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The life of every student is pretty complicated, isn’t it? There are so many tasks and duties that must be done at a definite time and according to definite rules. So, the life of some youngsters may be a real nightmare. We guess all students dream of doing less homework. One of the possible topics assigned by some teachers is to write about this option and justify it.

We are convinced that this “less homework essay” will be welcomed by merely all students, even the ones who hate writing any sort of academic paper. This is a perfect time to fantasize a bit about how many other things they could manage if they had more time and fewer duties. If your teacher offers a free topic, opt for this one. Yet, you must be convincing and provide good reasons why students should be less work to do. If you have problems even with this topic, we can provide you with several great ideas, as well as offer useful writing tips. Read on, as this guide will be quite useful.

Why Can It Be Good to Do Less Homework?

Before you start to write a reasonable persuasive essay, you must be sure you know how to justify this uncommon topic. You must be convincing and offer sane facts. We can provide you with solid ideas that are reasonable and logical. These are as follows:

  • Vital health effects. One of the main benefits of having less work to do is the health effects of homework without overworking. 
  • More time for other skills. Another vital reason that will be surely welcomed by your teachers is to show that you will not play hooky when you get more free time. 
  • More time for fun and private life. Notwithstanding, you should be honest as well. Every teacher surely understands that youngsters commonly require more time to have fun and enjoy their lives to the fullest. There is nothing wrong with that. Just show that relaxation will give you more strength and enthusiasm to study harder because you are refreshed, and you enjoy important health effects. It justifies having some fun.

You can also suggest an alternative. Offer a homework group DP. Although your teachers surely assign some tasks that should be done in a small group, we don’t believe they do that too often. Insist on arranging more group homework tasks, and it may bring the desired benefits. It’s much easier and faster to learn with others. While some of the participants work over one part of the essay, you and others work over other parts. Thus, you save up tons of precious time for the positive effects mentioned above.

How to Write an Essay about Less Homework?

Now, let’s focus on less homework DP essay that you should write. Your first step is to select a good angle for your project. You have to select an interesting topic that will attract readers. Thus, you can write about more free time or positive health effects when students get fewer homework tasks.

The next thing to do is to gather evidence. Find proven facts about health effects, thoughts of psychologists who found that fewer tasks have positive effects on learners, and so on. Be sure you can support your theories and that the facts you use are trustworthy. Take notes and make bookmarks.

Then comes an outline. It’s a short plan of how your essay should be created and appear on paper. It should contain short descriptions of every part of your writing, offer solutions and tools to complete them, set realistic deadlines, and something of the kind.

The writing part always consists of three main parts. Let’s review them briefly to remind you of what their goals are:

  • Introduction. This part offers general facts about the topic. It should contain a “hook” to grab the attention of the readers. It also ends with a thesis statement. This sentence clarifies your choice of topic and explains its importance. The introduction is commonly 3–5 sentences long.
  • Main body. This is the largest part of any essay. It develops the main argument by offering sub-theses. Each paragraph supports one point at a time. If you provide more than one, it may confuse your readers. It negatively impacts the general readability of the text.
  • Conclusion. This part summarizes the whole essay. It consists of 3–5 sentences. The main aim is to restate the thesis statement, mention the most important outcomes, and explain their meaning in your own words.

Essential Tips to Follow When Writing an Essay

There are many interesting methods that can be useful in writing a less homework persuasive essay. We’d like to share them with you to make this process easier and faster. Here they are:

  • Make It Readable

It’s vital to write a clear and comprehensive text. You should not write too long sentences and paragraphs. It’s better to avoid jargon, clichés, slang, etc. Do not overuse the passive voice for an essay at any time. Make smooth and logical transitions from one part of your essay to another. Never write watery sentences. Never try to cram several sub-theses in one paragraph.

  • Support Your Ideas with Facts

You should always back up your ideas and suggestions. Every sub-thesis you provide must be supported with a good example that was formed on the basis of the official evidence. Your examples must be reasonable and clear. In the meanwhile, you should not over-explain something you are trying to support. One example per idea will be sufficient.

  • Use Technology

Don’t forget that technology is a mighty all if it’s used correctly. There are tons of helpful learning apps that control a lot of processes and fulfill various functions. For example, grammar checkers help to detect grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Editors help to boost the readability of the text. Plagiarism checkers help to avoid plagiarism, etc. These apps can be commonly used for free.

  • Read Examples

Learn from successful students. Find similar essays written by others. Figure out the way they managed to cover this topic excellently and use the most effective tips and tricks. There are many free samples you can find on the Internet.

The Helpfulness of Custom Writing Agencies

If you feel you cannot write a “less homework essay,” you can leave this matter to professionals. There are many effective custom writing agencies with gifted writers. They are able to cover any essay topic, including this one. It is fun to realize that their assistance can help you to get rid of some portions of your homework tasks.

So, what can a professional and skilled writer do for an ordinary schooler or college student? To cut it – anything. If you need more details, we are happy to provide them as well. First of all, you will be treated individually. It means you can contact your helper directly and count on being heard. Provide demands and adjustments. They all will be fulfilled if possible. You only need to schedule your active chat hours to get the latest news and thus control the way your project is tackled. The experts can:

  • Write and rewrite
  • Cite and make references
  • Proofread and edit
  • Research and outline, etc.

They are skilled and experienced. So, they surely know how to handle all types of academic projects and they will easily cover this and other topics. Mind that a common, highly reputed writing site has 200–500 experts on average. It means you can also find specialists in any academic subject. Thus, you will be surely provided with all the necessary academic features and benefits.

Professional writers, proofreaders, and editors are very swift. They can meet really short time limits. This essay type can be completed in 3–4 hours. Therefore, you can freely count on timely support overnight.

All the projects are 100% unique and readable. Professionals know how to avoid plagiarism of any kind. If any of its elements are spotted, they are reworked and eliminated from the text instantly. You can also ask for help with formatting in any academic writing style.

The prices are quite low. Of course, it’s better to study the current market and identify the average price. Thus, you will know whether a certain writing agency offers a fair price. It sometimes happens that the price difference is huge. In the meanwhile, the quality is equally high. Therefore, it makes little sense to pay more when you get the same quality and save up your money. It’s also crucial to find the agencies that offer discounts and refunds. These conveniences help to ensure your investments and save more.

Summing Up the Article

Having less homework is a dream merely every, if not all young learners. If you cannot enjoy this opportunity, you can at least fantasize about it in your essay. We have provided good reasons why students should have more free time. Use our suggestions to write a great persuasive essay, and perhaps your teacher will not assign a new essay next time.

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