Creative Writing: York University Writing Courses for ESL Students

Creative Writing Courses for ESL StudentsIf you happen to be an ESL student at York University and you’re not majoring in Literature or Creative Writing, the best way to go is to look for special courses available in your educational institution. At York University, the dreams really come true for those, who are passionate about writing! To meet your pressing need for a creative outlet, we’ve selected four courses provided at the university that every student who is writer at heart will be amazed with!

EN 2600: First Step to Creative Writing

It’s not a surprise that the course that serves as an opening door to the creative writing is at the top of the list. You’re welcome to enjoy the introduction to poetry and fiction writing while working with the best published writers and their special techniques. The students, who are not lucky to speak English as their native language, have a great chance to know more on all possible editing processes to develop their unique style. As for the format of EN 2600, the weekly studio workshops take 2-3 hours and include exercises, discussions and lectures.

WRIT 2004: Digital World Writing

Visit this course if you’re eager to develop critical, design and analytical writing skills that are crucial for the world of digital cultures. With a bunch of top-notch techs in journalistic outlets and the way the creative writing is presented, it’s highly important to get to know how writing has changed with the digital progress. College students will see how the digital products are being implemented and will focus on how the process of writing is influenced by those.

FILM 1120: The Intro to the Filmmaking Practice

If you’d love to know more about the role of the storytelling in the field of screenwriting, Film 1120 is the thing. You will have an opportunity to know more about the techniques and methods that the screenwriters use to create movies and TV shows. As the final step of the course, you will be required to create a short film on what you’ve learned about the character outlines and the development of the plot. If you’ve never had previous experience with the screenwriting and would love to add some new words to your vocabulary – this course is a thrilling find!

EN 4600: Literary Genres Workshop

The other workshop available at the York University called “The Senior Mixed Genre Workshop” is a great course for everyone who would love to know more on various literature genres. Besides, it’s a perfect place to develop your own writing style through communicating with other writers. Feel free to take part in the open debates to find your own literature voice and see how it’s going to progress. The workshop gives an opportunity to feel what a real unity is, as well as to find great buddies, who are writers by vocation.

In 1968, the U.S. Congress passed the Bilingual Education Act that stated that ESL students deserved proper level of education. The creative writing York University courses are provided to prove the Act really works and creative writers from any country are sure to find places, where they may feel special and inspired.


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