably one of the events that you are going to enjoy most. You may even want to participate in the International Fair of CCSF. Here you get to show and tell everything that you have back home that the students in San Francisco have probably never laid eyes on. The International Fair is the place for you to shine.

Aryana, an international student from Bangladesh, says, “The best thing I like here is the freedom; we can’t have that in my country. And the people here are so friendly. In my country, yeah people are also friendly, but the way people treat you and the way people try to help you, it’s very different here.” Nothing beats the feeling of independence far from home. In our years of learning, that is perhaps the most important rule to take away from such experiences.

The City College of San Francisco is a great choice for students who have never had to study so far away from China. Every aspect of the place caters in making sure that students adapt fast and learn the most out of their experience. So, make the right choice!

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