Chinese Inventions That Changed the World and How to Write Essays About Them

Humankind evolves through the creation of various things, tools, technologies, goods, etc. Its level of progress is frequently evaluated by what it invented. Some inventions are not that important and are used in several regions of a country. In the meanwhile, you can find a lot of meaningful inventions that changed the world and the course of history. One of the most inventive and productive nations in world history is surely the Chinese nation.

Chinese inventions are really incredible. Although they don’t seem to be so unique and important today, they were really revolutionary at the time of their creation. We should be thanks to the Chinese seismograph, gunpowder, and even paper! Yes, someone else would finally have invented or discovered those things too. Yet, the Chinese people were the first to do that and they sped up the development of humankind in general. They were the first to suggest and share them with others, and thus improve the quality of life a lot. This informative article highlights some of their most significant inventions. Besides, we will show students how to write essays about Chinese inventions. Read on, as it will be interesting!

The List of Great Inventions Made in China


We will start with the most important inventions that originate from China. We will briefly explain their value. Here are the most valuable ones:

  • Seismograph China. The first earthquake detector was created in this country. It was very important as it helped to predict when a new earthquake was about to start. Thus, people could be prepared for it and save a lot of lives.
  • Gunpowder. There are many interesting ancient China gunpowder facts. This is a tool of war. Nonetheless, its value cannot be ignored. It helped the Chinese people to protect themselves more effectively and save the lives of their own nation.
  • Papermaking. This is an incredible discovery that changed a lot in the cultures of various nations. Although Ancient Egyptians invented papyrus, the Chinese managed to manufacture it regularly and in great numbers. The first discoveries show that it was used by military men to write orders and exchange messages. So, the tool of education was, nonetheless, first used for war.
  • Movable Type Printing. This is another incredible invention that became rapidly popular all over the educated world. It gave writers more conveniences and saved a lot of time because all the letters and books could be written much faster.
  • The Compass. This invention was more than the greatest treasure for all travelers, especially sailors. When they use it, they know they will never get lost, even when they cannot see the sun and stars.


How to Choose a Topic about Chinese Inventions?

It’s very hard to select a relevant topic. This task may take a lot of precious time that runs out. That is why we want to help students who face this problem. Make allowances for the next ideas:

  • Was the seismograph Han Dynasty first to appear in China, or was it stolen?
  • The value of ancient Chinese earthquake detector.
  • How did Chinese gunpowder change the rules of war?
  • Why China managed to invent so many useful things?
  • Three most significant ancient Chinese inventions.
  • What Chinese invention is the most important and why.
  • What can one expect from China with regard to its inventions?
  • The most interesting facts about Chinese inventions.
  • What is the first ancient Chinese invention that was used globally?
  • How do you use ancient Chinese inventions, and why?

Choose any of these ideas, cover them all, or create your own concepts based on this list. We would also like to explain the process of topic selection. It may be a complicated process, but it’s easy to understand how everything should run.

The first step is to study the current niche. You should define the most popular topics at the moment. The next step is to find out which ones can suit your needs. It’s better to opt for the ones you are interested in. Thus, you will have more enthusiasm about writing your essay. Be sure you research the selected topic properly. You need to find enough evidence that helps to disclose the topic entirely.

Tips to Write Essays on Inventions from China


When it comes to writing essays about the Han dynasty seismograph or something else, you should not be afraid of challenges. Firstly, there will be enough facts to cover the most remarkable inventions. Secondly, we can show you the right way of writing them perfectly.

First of all, decide what topic you want to cover. We have already provided the required data on this crucial step. Secondly, create a good plan. It helps to make you organized and disciplined. You will know for sure what must be done, how, and use your time reasonably. Let’s imagine that you have decided to write about an earthquake detector. You have the required facts, and you need to decide where and how to use them. Your plan can help you a lot! Just look what it can offer:

  • A definite fact and in what part of the text to use.
  • A clear deadline for writing every part of the text – introduction, main plot, and conclusion.
  • Short descriptions for you to know what you need to do.
  • Tools and methods that may be helpful while writing your essay.

When it comes to the writing part, don’t try to complete your essay in just one try. It commonly isn’t really good as it requires polishing and grammatical brushing up. So, write at least 2 drafts.

The first draft may be quite rough. Just mention all the facts you want without making smooth transitions or paying attention to grammar. The second draft will deal with these essentials. Be sure you unite different parts of the text logically and smartly. Give heed to your grammar and lexicon.

The final lap in this race is to revise the text. Do it at least twice and with great caution. Do not delay, but haste is a bad ally too. Apply at least 2 different ways of revising. This can be read in your head and backward. The latter variant surely takes a bit more time as it’s uncommon to read the text from the last line right to the beginning. Nevertheless, it ensures a better focus on what you see and comprehend.

One more method can be applied as you read the text. Use a grammar checker. The smart tool will check the text in a few seconds and will provide full feedback on mistakes. In other words, you will see all of them and will also have corrections suggested by the app. It’s a swift way to check the text and yourself. Most grammar checkers can be used without paying a dollar.

Where to Get Help?

At times, students have problems with this and similar topics. They may not be good researchers of ancient history, not be able to unite facts, or plainly disclose the main question. Thus, you can use the all-mighty Internet. There are all kinds of informative and professional sources that can solve your learning issues. Let’s check the most suitable for students:

  • Educational sites. Visit the official sites of colleges and universities. They commonly provide their own learning programs, courses, and materials for free. Pass them to improve your writing skills, as well as any other academic skills.
  • Non-commercial sites. These offer educational documents in the form of textbooks, guides, manuals, tutorials, etc. You can learn a lot of smart tips on how to complete any piece of writing on any topic.
  • Online events. There are many online events that are devoted to various aspects of learning and education. They are organized by educated teachers and other experts. You may find webinars or workshops that focus on the writing issues you face.

There is one more method that can be used when nothing else works. You can work with one of the custom writing agencies. They have hundreds of qualified experts who easily handle all types of academic tasks. They match the top standards, and even the strictest educators are happy with what they produce.

You can turn to them for any sort of help – writing, editing, proofreading, researching, etc. They treat every client individually. It means you can contact the helper directly and will be sure you will be heard. It’s a perfect way to control the whole process and solve your issues together with an expert.

The Defining Thoughts for Readers

Every nation has its own inventions. Some of them are used locally and others can be used by other countries. Chinese culture has surely impacted the world thanks to its amazing creations. If you are to write an essay or two, use several ideas that we’ve mentioned just above. You should know that your choice is actually rich! Any of the most impressive inventions can be highlighted with success by you. It’s quite possible to cover several or combine them in one essay. It’s up to you!

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