7 Incredible Techniques for Your Persuasive Essay

persuasive essay techniquesPersuasive essay… Sounds like something someone really stubborn could do well, right? Not exactly. If you are smart about it, you can actually turn a dull, boring, instant-slumber-scripture of a text into a shining persuasive essay that makes you imagine gold borders on the paper edges while an invisible choir sings in the back.

If you simply focus on persuasion you will notice that this is an exercise that creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. You make them an offer they cannot refuse (read it in the voice of Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather).
There are plenty of techniques that will help you hone your persuasive essay writing skills to a razor-sharp edge. Here are some of them.

1. Use Repetition

Anyone who has ever picked up a psychology book or claims they are an expert in the human psyche will let you know the power of repetition on the listener. In persuasive writing, a person cannot possibly agree with you if a) they don’t get what you are saying and b) they misheard you the first time around.
That being said, there is a fine line between good and bad repetition – do not make the mistake of overdoing it.

2. Tell Them Why You Are so Hyped up about Something

‘Because’ is a very powerful word. In an essay, it automatically answers the questions that may have sprung up when you make a statement about something. Think about it; nobody likes to be told stuff or ever asked to take action without a reasonable explanation.

3. Aim for Tribes, Not Individuals

We may attempt to be sophisticated at most times, but the truth is that our innate values are far from that. For instance, give someone a chance to be a part of the group they want to be in and they will agree with you on pretty much anything.
Find out what the group you are addressing is interested in and then incorporate that in your essay.

4. Be Consistent

Make sure that when you are writing the essay, there is no inconsistency in the content and concept. Consistency in ideas and words is going to convey rational behavior and integrity to the audience. Use this in your writing and let the reader agree with arguments upfront that a lot of people might have trouble to disagree with. Make your case with supporting evidence and at the same time connect it with the final point that you are trying to make.

5. Provide Social Proofs

People always, ALWAYS seek guidance from everyone else as to what to do and what to accept; it becomes a very powerful psychological force. The best way to use this to your advantage is through testimonials, referrals, etc.

6. Predict Trends

This is one way to make a reader think “hmmm he/she just might be right”. Convince them on how the matters we see today are likely going to affect the future. Make sure that it makes sense, otherwise you will only end up sounding foolish and lose their attention for the rest of the essay.

7. Be the Storyteller

Storytelling is the best technique that you can use in any form of writing. People are more attentive to stories because they have the ‘what happens next?’ element to them. Use it in combination of the other strategies above and you have yourself a fine persuasive essay.
Like these persuasive essay techniques? We bet you do. They will certainly make your persuasive paper convincible enough for a professor who will put you the best grade.

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