History has often been tainted as a boring subject, especially for students. The long articles to explain the history of nations and ancient times have incited a snore out of some students. However, museum visits highly engross the subject, allowing students to gain first-hand history experience. It also puts proof to ancient histories and invokes a joyful and jittery experience.

Eastern Trails Museum is one of the treasured history gems in America. The museum is a classic example of not judging a book by its cover. This is because the worn external appearance of the museum holds years of fascinating experiences encompassed into a giant thrill ball. This article will give you a feel of the museum’s significant scenery.

About Eastern Trails Museum

The historical museum is located at 215 Illinois Avenue, Vinita, Oklahoma. It is a block away from the Vinita Public Library. The museum is also one block from the town’s main street, Route 66, and a few meters from the Grand Lake. It is in a great locale with other amenities such as eateries like Mc Donalds and Taco Mayo and also has accommodation areas within its surroundings.

 Visitors of the museum have all expressed their satisfaction with the experience, and there is no surprise that the museum has a 4.7/5 star review from Meta and Google. It also has free admission to all members and can be accessed between 11 am and 4 pm.

Scenery and artifacts in the museum

Eastern Trail Museum has done a tremendous job in preserving the history of its small town; through artifacts, vintage photos, and recreated facilities, the museum allows modern citizens of Vinita to experience the life of the town and also experience the modernization process of the town. The following are examples of indigenous artwork, photographs, and other amenities.

  • The first TV set in Vinita

Parents and grandparents have been instrumental in preserving history, especially through stories to their family and friends. Among the most common go-to history stories in every household is the television set available in ancient times. However, not even stories may give justice to the visual and tangible feeling of the available television sets back in the day. Eastern Trails Museum, however, offers the privilege of viewing the television sets and even offers the history of Vinita on the onset of the televisions and available challenges encountered to access radio or television services. 

  • Recreated post office and printing office

The acquaintance of swift and effortless computers that require minimal effort may make most people blind to the progress behind the concept of desktop computers, laptops, and printers. Typewriters are a common phenomenon that is covered in the history syllabus. Many people have seen various photos of them. However, The Eastern Trail Museum makes the experience even more gratifying through its recreated post office and printing room. The offices allow visitors to get a feel of the rising modernity beginning to get a grip in the early nineties. The rooms are fully equipped with various artifacts, artwork, and photographs to lodge an image for the museum’s visitors.

  • Doctor’s office and a general store

Eastern Trails Museum has invested in keeping history alive by recreating various available facilities back in the day. For example, the museum has a general store showing ancient times. An extra mile was even taken to fill the store with various available items at particular times. Human dummies have also been used to portray the dress code and appearance of the town’s people. The museum also has a doctor’s office equipped with medical instruments that the doctors require. It allows the visitors to visually experience the doctor’s office and the outdated treatment of the day as they compare it to modern medical advancements.

  • Ranching relics

Vinita was originally an Indian territory in the late 1800s. Among the characters that were adopted from the Indians was cattle grazing. This also orchestrated the rise of the ranching culture practiced within the city. The trails museum has various artifacts that uphold these memories and an array of tools used in ancient times.

The museum also has a mounted photograph of a renowned Cherokee citizen, Will Rogers, who was an actor, performer, and commentator. The photograph of the actor well showcases the cowboy history within the town and also showcases monumental instruments such as cowboy saddles that were used.

  • Community vintage photos.

Museums create a drawing effect for passersby, heightening their interest in entering and partaking in ancient history. Eastern Trails Museum has an intriguing painting at its entrance that has drawn people like moths to a light source. The painting outlines the ancient community setup of the villages of Vinita, which creates curiosity for visitors invoking them to step into the museum for more history. In the museum, many other photographs highlight the community in the day and the various citizens of the area. Also, photographic shreds of evidence allow visitors to trace the town’s development in various decades. Instrumental persons and merchants of the community, such as Thomas Buffington, a mayor in the early 1900s, are also recorded.

  • Railway history

The railway history in Vinita is an instrumental part of the city’s history. The railway history has also influenced the museum’s name, Eastern Train. Vinita City was established in 1871, mainly due to the railway construction intended to pass through the town and was directed into the Indian territory. The presence of the railway train instigated development within the town that promoted commercial activities due to merchants who visited and resided in the city. The museum, therefore, has artwork and photographs related to the railway and artifacts and materials used for the railway.

  • History of the insane asylum in Vinita

One of the intriguing histories of Vinit is the asylum that was developed in the city. For years, the asylum was a revenue source for the town, and with its increased fame, its expansion and development grew, thus allowing the habitation of more patients and staff employment. The asylum was later renamed the Eastern State Hospital. The museum holds instrumental evidence of the now closed-down hospital and encompasses the history of its growth, capacity, and amenities.

  • Photographs of city activities.

