Benefits of Travelling Essay: Discovering the World’s Wonders

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about benefits of travelling, essay writing is not the first thing that comes to your mind, right?

Well, here is an essay on advantages of travelling where you can find a lot to be achieved if you put your mind to it. Traveling helps you discover your true self, which hasn’t been revealed yet, not even by those closest to you.  You see life differently when you discover how people live, behave, eat, and socialize worldwide.

Here are 8 ways in which traveling can save your life as well as help with ‘I want to create my travel blog essay’ issues:

#1 Traveling Breaks Monotony

Breaking the routine always relieves us. This break is essential in helping you discover things that you usually wouldn’t while following a monotonous routine day in and day out.

#2 Travelling Uncovers You

It helps you discover your strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and how far you can stretch things or not. When anything unexpected comes your way, you will have a serious time coming up with a solution.

#3 Travelling Reveals the Real World

Traveling teaches you the truth about practical life. While academic education also informs you, going out to places and getting stuck in real-life situations gives you the practical exposure you require to lead a successful life.

#4 Travelling Taps into Your Hidden Talents

Get ready to be amazed at discovering the secret talents you thought you didn’t have. The elation that you will feel upon reaching the peak of the mountain, crossing a river, landing safely from parachuting, or simply communicating with someone in another language will tell you that it’s not just academics that you can excel at, but there is so much more in the world that is awaiting you.

#5 Travelling Creates Genuine Relationships

Sometimes people that you meet on a train or in a bar go on to take up an important place in your life. These are the people that you cannot expect to find every day. To meet these people, you must go out and explore the world.

#6 Travelling Allows You to Learn New Languages

You might not be able to take up that extra course at college to learn a new language, but the good news is while traveling, you can learn new languages by doing simple things like greeting and thanking people on your trips.

#7 Travelling Brings Out the Adventurous Side of You

Hitchhiking, climbing mountains, trekking, walking through jungles, and purchasing expensive souvenirs are part and parcel of the traveler’s life. As you take pictures and collect souvenirs, you can reminisce back a life of adventure or exploration. Even one adventurous trip is enough to change your life for the better.

#8 Travel Educates You

Finally, what you are taught inside classrooms cannot be compared to what the actual place has to teach you. There is no way pictures or text can encapsulate the essence of any place, its people, its experience, beliefs, system, and culture. To experience humans as they exist, you must pick up that backpack and head outside the college door.

And the benefits of travelling, essay writing can adopt:

  • Learning Opportunities – Traveling provides an opportunity to learn about different cultures, languages, and traditions. It can help students gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.
  • Personal Growth – Traveling can be a transformative experience that can help students develop independence, self-confidence, and adaptability.
  • Career Advancement – Traveling can be a valuable addition to a student’s resume, as it shows that they are adaptable, culturally aware, and open-minded.
  • Fun and Adventure – Traveling can be a lot of fun! It provides an opportunity to try new things, meet new people, and create unforgettable memories.

Inspiring Places in the USA

Now that we have discussed the benefits of travelling for students essay, let’s explore some of the most inspiring places in the USA that students should consider visiting:

