5 Side Jobs for Students to Pay for Essay to Be Written

Where to get money when you need to pay for essay to be written? The best way is to earn it. You may say that it is not that easy, yet it’s the only legal way unless your parents are rich and ready to share.

Pay for Essay to be Written with Cash Earned at a Side Job

Options to pay for essay writing international students choose depending on their skills and the amount of free time. Generally, you won’t need really much cash to pay for an online academic assistance. Here are some useful suggestions that may be helpful while you are looking for part-time job.

Pet or Baby Sitter

It is a classic and affordable way to earn some money to get my professional help paid. Some believe that babysitting works for girls only, so guys usually choose pet sitting. This job is usually done by teenagers, yet it will be a fine choice for an international student, too. Eventually, it doesn’t matter much how the money will be earned. If you have a pet or simply like dogs, the job can also be a kind of relaxation for you.


As the population of the country ages, there is a great demand for in-home aids. A college student usually finds some nice opportunities. It is better to find people, who need care a few times per week or those, who require someone to help with cooking, doctor’s appointments, medication reminding, dressing, bathing, etc.

This is a perfect job for those, who have ordered several papers from a website and the experts aren’t the cheapest ones. If you are a medical student, this job will help to gain more practical experience. Who knows, maybe in future you will use gained knowledge to write a custom paper without a writing company.


Do you have something you can teach others? It may be your native language, culture or even religion. Modern people are interested in quality lessons from a native speaker, not from one of the multiple sites. Some citizens are ready to pay for music or school tutoring as well as other kinds of subjects. By helping others you can pay for a helper for your own research or editing needs. If this side job is regular, a purchase from one of the websites may be done at any time. Tutoring may be cheap but it definitely should be good if you want your services to be wanted.

Office Assistant

To buy an assignment on your English, Maths or any other subject from an expert writer, you may earn money working as an office assistant. Many agencies and companies hire part-job secretaries or couriers when they have much work to be completed within a limited period. This is how many international students have their original essays paid.

Restaurant Server

Being a waiter is not easy but the sum you earn per night can be pretty high if the service was great. This job type is popular among many college students, especially those, who order a written essay regularly. It is easy to work a few weeknight shifts or at lunch time. Saturday and Friday nights bring big bucks. The wages varies depending on the restaurant and the menu. Good food for free is one of the benefits.

Writers can research, create, and edit 24/7. Before the purchase and sale are discussed, get a job and make sure you have enough cash to pay for a quality work.

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