How to Write a Life-Changing Event Essay and Enjoy Success?


It’s no secret that students have to write a great variety of essays. They all are different and have different purposes. It complicates the process of writing a lot. Moreover, students may face problems with covering definite topics. One of them may potentially be an essay about life events.

The life-changing event essay is supposed to focus on very significant issues that mean a lot to people. For example, someone was close to death, and it reshaped his or her life attitude. Another example is when you get married or divorced. Such events can surely shake off your foundations. Not all youngsters are able to cope with this topic properly, and we have decided to help them. We offer a comprehensive guide on how to complete this challenging topic perfectly.


Life Changing Event Essay: How to Start the Process?

Many students get stuck with writing a life-changing event essay because they just don’t know how to plan the whole process. So, it’s wise to make a plan. This is not a compulsory part of writing an essay. Yet, it helps a lot to make your work structured and discipline yourself.

You can add anything you like if you feel it helps you be more organized. Yet, there are several points that should be present in any writing plan. These are as follows:

  • Main stages. These are the introduction, main plot, and conclusion. Some students prefer to add a thesis statement as a separate part that needs special attention.
  • Descriptions. Describe briefly what you want to do in every part of the text. Thus, you will never wonder about those things if you somehow forget about them.
  • Timeframes. Set clear and realistic deadlines for every stage and make sure you don’t violate them.
  • Tools and methods. Find out what can help you to complete an essay and use it.

Life-Changing Events to Write About: A List of Possible Situations

One of the biggest problems of most students is the lack of ideas to cover. Youngsters just cannot make out more than 2 or 3 ideas. Besides, they aren’t always as good as they should be. Therefore, we have prepared a list of great ideas that can suit the topic of a life-changing event here below:

  • I married, and it changed my whole life entirely.
  • The divorce of parents changes the lives of their children in a very sad way.
  • Climbing Everest makes you a different person.
  • If you shoot a person, you will never be the same anymore.
  • When you see death, you can reconsider all your life values for good.

These and similar situations can use the life-changing events essay perfectly. Use them and create similar ones by using our list. Thus, you will have a good angle to start with. What comes next? Read on to find it out.


How to Write a Life-Changing Event Essay?

Now, let’s go through the process of writing this essay and find out what it takes to meet success. You already have a good understanding of good life-changing events to write about. Pick any of them, as each is interesting. Mind that you aren’t obliged to research all of them. You surely realize that each can be written using your own thoughts. They aren’t scientific.

However, we recommend creating an outline. It helps to structure the work and avoid wasting your time. It contains anything you may need to complete the text – deadlines, descriptions, tools, methods, and so on. Decide what and where to use in the text and add it to the outline. Thus, you will know for sure what to do next.

When it comes to writing, there are 3 major stages. You surely know them pretty well, but we will remind you of them.

  • Thesis Statement

Many teachers and students recommend starting with a thesis statement. This is the heart of your essay. This one sentence clearly states the purpose of your essay and explains why it is so important. You should build the rest of the text around it. So, it makes sense writing is first.

  • Introduction

Your introductory part opens the essay, and it’s very important as it can either draw the attention of your readers or scare them away. It is supposed to be catchy and uncommon for your readers. For example, you may start with a citation of a famous person or briefly tell an anecdote that gets attractive. The last sentence of the introductory part is surely a thesis statement.

  • Main Body

The continuation of your thesis statement is the main body. Its main goal is to expand the main argument and develop it clearly. This is done thanks to various explanations, examples, interesting facts, etc. If it’s a scientific paper, use only official sources. For example, if you have opted for the problems children face when their parents divorce, you can find the official statistics of divorces in the USA and in the world, add facts about common psychological issues they face, and so on.

In case you write from your own viewpoint, your examples should be clear and explained. Explain why you think this or that way. Cover only one point at a time. This means you should not try to cover several sub-theses in one paragraph. Each should be devoted to a definite issue and then review a new one in a new paragraph.

  • Conclusion

The defining part of any essay is the conclusion. It should summarize the whole essay in 3-5 sentences. You should rewrite a thesis statement differently, focus on the most important points you’ve managed to offer, and interpret their meaning. Be concise, accurate, and straight to the point.


How to Elevate the Readability of the Text?

Many students don’t know how to write a life-changing event essay to get the most out of it because they read non-comprehensive texts. They are hard to understand and boring to read, even if the main idea is brilliant. You ought to clarify everything in a simple and creative way. Here are a few tips on how to enhance the readability of any text:

  • Keep it short. Do not write too long sentences and paragraphs, they weaken the level of comprehension. If your sentence is 15-20 words long, the focus of your readers will be lost when they get to its end. If your paragraph is more than 7-9 sentences, it may also be hard to hold concentration.
  • Be straight to the point. You should not dance around the topic of your essay. As you have a clear thesis, tell about it in the main body. Do not use watery sentences that aren’t related to it at all. They kill any interest in your writing.
  • Make logical transitions. Do not make abrupt transitions from one subject to another. Be sure you logically explain one and then go to another.
  • Use the right words. Be careful with the lexicon you intend to use. Firstly, it must suit the topic of your essay. Secondly, you should avoid slang, technical terms, clichés, and jargon. Such elements make a text less sophisticated and thus not interesting to read.

We have also mentioned the necessity of highlighting only one point per paragraph. So, don’t forget about it.

There is one more special tip for you. There are many helpful learning apps. One of them is a digital editor. It’s a smart app that helps to edit the text by using very effective tips and recommendations for writers. You should only copy your text in the Editor and let it scan it. Commonly, they all work online. The results appear in a few seconds. What will you see? For example, The Hemingway Editor (one of the most popular online editors) underlines the next mistakes:

  • Overuse of adjectives
  • Overuse of adverbs
  • Too long sentences
  • The words with a simpler meaning
  • Sentences that are hard to understand
  • Overuse of the passive voice

Each kind of mistake has its own color. You will see the mistakes and their numbers in the right sidebar. When you press on the underlined mistake, the app suggests corrections. So, you can simply agree with it and let the app fix everything instead of you. Commonly, most of its corrections are correct and logical. You can also see the level of readability of your text. The lower the grade is (from 1 to 10), the better flow your text has. Try to reach at least 4-5 grades to be sure it is readable and interesting. Don’t forget to learn from your mistakes to avoid them in the future.

Summing Up

An essay about life-changing events is always an interesting case, as well as pretty challenging. First of all, the topic should be very serious, and thus you may not cover it easily. Secondly, you should go through the typical stages of doing an essay, and some of them may induce great obstacles. Use our tips to handle them properly and get an A+ grade for a perfect piece.

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