Ancient Vinita was a close-knit town that promoted communism. Many activities during the day, such as ranching rallies and other city-organized events, brought people together. Football is one of the activities recorded through photographs in the museum. For example, a cozy photograph of young men was captured after their victory in the Eastern state, where they emerged champions in 1912. A photograph of a women’s football team also outlines the history development within the country where women also contested and played the sport.

Nearby scenic surroundings

The Eastern Trail Museum has many other surroundings within its vicinity that can be accessed by tourists coming from the museum. The following are examples of such surroundings.

  • Will Rogers Memorial and Archway

Will Rogers was a beloved Oklahoma citizen popularly known as Oklahoma’s favorite son. Will Rogers was influential in shaping the history of Oklahoma and was often renowned for his humorous wit. On his death, the citizens of Oklahoma honored him through a memorial museum and an archway.

The Will Rogers Archway is the proximate memorial to the famous actor near the Eastern Trail Museum. The service station and restaurant is a glass house that allows visitors to experience the car whiz and the buzzlike nature of the city. Despite having an aisle to educate people about Will Rogers, the glass building also has eateries like Mc Donalds.

  • Cherokee National Anna Mitchel Cultural and Welcome Center.

As mentioned, Route 66 is Vinita’s main street, and as expected, it has gained popularity from various sceneries along the route and in its proximity. Cherokee National Anna Mitchel cultural center is an example of a scenic two-story building that overlooks the street. The cultural center was founded to honor Cherokee’s paragon, Anna Mitchel. Anna Mitchel was an Eastern Woodlands-style Native American potter who revitalized art and pottery throughout America. The cultural center pays homage to her work and enlightens people about her history. It offers exhibitions of Anna Mitchel’s work and has a large sculpture made in honor of the potter. The facility also offers indoor and outdoor art exhibitions, art installations and also has a gift shop that allows the guests to shop for souvenirs of the center. Moreover, the center also offers space for events, meetings, and classes.

  • Vinita Antique Mall

Vinita is one of the most historic cities in Oklahoma. This is mainly because of its citizens’ admirable and applaudable efforts in preserving and passing on the town’s history. Aside from the Eastern Trails Museum, Vinita has an antique mall that allows its occupants and tourists to carry monumental evidence and memories of the city. The antique mall on Route 66 of the city has a collection of glassware, pottery, French clockware, and other primitives. The mall also has professional staff who are highly knowledgeable about the town’s history and the various available antiques within the mall.

  • St. Loius Zoo and Park

The environs of the Eastern Trail Museum offer a variety of scenic activities that visitors can enjoy. The rich heritage and preservation nature of the city promote recreational activities that uphold the communism of the area. St Loius Park, within Vinita Park, encompasses a large area that allows the hosting of city festivals and other activities. The water body in the area allows for recreational activities such as paddling, canoe riding, and pedal boats. The park also offers cycling routes to its visitors due to its scenic routes.

St. Loius Zoo, available within the area, is a wildlife sanctuary of more than 12,000 animals. It offers activities such as site seeing the zoo line railroad. The zoo is home to many endangered species and often includes organized events that promote nature and biodiversity.

  • Walking and bicycle trails.

Walking and cycling have become fairly common as quick alternatives for promoting health. A scenic walking or cycling trail motivates its users as it allows them to promote and uphold the culture. Vinita is a dreamy locale for walking and cycling, mainly due to its quiet, green, and interesting trail routes available within the city. 

Pathfinder Parkway is a walking and cycling route with cemented trails and beautiful vegetation along the track. The trail offers a tranquil environment that may allow visitors to hold games and picnics. It also has a lake around the area that allows visitors to fish. Wildlife like deer and birds can be found in the vegetation due to the tallgrass prairie.

Frisco Greenway is also a walking and bicycle trail along the St Loius railway. The park offers parking services and has a tranquil greenway filled with foliage that users can enjoy as they have their strolls and jogs.

  • Hiking trails.

The tranquil nature of Vinita allows for enjoyable hiking, especially among friends and family. The city has copious hiking alternatives for its occupants and visitors that have been highly vouched for and recommended by many due to their fun nature.

Students within the Rogers Conservation Educational Reserve have highly benefited from the education center being based on a 120-acre facility. The reserve is famous, especially for its hiking trails, and has amenities such as a pond, waterfall, wetland boardwalks, and beautiful flower gardens. Visitors to the reserve may also be lucky to encounter deer herds and basking turtles. The area also allows for bird watching and is conducive for dog owners.

  • Grand Lake State Park Cherokee Area.

The Grand Lake of Oklahoma stretches beyond various towns within the state. The lake has therefore promoted the development of various parks along its shores, among them being in Cherokee Area. Visitors to the area can enjoy amenities such as group shelters, campsites, playgrounds, and comfort stations. It also includes a 9-hole golf course and offers fishing activities to its visitors and boating and hiking activities.

The Eastern Trails Museum is the home to most of Vinita’s heritage. A visit to the area would change the outlook on history as boring and trigger a ripple effect to learn more about the city. It would therefore be wise to do yourself a favor and pop into the work of art whenever you are within Vinita City. 

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