Why Outlines for Your Essays Matter

outline for an essayThink of it like this, you are planning a hiking trip. What is the most important thing that you will take with you? Yes, a map!

An outline for an essay acts as a map. It tells you the first thing you need to consider when writing the essay, as well as directs you throughout your writing. It provides you with the structure and framework for your ideas. Thus, an outline is pivotal in order to provide your essay with a proper composition and continuity.

Importance of Outlining

Here are some reasons as to why outlines matter for a well-structured essay.

· Gives the Ideas a Platform to Thrive on

When you start thinking about your essay topic, a million ideas run through your mind. You need to write them down quickly so that you don’t forget. The constant flow of information which comes to your mind when writing an essay needs to be visible and real for you to incorporate in your essay effectively. Thus outlining those ideas will clear your head and direct you on how and where to plug those ideas in the essay.

· Offers Structure and Organization

Outlining is important to organize and structure your ideas, thoughts and research regarding the essay topic. It also provides organization for your final essay draft by allowing you to categorize and compartmentalize the information you are going to incorporate in the essay. For instance, you can group your information and facts and determine their relationship to each other in your outline. This will allow you to assess if your points are valid and your research enough for you to write the essay. Thus, it offers you a clear and cut structure that you need to follow when writing the essay. This brings me to another point.

· Saves Time When Writing

Making an outline saves your time. Since it gives you structured and organized data, you are simply required to follow that organized plan as you write. Much of the thinking and organizing is done, so you don’t have to waste time to brainstorm ideas.

· Provides Quality and Continuity

Your essay content tends to be of a good quality with focused arguments if you make an outline first. It doesn’t let you divert from the original argument or the topic at hand. Also, it provides continuity among points and paragraphs, making it easy for you to write and sensible for the reader to read.

· Saves Time When Revising

During the proofreading and revision of the essay, an outline will facilitate you by making it easier and saving your time. Any loopholes or failed points can be easily detected if you go through your outline first. Moreover, since you have already organized the data and information in the outline, you wouldn’t need to rearrange them in the final draft.

Sample Outline for an Essay

– Introduce the topic
– Thesis statement
First paragraph:
– Introduce the first argument
– Topic sentence to explain the argument
– Elaborate
– Give the opposing view and then counter it
Second paragraph:
– Introduce the second argument
– Topic sentence to explain the argument
– Elaborate
– Give the opposing view and then counter it
Third paragraph:
– Introduce the third argument
– Topic sentence to explain the argument
– Elaborate
– Give the opposing view and then counter it
– Link back to the thesis statement and the topic
– Summarize the arguments mentioned above

I’m sure it will make your writing process much easier. Don’t believe me? Just try!

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