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Making Mistakes Essay: The Value of Experience to Reflect in Your Paper

What is a mistake? Traditionally, it means to make something wrong. Each action or procedure has a set of fixed rules you need to follow. Unfortunately, or luckily, we used to make mistakes. Most educators ask their students to write a making mistakes essay to help them understand the value of mistakes in our life. Many of us hate errors because they make us feel uncomfortable, confused, and misled. Some of them cost a lot, and we have to pay for being wrong and breaking the set of those rules. 

Have you ever made a mistake? Was it serious? Is there anything you would like to change? Why do people make mistakes, and do they play an essential role in our life? Let’s think about it a bit. 

Making Mistakes Essay: 7 Reasons to Learn When Making Errors

Mistakes can be different. Some of them are even useful, and a person reminds them with pleasant emotions later. Some of them are fatal, and people are ready to pay the highest price to turn the clock back. Unfortunately, our parents and people around us say that mistakes are always bad and scold children for everything they do wrong. 

So, it is necessary to realize the importance of mistakes to stop judging yourself too harshly or pitying yourself. There are seven reasons to start loving errors and write an essay about them.

Reason #1. Mistakes Provide the Best Lessons

Sometimes, it is impossible to understand the value of mistakes unless you make them. Most of them provide us with precious lessons. Such education helps us avoid further problems in different areas of our life. 

For example, you will never learn that boiling water or oil is extremely hot unless you feel them on your skin while frying or boiling something. Such lessons are primitive, but they will not let you put your arm into a fireplace or on a cooking stove anymore. 

Some errors are more valuable because they allow us to understand what things work for us and what leads to fatal failures. Besides, they are our guides to the right way because we already know what things do not make us happy or let us earn our bread. Wrong actions also let us change our minds and redirect our efforts and strengths to succeed in more achievable things.

However, you should not make decisions without thinking. Some mistakes can be lethal, like taking medicine without a healthcare’s supervision, hurting someone you might never be able to see again, or driving too fast in the opposite lane.

Reason #2. People Stop Growing Without Making Mistakes

People usually surround themselves with things that make their life more comfortable and easier. Sometimes, this comfort kills the desire to grow and change your life for the better. No doubt, some errors can worsen the situation, but they give a push to rather risky actions that can reward you with progress, career growth, and new relationships. 

One’s mindset consists of stereotypes, and it is rather hard to ruin them. Nevertheless, mistakes make us stronger, more self-confident, wiser, braver, and more resilient to stress and challenges. 

How can you grow without looking back at wrongly made things? For example, you can enhance the quality of your coffee if you know how much sugar and milk you need to add to make it perfect. If you are a seamstress, mistakes will help you improve your sewing skills and make each new piece of clothes look and fit better.  In short, you will be less afraid to risk and try something new to please your clients. Moreover, you will also be aware of different alternatives as you will see several possible outcomes of your possible intentions.

Reason #3. Each Mistake Tests Your Endurance

Imagine your life goes the way your parents and relatives plan. You please everyone except for your own wishes. Writing the making mistakes essay is the way to analyze your path from dreams and plans to their realization. Were you stable and resilient enough to face all challenges with dignity? Besides, how can you know what you are worth if there are no life obstacles to test you?

When something goes wrong, you begin to react to unexpected obstacles quickly and start being creative to surpass your rivals. In other words, your difficulties show how capable you are and what else you can overcome.

Reason #4. Our Mistakes Are Our Bible

Have you ever heard the priest’s speech? He usually gives examples of mistakes made by humans and the lessons they learned when failing. To conclude, our mistakes are our teachers. What can they teach us?

  • your experience can be a great example for others
  • mistakes of others can prevent you from making your personal
  • great histories of the biggest mistakes can help people cope with the mess in their life
  • failures are excellent stimulations to innovations and discoveries

The Bible is a book that teaches Christians how to live properly to deserve their place in heaven. Our mistakes are our teachers who show us what things lead to failures and what things result in success. They teach us that to be patient means to wait a bit because success hates fuss and mess.

Reason #5. Mistakes Are Entertaining

Will you read a book with a perfect main character who never makes mistakes? Perhaps, no, because it will be too boring. Will it be interesting to read “Harry Potter” with perfect relationships between Ron and Hermione? What if Severus Snape was a 100% negative or positive character? We cannot imagine our attitude toward this masterpiece if J.K. Rowling deleted all mistakes of all characters from the book, but it would definitely not be a best-seller.

To realize the entertainment character of mistakes, you should remember the funniest moment in your life when something went wrong, and it made everybody laugh out loud. The best way to comprehend the priceless investment of errors in your daily life is to imagine your life without them. 

On the one hand, something could become perfect. On the other hand, what if those mistakes were not mistakes? What if your life without them could become even worse? If the microphone had not broken, Freddie Mercury would have never gotten his unique stage thing. That mistake made his performances more interesting to the public and Queen.

Reason #6. Ideal People are Usually Disliked

You have definitely met a classmate who is always ready with her homework. She usually irritates everyone in the class, like Hermione Granger at the beginning of the story, because she makes no mistakes and does not relate to others. 

Will you choose a leader who made mistakes but managed to cope with them and learned a good lesson to use in his ruling or a perfect man who has no idea of what his people are suffering from? As you see, it is not bad to be vulnerable because this feature makes you closer to others.

If you make mistakes, you become more approachable, and you hold several benefits in your hands:

  • you can understand others and put yourself in their shoes
  • you avoid misunderstandings thanks to a high level of empathy
  • you can give recommendations and sound pieces of advice to others by judging your or someone else’s experiences
  • by admitting your mistakes, you become a strong, fair, and honorable person in the eyes of the people who surround you
  • your chance to become a leader or the best friend is high
  • you can acquire new professions like a psychologist, social worker, teacher, etc., connected with human problems

Reason #7. Error is a Step to Better Self-Awareness

Have you ever got a low grade for your essay without detailed explanations? If you answer positively, then you have read your paper several times, trying to find all mistakes and think about how to enhance the quality of the next home assignment. Consequently, you became more aware of college and writing requirements. 

When you make a mistake, you learn your strengths and weaknesses. They help you get informed more about your beliefs, desires, attitudes, values, and motivations. If you had never had a relationship with your ex, you would have never valued the partner you have now. Thanks to the failed loving affair, you manage to realize things that are really important to you, so you stop wasting time on those who do not deserve that.

One can say the same about everything. You will never buy a synthetic T-shirt again if you have an allergy to such cloth. You will never hit your child if you were beaten as a child and know how miserable and hard it is. 

Mistakes help us become more attentive to our needs and the demands of our dearests. Besides, they teach us how to avoid other mistakes, and we can even create an “avoiding” algorithm that usually includes the following instructions:

  • think twice before taking an action
  • stop multitasking if you fail it
  • reward yourself for each small victory
  • stay organized if the situation demands it 
  • clarify things you do not understand if later you will be responsible for their performance
  • check yourself and the things you do
  • have rest when you are exhausted
  • stay focused when doing something important and remove all distractors
  • do not be afraid to learn and master new skills
  • ask for help if you need it

To conclude, mistakes are great teachers, but better try to avoid those that are costly. Essays on such topics always impress supervisors because students are different. Consequently, they analyze different mistakes and their impact on their life, which makes essay writing unforgettable.

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