Hot Tips On Creative Writing for GCSE

Creative Writing for GCSESome lucky students tend to say that creative writing is the easiest part of the English language GCSE. But the reality is that many (like, a lot!) boys and girls find it really tricky. According to the research “Academic Writing Difficulties of ESL Learners” conducted by The West East Institute, up to 77%  of  the  students  claimed  that  they  tend  to  check  carefully  the assignment requirements, but still they have problems with approaching a particular topic. Continue reading

Creative Writing: York University Writing Courses for ESL Students

Creative Writing Courses for ESL StudentsIf you happen to be an ESL student at York University and you’re not majoring in Literature or Creative Writing, the best way to go is to look for special courses available in your educational institution. At York University, the dreams really come true for those, who are passionate about writing! To meet your pressing need for a creative outlet, we’ve selected four courses provided at the university that every student who is writer at heart will be amazed with! Continue reading

Unique Countries to Go to Learn English for ESL Students

Learn English for ESL StudentsNowadays, we are living in a huge global community. We have many long roads open wide for us! Whether you’d like to study or travel abroad, to explore the unknown or experience whatever makes you come alive, you’re welcome to set off straight away! What a great time we live in, don’t you think? However, if you’re curious about studying in the world-renowned colleges, the first thing to keep in mind that you’ll have to study in English. The reality is that English is the universal language and many of the top reputed schools provide courses in English alone. And you have to deal with it, like it or not. Continue reading

Benefits of Writing a Term Paper in English

Writing a Term Paper in EnglishEnglish is not just something that belongs to the native speakers. It actually belongs to the world! Already used by nearly everybody on the globe, English enables one to enjoy a bunch of opportunities: an academic course or prestigious work abroad, the freedom to make friends and travel whenever you like. For English language learners, things don’t seem that simple.

Yes, learning the language that may be completely different from the one you speak can be a real disaster, but it is extremely valuable. English plays a great role in the world and your academic career in particular. For that reason, every essay, term paper or any other written assignment you’re required to write in English should be considered an opportunity to improve your language skills. Let’s just take a quick look at what writing a term paper in English can do for you. Continue reading

Stories to Write about for English Language Learners

English Language LearnersShort stories that you’re required to include to the academic assignments such as essays or reports provide tutors with a great opportunity to evaluate students’ knowledge in a particular area and writing skills. A lot of ESL students have a good vocabulary basis, but they struggle really hard, when it comes to using a real life language. This is where the short stories should be integrated to open up the creative minds of the English language learners as they work on this or that piece of writing. Continue reading

Basic Requirements for College: Ensure You’re a Good Fit!

Basic Requirements for CollegeLeaving home to attend college is a serious decision to make, but leaving sweet home to travel to the far-and-away land to study can be even scarier! Do you have a dream to study in the United States of America? That’s quite praiseworthy, you know. But before you enter the educational institution for the first time, you need to find out what the admission officials and specialists expect from every potential student, who is ready to go a long way toward moving from the freshman to a graduate of a trusted school. Continue reading

Top 3 Reasons for Boulder Students to Spend Time in the Fresh Air

Boulder StudentsWorking on a college degree, especially in a prestigious location like Boulder’s branch of the University of Colorado, really does not leave time for many extracurricular activities.

Between stressing out over the next assignment due and feeling drained when you finally have a moment to yourself, there simply does not seem to be any energy left to try something different. But you need to step outside the dorms. You should to breathe in the fresh air. And where better to do that than beautiful Boulder, Colorado? Continue reading

The Great Parks and Nature Attractions for Students in Ithaca

Students in IthacaIthaca has beautiful nature and parks, which are a great find for the students of the Cornell University. Moreover, apart from being beautiful, the place is filled with many student attractions like a museum, parks, waterfalls, botanical gardens, and nature center preserves, etc.

It would be a crime not to visit at least some places of interest if you’re a student in Ithaca. Here are top parks and nature attractions that you should consider. Continue reading

6 Reasons to Consider SUNY Classes for Obtaining a Degree

SUNY Classes for DegreeSUNY (the State University of New York) is an assembly of 64 higher educational institutions located within New York state. It comprises liberal arts colleges, medical centers, research universities, community colleges and so on. It is the largest educational system in the USA that attracts loads of American students as well as international learners. The overseas undergraduates constitute about 8% of all the SUNY students, and if you’re also interested in enrolling in one of the colleges/universities from this system, learn more about the benefits it provides. Continue reading

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