Movies for Students to Write Supreme Essays, Rest, and Get New Experiences

Students have so much homework to do that they need to relax. Coursework, case studies, dissertations, essays, and other tasks overload a student’s to-do list, so they have to find some activity to get distracted from their daily routine. Movies are great because they entertain people and can also contain valuable information that might help students enjoy their life and reach their desired goals. 

What movies can help students relax and learn good lessons full of positive inspiration? This list contains the top-best movies for students to watch and enjoy.

TOP 10 Movies: Watch to Learn Something New and Get Inspired

The cinematography helps people relax and get distracted from their daily routines. Some movies are more than mere entertainment. They help people survive and manage different life obstacles without nervous breakdowns. Some movies inspire and stimulate people to leave their comfort zones and change the world for the better. Students often watch films after studies and even need to get acquainted with the best movies to write an essay on.

Below, you can find movies about and for students. An average student usually quotes them in his essay. They are a great tool for relaxation and earning life lessons to handle all possible obstacles with dignity and become winners.

#1. “Eurotrip” and “Accepted”

If you want to have fun, “Eurotrip gif” is what you need. The main character falls in love with a pen-friend but accidentally offenses her and decides to travel to her town and apologize. It is a love and funny story about a group of students who travel around Europe and appear in different places accidentally due to unfortunate events that happen to them from time to time. The movie shows the life of students the way it is in real life, full of fun, troubles, and intimacy. 

If you look more for comedies, the “Accepted” movie gif is another funny story about students who create a fake college for everyone whose applications are rejected. The idea itself sounds crazy, and the movie turns out to be funny and hilarious. 

#2. “The Paper Chace” 

This movie is for those who do not expect to achieve everything at once and faces challenges with dignity. The genre of the movie is comedy-drama, so it is a combination of funny moments and drama that is an integral part of our life. This movie is the best choice for students who:

  • study at law faculty as the main character
  • want to watch a story of a persistent student and an inspiring professor
  • like love relationships with hardships
  • want to laugh and think about serious things simultaneously
  • value friendship and wants to learn different means of achieving success

#3. “Freedom Writers”

This movie is for those who think that being a representative of a minority group does not let them enter a university and become successful. It shows that everything is possible if only you want to change something for the better. Racism is still an acute problem in contemporary society, and this movie erases these borders for the sake of peace and racial tolerance.  

The main character is a teacher who devotes herself to a class because her desire is to change their attitude toward each other through the prism of diaries that each of them must write. She sacrifices her marriage but manages to help most of her students pass exams and attend college, even though none of their family members had been college students before.   

#4. “Good Will Hunting”

Are you a rebellious person? Do you think you have no chance of becoming successful because of negative characteristics provided by teachers and other people in your small town? Be sure it is not the end of your life, and watch a movie about Will. 

This boy is an example of a genius young man with inner demons he refuses to fight. Instead, he accepts them and loses a chance to make a relationship with a girl who likes him and to study Maths, his favorite subject. Luckily, a Math teacher and a psychologist see his potential and decide to develop it. Can two teachers help a young man with low self-esteem control his inner demons?

#5. “Legally Blonde”

Among top-rated movies for students, you will definitely find “Legally Blonde.” Stereotypes ruin people and their self-respect. Fortunately, today the youth is not afraid of breaking stereotypes. Elle, a blonde, is humiliated by her boyfriend, who regards her as a primitive silly girl with no potential for serious life plans, such as being the wife of a senator, who he wants to become. She decides to prove the opposite and successfully enters Harvard Law School, where she faces many challenges connected with her “white hair and pink clothing”. 

Her fitness instructor is accused of killing her husband, but Elle, being only a law student, becomes her defender in court. Will she win the case? Are there stereotypes in court? 

#6. “The Man Who Knew Infinity”

Have you ever seen Indian or Pakistani students trying to fit into society? Of course, you have. Perhaps, you are one of them because of racial prejudice. Such students need more time and effort to prove to white Americans they deserve their place under the sun. This story is about an Indian guy from a very poor family who has to do menial jobs having excellent Maths skills, but his employers decide to help him go much further. 

It is a good example for those who think that poverty is a verdict. Besides, it teaches us to value every moment of our life and the people who care for us. It is hard to achieve success if there is nobody to support you. So, watch it to see that prejudice is a stumbling block in our world, and perhaps you will be the one to join those who fight with this injustice.

#7. “The Theory of Everything”

This masterpiece is for people who are afraid to develop their skills and utilize their talents because of health problems. Stephen Hawking is an outstanding scientist who is bound to a wheelchair because of ALS. Thanks to his wife, he manages to cope with his daily struggles and writes a thesis paper about black holes and the theory of time. 

Unlike “gif Eurotrip”, this movie is not a comedy with foolish and funny adventures of the main characters. It is a supreme example of faith, trust, love, inner power, and will to live. This movie motivates us never to give up, especially when being talented and young or when nobody believes in our success. Besides, it highlights the role of family and friends in the life of everyone and that we should value them for their “invisible” contribution to our big and little victories. 

#8. “42”

“42” is not a movie about sports like most students might think. It is on the list of the best movies for students as it is a story of a black skin guy who is taken by a coach to a baseball team while other Afro-Amerecians cannot be accepted to white teams. The coach decides to change the rules and erase such notions as “baseball for white” and “baseball for black” players. Baseball is a game, and every skilled person can be good enough to join the league. 

This movie shows the dark side of racism and prejudiced people. It helps us to understand each other and shows that we are the same, but some people look differently and have to prove their “normality”. If you are a representative of a minority or have a friend who needs support, watch this movie together.

#9. “The Social Network”

Have you ever heard of Mark Zuckerberg? We think you have because it is a founder of Facebook, which is popular worldwide. The movie is autobiographical and shows how a student from Harvard manages to create a local Harvard website and goes as far as launching the world-best social network that initially was intended to be only for Ivy League students. 

Even if your idea sounds crazy to be realized, be innovative, tricky, and creative because it is the key to success and recognition. This story teaches us never to give up, and the plot is rather intriguing and dynamic. 

#10. “The Blind Side”

This movie fits those who like touchy stories. It is one of the best movies about students. It is hard to make things ends meet when your family background is unfavorable. “Big Mike” is a boy whose mother is drug-addicted and never cares for what her son eats or wears. The boy looks a bit scary due to his height and athletic body, but he is an innocent boy who wants to have a family and a dream to follow. He visits different sports competitions to wait until everybody leaves and gather the food remnants on and under the seats. This scene is noticed by a well-to-do family and his life starts facing positive changes. 


Do you still believe that nothing is possible if you are not like others because of the existing foolish stereotypes? Watch these movies! Many of them are based on true stories, so they are a real source of inspiration and motivation to go on fighting inner demons and make your path to success. 

Nobody says you must be prominent and famous. The only thing you should care for is your dream. It is enough to feel happy without the need to prove to everyone how good you are. We want to finish our article with one of Eurotrip quotes, “Europe is like the size of the Eastwood Mall. We can walk to Berlin from there!” So, everything is possible. Just believe in yourself and never give up. 

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Jessica Dong is a 21-year-old student from Beijing. She studies business development in the USA and dreams of running her own company. Jessica is a socially active student with interest in traveling, social media and entertainment.