  1. Grand Canyon National Park – The Grand Canyon is a breathtaking natural wonder that should be on every student’s bucket list. Students can hike, camp, and explore the park’s stunning landscapes.
  2. New York City – New York City is a vibrant and diverse city that offers endless opportunities for learning and adventure. Students can visit world-famous museums, attend Broadway shows, and explore different neighborhoods.
  3. San Francisco – San Francisco is a beautiful city known for its stunning views, rich history, and unique culture. Students can visit the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and the city’s many museums and galleries.
  4. Washington, D.C. – Washington, D.C. is the capital of the USA and home to many iconic landmarks and museums. Students can visit the White House, the Smithsonian museums, and the National Mall.
  5. Hawaii – Hawaii is a tropical paradise with stunning beaches, lush forests, and unique cultural experiences. Students can learn to surf, hike through volcanoes, and explore traditional Hawaiian culture.
  6. Yellowstone National Park – Yellowstone is a beautiful and unique national park that offers geysers, hot springs, and stunning landscapes.
  7. New Orleans – New Orleans is a vibrant city known for its rich culture, music, and cuisine. Students can visit the French Quarter, attend a jazz festival, and explore the city’s many historical landmarks.
  8. Chicago – Chicago is a bustling city with a rich history and culture. Students can visit world-class museums, enjoy deep-dish pizza, and explore the city’s famous architecture.
  9. Los Angeles – Los Angeles is a city of dreams and home to Hollywood, the world’s entertainment capital. Students can visit movie studios, walk along Venice Beach, and explore the city’s diverse neighborhoods.
  10. Miami – Miami is a vibrant and colorful city known for its beaches, nightlife, and Latin American culture. Students can learn to salsa dance, visit art deco landmarks, and explore the city’s many museums.
  11. Boston – Boston is a historical city that played a pivotal role in the American Revolution. Students can visit famous landmarks like the Freedom Trail, explore Harvard University, and sample delicious seafood.
  12. Seattle – Seattle is known for its coffee shops, grunge music, and beautiful natural surroundings. Students can visit the Space Needle, explore Pike Place Market, and take a ferry to nearby islands.
  13. Nashville – Nashville is a city known for its country music, hot chicken, and southern charm. Students can visit the Country Music Hall of Fame, explore the city’s many honky-tonks, and try delicious barbecues.
  14. Austin – Austin is a funky and eclectic city known for its music, food, and outdoor activities. Students can explore the city’s many parks, visit live music venues, and sample some of the best barbecues in the world.
  15. Grand Teton National Park – Grand Teton is a stunning national park that offers breathtaking mountain views, alpine lakes, and abundant wildlife.
  16. Savannah – Savannah is a historic city with beautiful parks, elegant architecture, and a rich cultural heritage. Students can take a ghost tour, visit the Savannah College of Art and Design, and explore the city’s many museums and galleries.
  17. Portland – Portland is known for its hipster vibe, craft beer, and artisanal food. Students can visit the famous Powell’s Books, explore the city’s many food trucks, and hike through nearby forests and mountains.
  18. San Diego – San Diego is a city known for its beaches, sunshine, and laid-back culture. Students can visit the San Diego Zoo, explore museums and galleries, and enjoy delicious Mexican food.
  19. Philadelphia – Philadelphia is a city with a rich history and cultural heritage. Students can visit Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the famous Reading Terminal Market.
  20. Colorado Rockies – The Colorado Rockies offer stunning mountain views, world-class skiing, and outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and rafting. Students can visit popular destinations like Vail, Aspen, and Breckenridge.

Whether students are interested in history, culture, nature, adventure, or write about travelling essay there are countless inspiring places in the USA for them to visit and explore.

In conclusion, traveling has a lot of advantages and is a wonderful way for students to broaden their horizons, learn about different cultures, gain new perspectives as well as enjoy benefits of travel, essay writing skills can absorb. By visiting inspiring places in the USA and beyond, students can experience the benefits of travel firsthand, from learning about history and culture to trying new foods and participating in outdoor activities. Whether writing a travel blog, creating an essay on benefits of travelling, or simply talking with friends and family about their travels, students can share their stories and inspire others to explore the world. So, pack your bags and hit the road – the advantages of travelling, essay writing can benefit from, are waiting for you!

About Jessica Dong

Jessica Dong is a 21-year-old student from Beijing. She studies business development in the USA and dreams of running her own company. Jessica is a socially active student interested in traveling, social media, and entertainment.

About Jessica Dong

Jessica Dong is a 21-year-old student from Beijing. She studies business development in the USA and dreams of running her own company. Jessica is a socially active student with interest in traveling, social media and entertainment.